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The Michigan Maple Block Company, also known as Bally Block, is the largest and oldest manufacturer of butcher block wood in the USA. Michigan Maple Block Company has been in business for over 125 years. In 1929 they purchased the Bally Block Company located in Bally, Pennsylvania. Maple butcher block was originally used to serve the meat cutting industry, but currently it’s the preferred preparation surface for all types of food because of its durable nature and easy maintenance. Butcher block continues to be the industry’s ideal surface material for butchers, bakers, and restaurateurs whether it be for cutting boards, preparation tables, or even locker room benches. Read more

WebstaurantStore offers Bally Block wooden cutting boards for all of your food preparation needs. Choose from desired thicknesses of 16” to 24” and lengths ranging from 22” to 24”. Use Bally blocks to chop up fruits, dice vegetables, carve meat, and even use both sides of the board if you’d like! Made from solid Maple and finished with natural oils, Bally blocks are even self-healing. If a cut is made into the wood, it will likely close up on its own adding to its super durable design. To clean-up, simply wash off the board with soap and water, dry, and it’s ready for its next use.