• For T-19 coolers
  • 5" diameter
  • 1/2" tall stems
  • Sold 4 per pack
Usually Ships in 2-3 Business Days
MFR Item:

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Keep your True T-19 cooler in premium working condition with the 830282 replacement four 5" swivel casters! These casters quickly install onto the bottom of your T-19 cooler so that you can make it easy to move for cleaning, and two come with brakes so you can keep your unit securely in place when needed. Sold 4 per pack.

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing and transit times will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please note this in the comment section while checking out! Please feel free to log on to our Live Chat should you have any questions before placing your order. After your order is placed, we will update you via email to let you know how this will be shipping to you.

We recommend entering your unit's serial number into the box provided during the checkout process. That way, we can check to make sure the part you are ordering is the correct one. If you choose to omit the serial number, you are accepting responsibility for the part's compatibility with your unit.

Compatible Models

This item is compatible with the listed models, according to the manufacturer. We do our best to keep this listing as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Specialist before placing your order.
True T-23F
True T-23F-2
True T-19
True T-23-2
True T-23
True T-23-1-G-1
True T-23FG
True T-23G
True T-23G-2
True T-23G-LD
True T-23PT
True TA1RPT-1HG/1HS-1S
True TA2RPT-2HG/2HS-2S
True TA2RPT-4HG-2S
True TA2RPT-4HS-2S
True TG1RPT-1HG/1HS-1S
True TG2RPT-2HG/2HS-2S
True TG2RPT-4HG-2S
True TG2RPT-4HS-2S
True TS-23
True TS-23-1-G-1
True TS-23-2
True TS-23F
True TS-23F-2
True TS-23FG
True TS-23FG-LD
True TS-23G
True TS-23G-2
True TS-23G-LD
True T-23DT
True T-23DT-G
True TMC-58-DS
True TPP-119
True TPP-119D-2
True TPP-119D-4
True TPP-119D-6
True TPP-119D-8
True TPP-44
True TPP-44D-2
True TPP-60
True TPP-60D-2
True TPP-67
True TPP-67D-2
True TPP-67D-4
True TSSU-48-10
True TSSU-48-12
True TSSU-60-10
True TSSU-60-12
True TSSU-60-16
True TSSU-72-10
True TSSU-72-12
True TSSU-72-16
True TSSU-72-18
True TSSU-27-12M-B
True TSSU-27-12M-C
True TSSU-48-12D-2
True TSSU-48-12D-4
True TSSU-48-15M-B
True TSSU-48-18M-B
True TSSU-60-12M-B
True TSSU-60-15M-B
True TSSU-60-16D-2
True TSSU-60-16D-4
True TSSU-60-16-DS-ST
True TSSU-60-18M-B
True TSSU-60-24M-B-ST
True TSSU-60-24M-B-DS-ST
True TSSU-72-12M-B
True TSSU-72-15M-B
True TSSU-72-18M-B
True TSSU-72-24M-B-ST
True TSSU-72-30M-B-ST
True TSSU-72-30M-B-DS-ST
True TUC-27
True TUC-27D-2
True TUC-27F
True TUC-27F-D-2
True TUC-27G
True TUC-27G-LD
True TUC-36
True TUC-44
True TUC-44D-2
True TUC-44F
True TUC-48
True TUC-48D-2
True TUC-48F
True TUC-48D-4
True TUC-48F-D-4
True TUC-48G
True TUC-48G-LD
True TUC-60
True TUC-60-32
True TUC-60-32D-2
True TUC-60-32F
True TUC-60D-2
True TUC-60D-4
True TUC-60F
True TUC-60G
True TUC-67
True TUC-67D-2
True TUC-67D-4
True TUC-67F
True TUC-72
True TWT-27
True TWT-27D-2
True TWT-27F
True TWT-36
True TWT-44
True TWT-44D-2
True TWT-44F
True TWT-48
True TWT-48D-2
True TWT-48D-4
True TWT-48F
True TWT-60
True TWT-60-32
True TWT-60-32D-2
True TWT-60-32F
True TWT-60D-2
True TWT-60D-4
True TWT-60F
True TWT-67
True TWT-67D-2
True TWT-67D-4
True TWT-72
True QA-48-18MB
True QA-60-24MB-L
True QA-72-30MB
True T-19E
True T-23DT-1-G-1
True T-23F-1-G-1
True TWT-67F-HD
True TWT-67HD
True TWT-72F
True TWT-48F-D4
True TWT-48G
True TWT-60-32F-HD
True TWT-60-32HD
True TWT-60G
True TWT-67F
True TWT-27F-D2
True TWT-27FG
True TWT-27G
True TWT-36F
True TWT-44F-HD
True TWT-44HD
True TUC-GAL-48F
True TWT-119
True TWT-119D-2
True TWT-119D-4
True TWT-119D-6
True TWT-119D-8
True TUC-60-32HD
True TUC-67F-HD
True TUC-67HD
True TUC-72F
True TUC-GAL-48
True TUC-GAL-48-2
True TUC-27FG
True TUC-36F
True TUC-44F-HD
True TUC-44HD
True TUC-48F-D
True TUC-60-32F-HD
True TSSU-72-30MB-ST-D2
True TUC-119
True TUC-119D-2
True TUC-119D-4
True TUC-119D-6
True TUC-119D-8
True TSSU-72-18D-2
True TSSU-72-18D-4
True TSSU-72-18-ST
True TSSU-72-30M
True TSSU-72-30MB
True TSSU-72-30MB-DS
True TSSU-60-24M-B
True TSSU-60-24M-B-DS
True TSSU-60-24M-DS
True TSSU-72-08
True TSSU-72-12D-4
True TSSU-72-16-ST
True TSSU-60-08D-2
True TSSU-60-14
True TSSU-60-16-DS
True TSSU-60-16-ST
True TSSU-60-21M
True TSSU-60-24M
True TSSU-48-15M
True TSSU-48-18M
True TSSU-48-18MB-D2
True TSSU-48-18MB-D4
True TSSU-48-8M
True TSSU-60-08
True TSSU-36-08
True TSSU-36-12M
True TSSU-36-12M-B
True TSSU-36-15MB
True TSSU-48-08
True TSSU-48-12M
True TS-23PT
True TSSU-27-08
True TSSU-27-08D-2
True TSSU-27-08F
True TSSU-27-12M
True TSSU-27-12MC-D-2
True TR2RPT-4HS-2S
True TRCB-50
True TS-23G-PT
True TS-23G-RL
True TR2RPT-4HS-1G/1S
True TR2RPT-4HS-1G/2HS
True TR2RPT-4HS-2G
True TR2RPT-4HS-2HG/1S
True TR2RPT-4HG-1G/2HS
True TR2RPT-4HG-2G
True TR2RPT-4HG-2HG/1S
True TR2RPT-4HG-2S
True TR2RPT-2S-2G
True TR2RPT-2S-2HG/1S
True TR2RPT-2S-2HG/2HS
True TR2RPT-2S-2S
True TR2RPT-2S-4HG
True TR2RPT-4HG-1G/1S
True TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-2S
True TR2RPT-2S-1G/1S
True TR2RPT-2S-1G/2HS
True TR2RPT-2HG/1S-4HG
True TR2RPT-2HG/1S-4HS
True TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-1G/1S
True TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-1G/2HS
True TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-2G
True TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-2HG/1S
True TR2RPT-2HG/1S-1G/1S
True TR2RPT-2HG/1S-1G/2HS
True TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2G
True TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2HG/1S
True TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2HG/2HS
True TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2S
True TR2RPT-2G-2G
True TR2RPT-2G-2HG/1S
True TR2RPT-2G-2HG/2HS
True TR2RPT-2G-2S
True TR2RPT-2G-4HG
True TR2RPT-2G-4HS
True TR2RPT-1G/2HS-2HG/1S
True TR2RPT-1G/2HS-2S
True TR2RPT-1G/2HS-4HG
True TR2RPT-1G/2HS-4HS
True TR2RPT-2G-1G/1S
True TR2RPT-2G-1G/2HS
True TR2RPT-1G/1S-2S
True TR2RPT-1G/1S-4HG
True TR2RPT-1G/1S-4HS
True TR2RPT-1G/2HG-2HG/2HS
True TR2RPT-1G/2HS-1G/1S
True TR2RPT-1G/2HS-1G/2HS
True TR2R-4HS
True TR2RPT-1G/1S-1G/1S
True TR2RPT-1G/1S-1G/2HS
True TR2RPT-1G/1S-2G
True TR2RPT-1G/1S-2HG/1S
True TR2RPT-1G/1S-2HG/2HS
True TR2F-4HS
True TR2FPT-2S-2S
True TR2R-2G
True TR2R-2HG/2HS
True TR2R-2S
True TR2R-4HG
True TR2DT-2S
True TR2DT-4HS
True TR2F-2G
True TR2F-2S
True TR1RPT-2HG-1S
True TR1RPT-2HS-1G
True TR1RPT-2HS-1S
True TR1RPT-1S-1HG/1HS
True TR1RPT-1S-1S
True TR1RPT-1S-2HG
True TR1RPT-1S-2HS
True TR1RPT-2HG-1G
True TR1RPT-1HG/1HS-1G
True TR1RPT-1HG/1HS-1S
True TR1RPT-1S-1G
True TR1R-2HS
True TR1RPT-1G-1G
True TR1RPT-1G-1HG/1HS
True TR1RPT-1G-1S
True TR1RPT-1G-2HG
True TR1RPT-1G-2HS
True TR1F-2HS
True TR1FPT-1S-1S
True TR1R-1G
True TR1R-1HG/1HS
True TR1R-1S
True TR1R-2HG
True TG2RPT-4HS-2G
True TR1DT-2HS
True TR1F-1G
True TR1F-1S
True TR1F-2HG
True TG2RPT-2G-2S
True TG2RPT-2HG/2HS-2G
True TG2RPT-2S-2G
True TG2RPT-2S-2S
True TG2RPT-4HG-2G
True TG2R-2G
True TG2R-2HG/2HS
True TG2R-2S
True TG2R-4HG
True TG2R-4HS
True TG2RPT-2G-2G
True TG2DT-2S
True TG2DT-4HS
True TG2F-2G
True TG2F-2S
True TG2F-4HS
True TG2FPT-2S-2S
True TG1RPT-1S-1G
True TG1RPT-1S-1S
True TG1RPT-2HG/1S
True TG1RPT-2HG-1G
True TG1RPT-2HS-1G
True TG1RPT-2HS-1S
True TG1R-2HG
True TG1R-2HS
True TG1RPT-1G-1G
True TG1RPT-1G-1S
True TG1RPT-1G-2HS
True TG1RPT-1HG/1HS-1G
True TG1F-2HG
True TG1F-2HS
True TG1FPT-1S-1S
True TG1R-1G
True TG1R-1HG/1HS
True TG1R-1S
True TA2RPT-4HS-2G
True TG1F-1G
True TG1F-1HG/1HS
True TG1F-1S
True TA2RPT-2G-2G
True TA2RPT-2G-2S
True TA2RPT-2HG/2HS-2G
True TA2RPT-2S-2G
True TA2RPT-2S-2S
True TA2RPT-4HG-2G
True TA2FPT-2S-2S
True TA2R-2G
True TA2R-2HG/2HS
True TA2R-2S
True TA2R-4HG
True TA2R-4HS
True TA1RPT-2HS-1S
True TA2DT-2S
True TA2F-2G
True TA2F-2S
True TA2F-4HS
True TA1RPT-1HG/1HS-1G
True TA1RPT-1S-1G
True TA1RPT-1S-1S
True TA1RPT-2HG-1G
True TA1RPT-2HG-1S
True TA1RPT-2HS-1G
True TA1R-1HG/1HS
True TA1R-1S
True TA1R-2HG
True TA1R-2HS
True TA1RPT-1G-1G
True TA1RPT-1G-1S
True TA1F-1G
True TA1F-1S
True TA1F-2HS
True TA1-FPT-1S-1S
True TA1-FPT-2HS-2HS
True TA1R-1G
True T-23FG-2
True T-23FZ
True T-23G-PT
True T-23G-RL
True T-23RL
True TA1DT-2HS


Warranty Warranty

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Warranty Info

RESIDENTIAL USERS: True Refrigeration assumes no liability for parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from installation in non-commercial or residential applications.

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