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Material Plastic
Portion Size 1/4 Ounces


This Tablecraft 66128 pump is made to fit onto any of our coffee flavoring syrup bottles. It dispenses .25 oz per pump. Great for portion control as well as convienence.

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Tablecraft 66128 Coffee Syrup Pump .25 oz. ( 4.9 stars from 77 reviews )

    I use these for homeuse, but the thing is with that is they stay in the bottle (usually) longer than a business. With the harder durable plastic, these will stay in shape with cleaning time to time, and the straw part is wide enough where it won't get jammed easily. what I love about these are the perfect amount of syrup that is dispensed in every pump, however. Perfectly fits my torani syrups (any size). I would highly reccommend for ease of use in a home and especially at a business.

    Posted on

    I used these table craft coffee syrup pumps with the Torino fruit flavored syrups. The pump accurately measures quantity-- I tested it with a measuring/recipe spoon. Ran the pumps through dishwasher before use and they held up perfectly.

    Posted on

    I bought these for the torani bottles, and it doesn't seem to fit all the way to the bottom of the bottle, so you lose quite a bit at the end. Also, it shoots out in a spray and not a spurt so you end up wearing some of it.. Not 100% happy with it, but it's still better than nothing.

    from Tika - 1231 coffee Posted on

    This is a wonderful pump that fits great on my torani coffee syrups. Fits tight and no leakage when I pump. Reaches down deep into the bottom and doesn't leave a drop.

    Posted on

    Best pumps out there! They are easy to clean and are consistent in dispensing the same amount of syrup every pump! You can't beat these pumps!

    from Carmel Cafe Posted on

    These pumps deliver the perfect and a consistent amount of flavoring without the huge mess. Perfect for flavoring fillings for cakes, icings, and of course coffee!

    from Rosys Cakes LLC Posted on

    The Tablecraft 66128 Coffee Syrup Pump is an excellent way to add the syrup to your coffee. It measures out the correct amount of syrup each time.

    Posted on

    I love these pumps! Works great however, cleaning is a must every time you change the bottle. Take the straw off and just submerse into hot water does it. If you do not use it for a day, the syrup will dry in the tip and wont come out. I use the tip of my thermometer to poke through the hole when this happens. Otherwise love it.

    from Espresso Place Posted on

    These pumps are great! my only recommendation is to keep them clean and wash them often as they can get sticky. I really recommend them!

    from The Coffee House Posted on

    We use these pumps in a variety of bottles from Torani and others. They work as good as any other pump and are extremely easy to soak / clean.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    This syrup pump is not only convenient and fast, but also very accurate in its dosing. One full pump is 1/4 ounce. I have found that using these pumps is more precise than shot glasses. I use them with Torani and DaVinci syrup bottles.

    from Tina Posted on

    These pumps work great and you can't beat the price anywhere. We use Torani flavor syrup 750ml bottles with this pump. Four pumps puts out 1oz (the amount in a shot glass) every time. Be careful when first putting the pump into the bottle because it can waste syrup by overflowing. Make sure you open the pump to the fully extended position first and go slow.

    from JOJO's Froyo Posted on

    We used these for a coffee themed graduation open house. Them made dispensing syrup easy and duplication a snap. They will remain in our kitchen for daily use!

    from Posted on

    We use these on all our syrups and sauces. Easy cleanup and also good prices. Its better to get extra just in case you get new syrups for the holidays.

    from Heaven in A Cup Posted on

    This pump is perfect and it works with different brands of syrup (Torani, da Vinci, etc.). Without the pump, I tend to pour way too - this helps make each cup of coffee perfect!

    Posted on

    If your buying a syrup here? be sure to pick up one of these as well. The put out the right amount so less waste and they keep the bottles free of stickiness.

    Posted on

    I bought a few of these and they work perfectly. There's no clogging so far. They fit on both Torani and DaVinci bottles. They're a little tedious to clean on the inside but it's a pump. That's just how they are.

    from Honeybee Patisserie Posted on

    I was wary of pumps because of poor quality from other companies but was surprised to finally get one that meets all the quality points from me. It's a sturdy plastic (food grade) and is extremely easy to wash. Each pump yields .25 oz of syrup and makes making Italian sodas a breeze. I will be ordering more when the time comes.

    Posted on

    Have tons of these. They last pump after pump....I have not had any break yet after 3 years. They wash easily and come apart to clean.

    from Lutheran Church Posted on

    Who doesn't love the coffee flavors available on Webstaurant site I found with a Syrup Pump you have less waste with better control over your favorite flavors..

    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    Tablecraft 66128 Coffee Syrup Pumps .25 oz. are just perfect for use with Torani flavoring syrups. They're sturdy, dependable, don't leak, and never seem to clog up.

    Posted on

    I bought several of these Tablecraft coffee syrup pumps. They work perfectly with Torani and they do not drip and make a mess like other brands.

    Posted on

    These pumps are the perfect companion to all of my 750 mL syrups. I have a few different branded bottles and it works perfectly with all of them.

    from Shalane Bakes Posted on

    No more pouring by hand and wasting the product. These are simple to use, jut screw in, but they make a big difference. No more drips on the bottle or the counter, and the portion size is easier to control.

    from WINDY CORNER Posted on

    They are usually very expensive elsewhere but here it's a great price. And others have gotten clogged very easily but so far it's worked out great.

    from Sweet Treats by Sonia Posted on

    great pump. .25 oz and it is very durable plastic. delivery was fast and we ordered more for our other syrups! totally recommend it! great job!

    from Cre8tive Cupcake Posted on

    These pumps made my home "coffee bar" neat and tidy and used far less syrup then when pouring and guessing at the amount to add to each cup of coffee or tea. Highly recommend them!

    Posted on

    The absolute perfect companion for Torani flavor syrups. We have one of these for each of our Torani syrup bottles which makes drink preparation so much easier than constant pouring and cap opening.

    from Put the Lime in the Coconut Posted on

    This is a very durable and crisp looking product. The white offsets our Torani syrups well and you can't beat the price! It took me awhile to find that these were available on this site but now that we've found them we will continue to order them.

    from Artcycle, Inc. Posted on

    You seriously can't beat this price! Very durable product and it fits perfectly on all of the flavoring bottles. We're definitely ordering more of these.

    Posted on

    Perfect for dispensing just the right amount of syrup. I don't know how people do without it. The white color looks clean and neat. We use one pump per 12-ounce cup.

    from The Mission Church Posted on

    This Tablecraft Coffee Syrup Pump is a standard size. We were able to use it for a plain jar for simple syrup to sweeten drinks and also for our Torani vanilla bottle.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    We use this at our cafe and coffee shop with all of our Torani syrups. They are great! Sometime they will get clogged with hardened sugar on the syrups we don't use as often, but they are perfect again when rinsed with warm water.

    Posted on

    This item has worked well with our Toriani syrups and we've purchased multiple pumps for each bottle. They dispense the right amount of syrup each time and there are no more worries about accidental spills. Very convenient and practical purchase!

    Posted on

    These pumps are great! They take all the guess and mess out of flavored syrups for coffee. Some of the reviews say that you have to drain some product in order to insert the pump, but we have not had that experience. The straw is long enough to reach deep into tall bottles and even touch the bottom, no waste. Cleanup is super easy, Just pump through some soapy water followed by clean water and you're done. Price is right, and they hold up well.

    Posted on

    The Tablecraft coffee syrup pump is a great product to add to coffee gift baskets, along with the flavoring syrups available. The size is standard and has worked with different brands.

    Posted on

    Take out the guess work and provide a consistant product. We did just that when we started using these TableCraft coffee syrup pumps. Our regulars have noticed that their drinks taste the same from every barista. Well made and easy to clean.

    from The Feed Company Posted on

    Tablecraft 66128 Coffee Syrup Pump .25 oz. I added several flavored syrups to my beverage center and these pumps make custom coffee making easy and nearly hands free. The pump dispenses the right amount for a cup of coffee.

    Posted on

    This little item has a big use! Who would've thought this little guy could become my best friend in the kitchen. The ease of its use makes my coffee with organic syrup an even greater experience. Love if.

    from Basic Investments Posted on

    These pumps are an excellent way to portion your coffee syrups. Despite what some reviews say, you do not have to pour out any of your syrup to fit the pump in the bottle. I have tried them on all brands and none of them required wasting product. Just close the pump and re-open it once the pump is in the syrup to prime the pump. It's that simple.

    Posted on

    Really a necessity for all of the tall syrup bottles. They seem to be well built and should last for a long time. Very convenient and consistent dispensing of flavored syrups.

    from Open Tree Creative Posted on

    This pump works great all the time. It gives a consisten amount of syrup with every pump and fits very well into most bottles at my store.

    Posted on

    we operate a coffee/bagel shop we use these in our torani syrup bottles to dipence the right amount each pump is a is just the perfect amount

    from the bean bar Posted on

    It works so amazingly simply and easily. Always be sure to use or pour a small amount of syrup first or you'll have an overflow on your hands – which can be more messy than you expect!

    Posted on

    Bought the coffee syrup pump to go with the DaVinci coffee syrup I bought. Works really well and easy. Helps measure out the right amount of syrup. No more guessing and wasting syrup. Get it right the first time around.

    Posted on

    Make sure you pour some of the davinci in a cup to save before sticking this in or you will overflow because of the volume it takes. Other then that fits great and very high quality for the price.

    Posted on

    great for pumping syrup for coffees ,i find you need to clean the spout often but what but doesnt need to get cleaned , they last along time too..

    from jeanne's bakeshop Posted on

    These universal pumps work great for both Torani and DaVinci syrups. Really helps for portion control instead of pouring the syrups as it can be really easy to over pour. They work great!!

    Posted on

    We use these pumps on all of our syrups, they hold up well and do not clog. Just rinse with Warm water daily and they will last you a long time!

    from Craven Coffeehouse Posted on

    Love these syrup pumps by tablecraft. They fit the syrup bottles just fine. Good price and easy to clean. Fast shipping great to deal with.

    from Be Fit Nutrition Posted on

    This makes it easy to pour out flavorings into coffee or tea. An well needed tool. Works just great and gives measured amount of syrup.

    Posted on

    Tablecraft syrup pump

    Pumps works great, don't clog, and are easy to attach right to the bottle. We typically do three pumps per coffee and found this to be the optimal flavoring.

    Posted on

    This pump works great for any of the DA Vinci gourmet flavored syrups you order. The bottles don't come with the pumps, so make sure you buy the same amount of pumps as bottles. The pumps are easy to use, and don't take much pressure to push down.

    from Murray's Ice Cream Posted on

    perfect for portion control of coffee syrups. If you are using this in a brand new unopened bottle of syrup, you must first press fully down on pump BEFORE adding it to new bottle to prevent overflow of syrup.

    Posted on

    I love this pump! It makes it so much easier and nicer to get the flavor into the cup without the added time of taking a cap off every time.

    Posted on

    These are truly a blessing no screw lids no drips clean and professionally looking. I love them and I receive great comments from my customers on how great they look and a great price also..

    from Britans Yogurt Mill Posted on

    I use the syrups for personal use, and I think these pumps are great. They are easy to use and so easy to clean. The wider straw helps with the cleaning. I am buying more so I can put them into all the syrups I use.

    Posted on

    We have a syrup pump display for customers to use. The pumps keep it very clean and does the perfect amount of syrup per pump.

    from Ladybugs Bistro Posted on

    This pump works perfectly in any application where just a small amount is needed. I use this pump for dispensing my sno cone syrups. Comes in handy.

    from Glow Fun In CT Posted on

    Fits perfect with the coffee flavors, without this, you'll have to use a measuring spoon and pour it out the get the syrup out but not with this syrup pump, fits right in into the bottle.

    Posted on

    Pumps are awesome and make pumping out flavors relatively easy, they twist on easily and don't get stuck after a few uses. The price is great and shipping is fast.

    Posted on

    I loved these. What a pain in the butt is it to pour your flavored syrup from the bottle if you're busy? These are extremely convenient to the whole bar/coffee shop theme. However, just watch out because if you're too quick putting it into the bottle it can spill over. So, what you do is you pour a little of the syrup into a cup before putting the pump into it. Cleaning them was easier than I thought too. I just let them soak in hot water and soap, then I pumped that same water and soap mixture a couple times. Finally I rinsed them and soaked them again in the hot water without soap to get residue leftover.

    Posted on

    The pump works great and hasn't jammed yet, which is good. I would recommend this to a friend. We use it with the DaVinci Coffee flavoring syrup. The syrup flavoring is just ok.

    from Pizza 'N' Stuff Posted on

    Used these with coffee syrup bottles for our Italian Sodas. Pumps appropriate size portions. These pumps have proven to be a good quality for some time now.

    from WD Posted on

    These pumps make using the coffee flavors so much easier! Just be aware that as you insert it into a new bottle it will displace liquid and overflow! I always pour an ounce or two into a cup before inserting and avoid a mess!!

    Posted on

    These perform their job very well, and the cost is outstanding. Just ordered a couple more. Only gave 4/5 stars, as they do clog up and need to be rinsed, but this is only after a good week or more.

    Posted on

    We like these pumps a lot and they are essential for the coffee syrup bottles. They have held up well with significant use. The portion served is good.

    from Master Salons Posted on

    I have mixed feelings about these pumps. They are great for portion control, and for quicker service, but they drip and make a mess all over the bottle. However, we feel that they are worthwhile for the amount of time they save over opening and closing the the bottles and losing the lids for them etc.

    from Custom Confections Inc. Posted on

    We have seven of these for each of our seven coffee syrups. They don't clog and they fit on the syrups well. They clean easily.

    from Scratch Posted on

    This pump goes together with the syrups that are also sold here in Web Restaurant Store. The pump dispenses a generous amount of syrup and is easy to use. Be careful not to pump it very fast and vigorously because you may splash the syrup around. To clean the pump you have to take it out of the bottle and pump out the remainder of fluids. You should then fill a cup or a bowl with plain water, dip and hold the pump inside it and make 20 or so pumpings/presses and the put away the pump to dry.

    Posted on

    These pumps are great for our most popular flavored syrups at the coffeehouse. The pumps get you a consistent amount of syrup in every cup and helps cut down on waste.

    Posted on

    I bought this pump for the syrups for making smoothies. It fits in the bottles well. It is very sturdy and works well. It is highly recommended.

    Posted on

    I use this pump to put on coffee flavor bottles to use with my whip-it wiped cream dispenser. 6 pumps is perfect for the ½ liter version, buy all the flavors you want to have the perfect whipped cream for any desert. This pump is easy to clean and produces the same amount each pump after the first priming pump.

    Posted on

    This is the better of the coffee syrup pumps because the spout points downward. With the competition's pump, the syrup flies down and OUT, resulting in unpleasant surprises for those who are unfamiliar with this idiosynchrasy.

    Posted on

    These pumps are great. I love being able to have a measured portion of the syrups to put in my coffee and knowing just how sweet they will be. For the record, each squirt seems to provide about a teaspoon of sweetness. If you like syrups then these are a must. I admit, I went overboard with 10, but we enjoy them!

    Posted on

    perfectly portioned flavors are key in the coffee industry. These pumps allow my baristas to make consistently flavored drinks all the time without worrying about using to much syrup.

    Posted on

    This is the best little syrup pump ever. They have never clogged on me. They are very handy and make my morning coffee easy to prepare.

    Posted on

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