• Durable stainless steel blade
  • Comfortable polypropylene handle
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This Tablecraft 4103W 6" x 3" dough scraper features a stainless steel blade that easily slices through dough while a white polypropylene handle provides a comfortable, sturdy grip. Simple and easy to use, this tool is a must for all kitchens.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 6"
Height: 3"

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Tablecraft 4103W 6" x 3" Dough Scraper ( 4.9 stars from 100 reviews )

    I bought this to use as another option for decorating my taller cakes. Works like a charm, haven't used it to actually scrape dough yet but I'm sure it'll be great.

    from Confections by Kristin Posted on

    As a culinary student we get these in our knife kits and I love mine! Its sturdy and the handle helps keep your hands clean when working with dough!

    from JW Cakes Posted on

    We never have enough of these! This is a fantastic tool to help lift product into pans, clean your cutting board of food scraps. We also use this to cut up our turkey roasts as they come out of the steamer. Super fast method to cut/shred the roasts while they are hot.

    from Nutrition Services, SD51 Posted on

    Great Dough Scraper/Cutter. Stainless Steel "Blade" is thick, and will not warp when cutting a thick dough. Plastic Handle is hard, and seems to be well made, so no worries about it cracking if dropped.

    Posted on

    Perfect for spreading out batter to an even layered amount in a sheet pan. Extremely useful tool for many other options as well! Great buy.

    Posted on

    I bought this to replace my last scraper, and I was impressed with the quality when I got it, considering the price was so low. This is a good product and its one of my go to tools when working with dough. It does more than scrape, people! Split up your dinner rolls, divide pizza dough, or perfectly slice your cinnamon rolls. The blade is very broad too, so it conveniently scoops up ingredients you are working with!

    Posted on

    Excellent quality and scraps the dough without tearing and with little strain. Love this item as I have bought three already!!! Highly recommend this item!

    from Twisted Pizzaria Posted on

    This product is great for keeping your counters clean after a good batch of cinnamon rolls. It is a very easy to use product and if you're like me you like clean counters!

    Posted on

    This is one of these GREAT small tools that are constantly in use. The grip is very ergonomic and feels so perfect in my hand. I use it constantly - cutting dough for pizza and scraping off surfaces to clean them, getting crusty stuff off the bottom of roasting pans, etc. I love it!

    from 7th Heaven Cafe Posted on

    I couldn't believe this Tablecraft 4103W 6" x 3" Dough Scraper cost so little. The blade is strong and doesn't feel like it will bend out of shape no matter what you do to it.

    Posted on

    I ordered the Tablecraft Dough Scraper for home use. The scraper is well built, much more so that the one I purchased at a department store.

    Posted on

    Great for smoothing frosting. Very heavy duty and great for the price. This is a very nice product and I would definitely recomand this product.

    from Strictly gourmet Posted on

    Wow! What really impressed me right off with this was the heft...this is HEAVY for its size. The metal is very thick, sturdy, and has a nicely polished finish. The handle is very nicely dimensioned and textured. It makes for very quick and easy work of whatever you do with it. I use mine not only for separating dough, but for crushing garlic cloves to remove the skin, pulverize said garlic, transfer chopped items from cutting boards to serving platters or pans, etc. You won't believe how versatile this tool is. Get several, you'll be happy you did.

    Posted on

    Awesome product and even better price! This is such a handy tool for so many different things. I brought quite a few and see them to last a long time.

    Posted on

    If you have a grill in your business this item is a requirement it makes cleaning the grill after usage much easier, also a great price.

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    Good quality. Its doesnt rust. Ive had it for over ayear and the handle hasnt fallen of like other brands ive tried in the past. Its really sturdy. Easy to clean.

    Posted on

    Dough scrapers don't have too much variability. This one is nice and sturdy, has a comfortable feel to it, and does what it's supposed to do. I can't imagine ever having to replace it.

    Posted on

    Love this little dough scraper; the blade is sharp, there are no open cavities for food to get stuck in, and the plastic handle is contoured nicely for the hands. At the price I don't think you can get a better dough scraper.

    Posted on

    Love my dough scraper, sturdy, well made. And a large size. If your gonna work with dough or pastry you need one of these, at one time I would have thought it frivolous. Not today, I now see it as a necessity. Oh, and I stick it in the dishwasher with no worries. Gosh how I love my dishwasher!

    Posted on

    I use this sturdy scraper to smooth my buttercream cakes. It gets the job done and I could not have found a similar one for less money!

    Posted on

    This dough scraper is definitely worth buying for. It does a great job scraping dough on flat surfaces and making baking a whole different experience.

    Posted on

    I originally thought it was going to be small for someone with big hands but it feel nice and handles very well. I opted for plastic over wood just because wood gets slimy went left wet, not with plastic though. I am very pleased with this purchase.

    Posted on

    works for the intended use. I wanted the dexter-russell ones but purchased these as the price was a little less. The plastic handle is a little more slender than the dexter russell, but I kind of have huge hands, so it may not matter to everyone. Anyway, for cutting/scraping, it still works great and is cheap enough to buy a few extra.

    Posted on

    Very cheap and versatile tool. Great for mixing and cutting dough and scraping all the leftover dough off my work area which makes cleaning much easier and faster.

    Posted on

    This scraper is great for working with many types of doughs. It works well on stainless steel tables and wooden blocks. We use it to assist with kneading, portioning and then scraping clean the work surface.

    Posted on

    This is a solid well built bench scraper by Tablecraft. I have never had one of these break on me. This is a must have for any kind of kitchen clean up or dough cutting needs.

    Posted on

    This scraper works great with portioning out desserts and doughs of all sorts. It can also be use to scrape your work bench/surface clean afterwards.

    Posted on

    Great for chopping dough, but also great for cleaning up! We use these scrapers on cutting boards, stainless steel tables. Or simply to chop pizza dough into balls.

    from DJK Establishments, LLC Posted on

    This is a great dough scraper. Love the solid handle unlike the hollow ones that get easily dirty. Very sturdy, cuts dough well, and scrapes the counter clean.

    Posted on

    This is a must have tool with so many uses around the kitchen. It is sturdy, well made, comfortable to use, and a great price. I am buying a few more to have on hand.

    Posted on

    This scraper is very nice quality. The blade is stiff enough to easily scoop up cut items from a cutting board. The plastic handle is very secure and is more useful in my opinion since I can just pop it into the dishwasher.

    Posted on

    This dough scraper is good if you like making your dough from scratch , it helps to scrape, cut and a tip for you to scrape more frosting from a cake, it is easy to clean and store away.

    Posted on

    This is an awesome scraper. Love the solid handle unlike the hollow ones that get easily dirty. Very sturdy, cuts dough well, and scrapes the counter clean.

    Posted on

    This scrapper is great for cutting dough to use for dumplings it scrapes the dough really well and cuts great also I love this it works great!

    from sweets Posted on

    I absolutely love this for lifting cakes. It is also great for smoothing frosting on sheet cakes. To lift cakes, I simply use two, one on each side, and lift up then place on board and gently slide off the scraper.

    from Everything Iced Cupcakes & More Posted on

    This doegh scraper can be used for more than scraping dough! I use it to pick up things that I Cut up and move it to the pan or wherever I need, I Was surprised by how well it was made!

    Posted on

    Bench scrapers are indispensable in my kitchen! These ones are very sturdy, and the blade does not flex. Perfect for smoothing icing on cakes, moving dough, and cleaning up.

    from Just Baked SLO Posted on

    Perfect dough scrapper. This can also be used for many other things in a restaurant Perfect price, easy to use and store, It is sharp enough to cut through dough. .

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    This is extremely sturdy and well built. It is so useful, you can use it for dough or for picking up chopped items during prep. I use this often and am very pleased with the quality.

    Posted on

    I call this a scraper and a dough cutter,I even use it to transfer little cake atime.I use it for alot of things, even when i dont feel like using knife, i can dice onions with it, cut strip of rolled dough into pieces, I LOVE IT

    Posted on

    This dough scrapper is one of the most versatile and handy tools in my kitchen. I've been making a lot of bread since my retirement and this tool had been used a lot. But not just for scraping dough, it is also great for transporting lots of chopped vegetables from the cutting board to the pan. Well worth the cost.

    Posted on

    What can I say about a dough scrapper? It's sturdy, Works well and cleans up just fine, We use them for scooping pizza dough out and any other task.

    from Bongiornos Pizzeria Posted on

    This is a great kitchen tool. I use it for scraping countertops and cutting boards, mixing and shaping dough and even chopping bacon for bacon bits. It cleans nicely.

    Posted on

    I bought this dough scraper to use with my new griddle to help with the clean up. These tools are so versatile to use as a scraper to help clean up a griddle.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    Easily the best deal I have found on a bench scraper. Better built then most and should hold up to years of hard work. Great textured handle and nice thick blade. Depending on if you need a thin edge or not that would be the only alteration you may need to do yourself. It has a one gauge blade no tapped to the end.

    Posted on

    These dough scrapers are one of the best i have hade, made of a good quality stainless steel and a durable plastic handle that is easy to grip. Defiantly buying again

    Posted on

    This scraper has a very strong blade which we use to break up hardened block of chocolate. The handle is made of good quality plastic and is very comfortable to hold for working a long time.

    from U Specialties Inc. Posted on

    Just recently purchased a flat top griddle and using this with a long spatula makes cooking on it a breeze. The handle give me comfort and control when cooking.

    Posted on

    Everyone needs a dough scraper. This is such a versatile tool. You can scrap down a cutting board, cut dough with it, scoop up decided veggies. Very handy to have around your kitchen.

    Posted on

    This dough scraper is very strong and durable. I use it all the time, I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who is thinking of buying this.

    from S & H Gourmet LLC Posted on

    The tablecraft 6" x 3" dough scraper is an excellent product. It is sturdy and well made. The handle fits well in your hand. I would recommend it.

    Posted on

    This has got to be the cheapest and most comfortable dough scraper I have bought. It's made out of plastic making it easy to clean and the blade is sharp enough to scoop up veggies or other small chopped items, great for making slits in dough, and transferring it to a pan. Very happy with this item!

    Posted on

    Good ergonomics, bad blade. The thickness of the edge of the scraper is too thick and dull. End result is it slows down work flow.

    Posted on

    This dough scraper is just thing to use when you are kneading a bunch of dough. It scrapes up the little dough bits and helps you incorporate them back into the dough ball. It is also very good at dividing into separate dough pieces. It is also useful after you are done in cleaning up the counter top. But my favorite way to use it is as a scoop when I am chopping veggies to saute or add to soup. It scoops up a lot and makes short work of transferring ingredients to the pot. This one is very well made and I am sure I will get years of good service from it.

    Posted on

    This is a great scraper, the blade is nice and thick and firm. The corners are slightly rounded so that you won't scratch up surfaces. It is perfect for cleaning anything stuck to a kitchen surface.

    Posted on

    These bench knives are surprisingly high quality. The handles are molded to the blade in such a way where they wont be coming loose any time soon. The blade is straight, and not warped, and you cant beat the price. They are great for dividing/kneading doughs, and transferring large amounts of ingredients from the cutting board to the pan.

    Posted on

    A great tool. It cuts dough with ease, and also functions as a cleaning utensil of sorts. It easily cleans your work surface by scraping flour and dough bits right into the trash.

    from Rainbow Bakery Posted on

    Great part about this item is it's weight. The metal is very thick and stiff. The handle is large enough to really grab on to.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love this dough scrapers. Funny thing is I use them to scrap/clean ice cream from my marble stone! The price is unbeatable for the quality!

    from TKNY Capital, LLC Posted on

    I was looking for something to help me transfer chopped veggies from the cutting board to the pan when I stumbled upon this scraper. It works great for my purposes even though I have not tried it for the intended use (dough). Great purchase for my use.

    Posted on

    This has got to be the cheapest and efficient dough scraper i bought here. It's made out of plastic making it easy to clean and the blade is sharp enough to make incisions on the dough

    Posted on

    A very useful kitchen tool. It's great for scraping up messes after making pasta dough or rolling out cookies. It's also a great tool to scoop chopped items into a pot.

    Posted on

    The dough scraper makes our life in the bakery so much easier for so many tasks. We use it for wet stuff, dry stuff, everything.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    This is the best thing I could have purchased to help with my massive baking sprees. I always bake in large quantites, and this alllows me to scrape my counter cleanly and quickly, to keep my spree flowing quickly.

    Posted on

    This dough scraper is great to clean the counter top AND divide the pizza dough into proper proportions. Perfect size, takes abuse, and cleans well.

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    dough scraper

    Great for cutting and parting out your dough. Thick stiff blade won't bend, low cost makes it easy to have multiples around the kitchen. I like to use it for picking up chopped food. The original blade had sharp corners and would scratch and catch on the wooden cutting board so I sanded the corners round and knocked the edge off the bottom. It still cuts dough but slides easily over the cutting board for faster food pickup. I've given these away to family members and they rave how good they are also.

    Posted on

    Its a inexpesive well buit scraper. I have used this for many jobs in the prep kitchen, none of which have been scraping dough. This scraper has served as a mezaluna, stainless sink cleaner, and a sandwich srust remover.

    Posted on

    Heavy duty stainless steel scraper, this looks like it will last for years. Really happy I purchased this for scraping out tough dough or fondant glued to the table.

    from Lety's Gluten Free Bakery Posted on

    This is a high quality dough scraper, and an exceptional value for the price. You can buy one of these tablecraft products and never buy again, unless you lose the original. It won't break!

    from Arturo's Posted on

    Perfect for moving all your chopped veggies from the cutting board to the soup pot! This is a lifesaver, and keeps me from doing the unthinkable; dulling my knife blades by using my knives to do the same job.

    Posted on


    you can't bat these things for scrapping off a wooden dough board. After using a dull one for months, what a treat to grab a bunch of new ones!

    from Tavern on the Square Posted on

    This scraper is essential in achieving a smooth finish on buttercream cakes. Wether it is a sheet cake or a round cake on a turntable, the tablecraft dough scraper works better then an offset spatula to smooth icing. Its also great to easily clean up all that extra powdered sugar you spilled while making buttercream!

    from Baked y Dan Posted on

    My staff swears by these dough scrapers. In a pizza place they're imperative for scraping, cutting, and clearing surfaces. They're versatile and withstand constant use.

    from Flying Saucer Pizza Company Posted on

    The scraper is really for cutting doughs and cleaning the table. the edge is great because it is not sharp to cut yourself, but it can cut the dough very easily.

    Posted on

    The dough scraper is great for dividing doughs and scraping the table. it's not shape enough to cut yourself but it's always to be careful as it's still shape on the edge. good price

    Posted on

    Works great! This is a very quality product for the great price. We use this to cut through our homemade pizza dough for portioning and works perfectly.

    from Gallaghers Pizza Posted on

    I use this scraper to scrap dough up from the counter. I also use the scrapper cut dough because it's straight, very sturdy and safer than a knife. Great product for the price!

    Posted on

    Used the scraper to divide dough.

    Great scraper that we use for scraping dough out of trays and cutting various items. Some come with a slight burr that is easily knocked off.

    from Sbarro Pizzeria Posted on

    This dough scraper is really useful in a bread bakery. It is useful in cleaning dough off of surfaces that has dried on. It is also helpful in cutting cold butter into pie dough.

    Posted on

    Having a good dough scraper is pretty important to any good kitchen. It lets you get the most of the product you make and this one does a fine job. It comes at a great price too!

    from The Pie Kitchen Posted on

    The dough scraper seemed to be made well and has stood up to our using it over time. It was a value for the money paid.

    from Absolute BBQ Posted on

    I use this dough scraper for many different uses, it comes in handy when i clean my stainless steel food prep table that i bought from the Webstaurant store. Very surdy and strong.

    Posted on

    dough scraper, cake smoother, vegetable picker upper this item is durable well made and very very easy to clean this item is price below whats it worth but strong as a ox great buy

    from Lera's Cakes & Catering Posted on

    this is the cheaepest dough knife ive ever seen. good to use as a bench scraper and good to use for picking up your prep items you just cut.

    Posted on

    Very sturdy dough scraper! Great to use in the bakery, as well as using it at home. Cleans up nicely and still looks brand new!

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    We use the dough scraper for everything from scraping down tables to smoothing cakes. It has kept and nice edge and doesn't bent or bow.

    from ACES Cake Shop and Baker's Supply Posted on

    Does it's job at a really good price. Excellent for smoothing out buttercream on sides of cakes. Little trick I learned is to heat up the metal part for a bit first to really get a smooth edge.

    Posted on

    Look how smooth the side is! Someone actually said it looked like it was wallpapered on

    it is a great price for a dough scraper. definitely a keep helper and time consuming if you bake large amount of bread or even for home use

    Posted on

    This is one of my favorite kitchen tools. I use it for everything from dividing bread dough to scraping, scooping, lifting, cutting... the list goes on. My mother recently came over and used it and loved it so much I am ordering one for her.

    Posted on

    The Tablecraft 4103W 6" x 3" Dough Scraper is so loved by everyone who use it. It has a good handle weight and is very sturdy.

    from Mary B's Southern Kitchen Posted on

    This is a first class high quality scraper and it comes with a very very reasonable price. In todays economy these savings are great, five out of five rating from us!!!

    Posted on

    The 6" x 3" dough scraper works great I like the riged blade and the plastic handle fits my hand good it cleans easy and is very good price.

    from Ranch House Kitchen Posted on

    I use this not only for pizza dough but alo with other food ingredients. Makes it easy to scoop up chopped food items up and place in pan.

    from Spring Creations Posted on

    Good dough scraper!Great price! Easy to clean! Good for cutting dough, butter and even for scraping chopped herbs off a cutting board! Makes food prep faster!!!!

    Posted on

    This dough scraper works great! We use it the most to clean the dough pans and lift the dough off the table when making our own dough. After a long time of use the only disadvantage we found was that the handle gets cuts and becomes hard to clean.

    from Northstar Substation Posted on


    Posted on

    This scraper is a necessity around the kitchen. It makes cleaning up messes much easier by being able to scrape the workstation quickly. It also makes for chopping up dough (cinnamon rolls) or brownies (for brownie bites) so much easier!

    Posted on

    This is a very durable and versatile tool! Works great for scraping on marble. The only thing you have to watch out for is not using it to scrape a wood or Formica counter top because it can scratch it pretty bad

    Posted on

    We use these to quickly scrape down our wooden pizza peels and prep boards when we're busy. The blade is stiff, strong and pretty sharp. Easy cleanup makes this a versatile tool to have.

    Posted on

    Having used dough scrapers for just about any kitchen task, it is imperative to have a high quality model. This particular model gets the job done! It has both a comfortable handle as well as a great stainless steel blade for cutting through dough or doing any other tasks in the kitchen.

    Posted on

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