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  • Shiny metallic finish
  • Same great look and feel as traditional silverware
  • Ideal for weddings, catered events, and more
  • Elegant fluted handle
  • Disposable for quick clean up
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Take your tabletop presentation to the next level with these Silver Visions 7" heavy weight silver plastic forks! Providing all the look and feel of stainless steel forks at a fraction of the cost, these Silver Visions forks are the ideal flatware for a variety of applications. Because this flatware is disposable, you won't have to waste any extra time washing large quantities of dishes. In addition, there is no longer any worrying about losing money due to expensive silverware accidentally being thrown away! The disposability offers tear-down convenience for servers and catering staff, without affecting the overall dining experience of patrons.

Despite being designed to throw away after use, these forks feature the heavy weight design that is expected of traditional sterling silverware. The sturdy construction prevents these forks from bending, breaking, or snapping, even when being used with heavy foods such as chicken and steak! The shiny metallic finish and elegant fluted handle also gives this plastic fork the appearance of regular silverware. Your guests will hardly be able to tell the difference! With these Silver Visions 7" heavy weight plastic forks, you can provide the perfect elegant dining environment at weddings, parties, catered events, and more, without the upscale flatware price.

Sold 50 per pack.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 7"

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork - 50 / Pack ( 4.8 stars from 80 reviews )

    I purchased these forks to see if they were durable because the price was so low. Let's just I ordering more today and recommending to my friend who is an event planner.

    from Ecakes Posted on

    This is the absolute BEST deal you will find anywhere. These are excellent forks and the quality is great. They look just like the real thing and are sure to blow you away with their durability.

    Posted on

    I like these forks, they look just like regular silverware. They hold up to heat very well. I don't like how some of the silver coating cones off.

    Posted on

    I use these for family holiday dinners. They look nice with the Fineline plates with silver bands, and hold up well. The best thing is the cleanup - the recycle bin!!!

    Posted on

    I HIGHLY recommend the Silver Visions Silverware! I had purchased it for use at our wedding and am very glad I did. It looked great and was very good quality. I will purchase this silverware anytime I need disposable silverware!

    Posted on

    They have a very rich and upscale look and feel. I almost thought they are real silverware and not plastic. Great to use and dispose off.

    from Mutaher Hussain Posted on

    these forks were awesome. Used them for my baby shower and it gave it just wanted it needed to feel a bit more sophisticated. Greatest product ever.

    Posted on

    I am very pleased with this product, make me feel I won the lotto, very pleased. It looks like the real stainless fork. You can use it on soft and hard food and it will not break. Love it.

    Posted on

    Good quality. These forks are nice and shiny. They look like real stainless steel forks and are also firm. Can use with soft to hard foods. My customers love them!

    from Le Spicy Mango Posted on

    I ordered these for my wedding and they are absolutely perfect! Shipping was fast and the staff/customer service was super helpful answering any questions I had. I have already recommend Webstaurant to fellow brides I have met while planning my wedding. There was no minimum order so I could order exactly how much I needed. With the price of weddings, there are a lot of DIY brides like myself, planning on a budget. Webstaurant makes it so much easier, cheaper and less stressful. I will definitely be using them for ANY party needs I have in the future. Great value and very beautiful!

    from For my wedding Posted on

    I am very pleased with the quality of these forks. They are exactly what we were looking for my daughters wedding reception! i am looking forward to ordering more products.

    from None Posted on

    These looked really nice and are heavier but a lot of mine came with a scuff on the front neck of the fork - not sure if it is the packaging? but without this they would look lovely for a wedding.

    Posted on

    These are very sturdy forks and look like the real thing. They were packaged well and none of them arrived damaged or scratched. They would present an extra special detail to any occasion without the added duty of having to wash, dry or put away. Although, they would definitely last several uses.

    Posted on

    Looks awesome and is a very sturdy product. We were very happy after we ordered these and ordered spoons and knives to match. Will really add an extra touch to your event.

    from Whitecomb's Farm Market Posted on

    Gorgeous forks that add elegance to any party or table. I was surprised at how nice these forks were. They are durable and affordable and they really look nice too. I will buy these again and again. Recommended!

    Posted on

    Nice looking and sturdy fork! Great for an elegant party such as a wedding or birthday! This is also one of the best prices that you will find them for. You have matching knives and spoons also!

    Posted on

    What can I say about these forks, they had everyone fooled. They looked just like real silverware and when you are trying to bring a level of elegance to your event or party this is the way to go. I will order more of these next time.

    from SWEET POSSIBILITIES Posted on

    This silverware from Silver Visions is awesome! It is very sturdy, and doesn't look fake at all!. The chrome/silver finish on them is beautiful! They make a very nice addition to any wedding or event.

    from Simply Unique Posted on

    Perfect for our Vintage Garden Party. I wanted our party to be elegant without worrying about losing good silver, so these were the perfect choice. Nice design, heavy quality. They do not feel like a cheap plastic fork! I will definitely be buying these again.

    Posted on

    Better price than other plastic brands that I can get locally. Also great look on my dessert buffets arranged nicely next to colored napkins and plates.

    from Something Special by Sherri Posted on

    Very pretty fork with the silver finish. It is a great alternative to regular plastic forks at a similar cost. Forks will be the hit of the party.

    Posted on

    These silver plastic forks are great! They look classy but at the end of the day you can toss them in the garbage with no mess!

    Posted on

    beautiful just like the picture great quality and very strong and great price plus it look like a real fork but they actually disposable i'm going to use the for my wedding very elegant thanks a lot

    Posted on

    I price matced these at the local party store. For the exact same item I paid waaay less the price and got much more by ordering thru webstaurant. I love this company!! Product is of high quality, shipping is fast, and customer service is exceptional. Great product!!

    Posted on

    These forks look really good. They are much lighter in weight than what you would buy at the store. The price is right though, and before you pick them up you can't even tell they are fake.

    Posted on

    Wonderful, classy and study. We received the order the next day. These were a perfect compliment at a catering event i did 2 weeks ago for valentine's day.

    from Ms. SweeTea's Posted on

    Great for those times you do not want to wash flatware. These make for a lovely appearance on those less formal occasions. Would order again.

    Posted on

    I ordered the forks for my daughter's wedding last summer and was very pleased with the style, the weight of the utensil and the price. I am ordering again for an event happening in March.

    Posted on

    Very good quality...used for my sisters wedding and will be ordering again soon for my own wedding! I would recommend the use of this product to anyone.

    Posted on

    I ordered this forks for my wedding and they are perfect. When they arrive the first and last one will look chipped but that's only because they probably get bumped and scrapped along the way. Don't freak out, I know I did, but when you open it up you'll see they are perfectly fine. They look real!!!

    Posted on

    Summer living just got more elegant. Really impressive especially compared to the usual plastic utensils and much more sturdy. At a glance you don't realize they are plastic.

    from self Posted on

    I ordered these for a catering job where the guests were just a bit more affluent than the average person. No one noticed a thing. Half the guest asked where to put the 'silverware' instead of 'where is the garbage can.' These are plastic and they almost feel like metal.

    Posted on

    Very nice product. Well worth the price - looks much more "eloquent" than white, black, or clear "plastic silverware". Very sturdy - stands up to the task.

    from Custom FrameCrafters, Etc. Posted on

    I ordered these plastic forks for my daughter's wedding. I was impressed how real they look. See my attached picture of my metal fork on the left with the plastic Silver Vision fork next to it on the right for a comparison of size and appearance. The fork is a little smaller than my metal fork.

    from Carolyn B. Posted on

    We just used these at an office party and they were a hit. Most of the guys thought they were real forks before they picked them up. They held up very well whish also impressed the guys because they usually snap the plastic utensils in half

    Posted on

    These folks are very beautiful. I ordered thes and I am well pleased. I plan to order many more. This was a very good investment.

    from S & H Gourmet LLC Posted on

    I love the idea of using these as a silverware alternative. It's NOT formal enough to get by for a high end wedding. Perhaps a garden wedding. I purchased them to use for a tasting. Which needed to have disposable cutlery , but still had enough style to use for a place setting. very nice, but does look plastic, just not cheap. and really lasts for several hours. for home use, an outstanding choice for informal, holiday gatherings. I suggest buying 5 packs, at the price, and the reasonable shipping.

    from MOMMY IS A GENIUS Posted on

    I love using these forks for my clients. It upgrades their event to super classy. They are very sturdy and durable. Disposable makes for easy cleanup!

    from Broccoliosaurus Catering Posted on

    Clean up was a breeze with these forks. It helped make our family party elegant, everyone thought I was crazy for not using disposables until they realized these were disposable!

    Posted on

    High quality! Looked great at the wedding we used them for! These were a great alternative to spending the money on real silverware. We got a few compliments on how nice they were!

    Posted on

    Very very pleased with my purchase. It will compliment the table very well at a dinner reception. Provides the look of formal silverware with the added convenience of disposable silverware. Very pleased.

    Posted on

    These are the most beautiful plastic silverware I've ever seen. I had people thinking they were real metal. Lol I love them and so glad I bought extras because the holidays are coming up and these will work great.

    Posted on

    Purchased these forks for a wedding dinner. Not only are these very budget friendly, but they provide a class and elegance that even rental stainless steel does not provide. These are very shiny and helped the entire table service to look beautiful.

    from Dane's Dishes Posted on

    When you want to project elegance and style at your parties, you will want to use these forks on your table. they look like quality stainless steel, but you don't have to worry about bringing them back to wash up. Your guests will be impressed and will thank you for giving them the best.

    Posted on

    So classy and elegant

    Great product and very durable. Expensive looking and great for that special occasion. Would definitely purchase these again and would highly recommend. Great price for the quality

    Posted on

    Ordered the smaller packages to check against the supposed "higher quality" product coming from our local supplier. Ends up being the SAME EXACT PRODUCT for half the price!! Even with shipping it's still cheaper than ordering from my supplier who claims to be giving me the best price out there, more like he's giving me "the business"! We use these items for wedding and other events, so I am anxious to order the full cases and save the customer and myself a little expense. Thank You Webstaurantstore for making my day!

    from West Bend Golf and Country Club Posted on

    I purchased forks, knives and spoons and they are beautiful! Will be using for my backyard wedding.They look stainless steel but with the clean-up ease of plastic. They feel very sturdy and look classy. Shipping took no time at all. Very happy.

    Posted on

    Worked perfect for bridal shower, had slight problem submitting my order, customer service worked it out immediately, excellent service, shipped quickly, highly recommended company for my needs

    Posted on

    Perfect for my wedding clients who want disposables that don't look cheap or tacky. A good weight to them as well - and serve as a talking point for guests who pick them up thinking they are silver but are surprised they are plastic!

    from Bellingham Wedding and Event Rentals Posted on

    We bought these for a dinner that we were having for my church. They were durable and worked well for the chicken, fish, and steak we had at the dinner. I was very happy with this product and the quality.

    Posted on

    This forks are great! They look like the real thing, only disposable, and thats whats so great about it. They are great for use in any special event. I love ordering this products from webstaurantstore.com even if its not directly for restaurant purposes, but i can always find the best products for any special occasion here.

    Posted on

    We ordered these for my moms anniversary I couldn't believe the quality of these forks all I have to say is wow. This is a must order for any elegant event

    Posted on

    Best deal! Awesome prices, great color (and many other choices of colors). These are NOT the cheap napkins you get at wholesalers, they hold well for folding.

    Posted on

    Amazing how they look real!

    A MUST HAVE FOR ANY WEDDING.. these looked classy and forked into prime rim that is an inch thick without breaking. The silver coloring make it look just like real silverware with out the mess to clean up.

    from Olsen Wedding Posted on

    These are such a classy choice if you have to use disposables for a quick picnic or casual outdoor event like a brunch or luncheon.

    Posted on

    Wow! These forks look great and are sturdy. They will be perfect for our silver anniversary party -they go well with the silver prestige napkins!

    Posted on

    These make for an affordable and classy table setting at our Cake Boutique. They are great for salads which some plastic utensils cannot handle, and stay bright.

    from Cake Professor Posted on

    Silver at bargain price.

    we ordered those forks for a wedding and they made the wedding look very classy even if it was a backyard wedding. they are very resistant

    Posted on

    Great quality. Perfect for catering and outdoor events. Silver color gives a very professional look. Much sturdier than your standard plastic silverware. We used them for our wedding reception.

    Posted on

    These plates are very comparable to the higher priced brand. They are a beautiful option for disposable flatware, making your events look as classy as a non-disposable affair.

    from Premier Events, Elite Wedding & Event Planning Posted on

    I bought these utensils to use at my daughter's wedding. I checked with other sites and this one seemed to have the best price. Pleased with the look of it also.

    from Susie Qusie Chocolate Fountain Posted on

    I used these at a party recently and our guests were very impressed. Easily the best plastic "silverware" I've found. Very attractive with a great feel. These are the next best thing to real silverware.

    from Professor Cocktail Posted on

    Purchased the entire silver visions fork, spoon and knife for an outdoor wedding reception that I catered. They added just the right amount of class to the event and made clean up a breeze! Excellent pricing too!

    from Jazzy Ruperts Posted on

    This is the new norm. Best item for a rental company to stock you sell don't rent. And you never have to wash them. Great deal.

    Posted on

    this is a great price for this product. they are so useful and i use them for all my dinner parties! my nephew even thought it was real silver ware!

    Posted on

    Best price I found for these anywhere (and I did a lot of searching and asking around)! Nice look, not a flimsy type of plastic, and affordable - what more could you ask for? We used these along with the soup spoons (another brand) sold on the site, and the mini tasting spoons.

    Posted on

    These are such a great deal!! They dont cost alot and realy have saved us alot of money and add alot of class to our resturant!!

    Posted on

    Very nice silverware! YOU CAN NOT BEAT THE PRICES FOR THE SAME QUALITY! Highly recommended & SOO glad I found this site. VERY ELEGANT and I used it for my wedding in 20" X 20" polyester napkins! :)

    from Touch of Elegance by Michelle Posted on

    Dessert forks looked stunning around the cake. Light feel but heavy duty. Received mant complaments on the dinner wear we used was stunning and classy

    Posted on

    Just what I was looking for! I wanted the look of real silverware without the high price! We are budgetting our wedding and wanted a fancy look at a low cost! You've made my day! Fast shipping too!! So pleased!

    Posted on

    These flatware pieces look like silver/stainless steel and only a close look will help one distinguish them. The price beats the competitor's. I would buy these again.

    Posted on

    You can easily pay more for a pack of 50 plastic forks in the store and they definitely wont look as attractive as these!!! Very durable!!

    Posted on

    These forks not only look great but hold up well too. They price is unbeatable and the style of this type of fork is very classy.

    Posted on

    I love this product. They look great and have the thickness to be able to cut through denser dishes. We use this along with the silver spoons and knives at our catering events and they can't be beat!

    Posted on

    These forks look great! Used them at a baby shower and they held up very well (we had baked ziti). They clean up easily if you're interested in keeping them for reuse.

    Posted on

    These are so pretty and they cost about a quarter of the price of any place else I found them at!!! Great deal so happy I found these.

    Posted on

    Nice heavy weight fork. I bought these for a shower and they look dressier than colored or clear forks. The silver color is darker than I thought and occasionaly you get one with some imperfections but overall a good value fork. I will buy them again.

    Posted on

    These forks are great for setting the tone of your event. My guest thought they were real, until they picked them up. I will use them for every event that I do for now on.

    from Where the Heart Is LLC Posted on

    These heavy duty plastic forks are my go to utensil for disposable tableware. I use them continuously and will always purchase them in the future.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    We will never use clear, black, or white again. First impressions say a lot. This Plastic Stainless Steel Look, is the way to go for any catering job. The client appreciates the look and presentation.

    from Catering Too Posted on

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