Continental 16 oz. Plastic Spray Bottle - 3/Pack

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Molded of high density polyethylene, these durable and dependable Continental 16 oz. plastic spray bottles will get the job done! This kit includes (3) 16 oz. spray bottles and 3 spray triggers in each pack. Buying bulk cleaning agents and spray bottles will save your business on cleaning costs. Since the plastic bottles are not pre-labeled, you can label them however you want to control and organize your inventory of cleaning solution. The center neck bottles hold 16 oz. each of glass cleaner, all purpose cleaner, or other liquid cleaners (sold separately).

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Continental 16 oz. Plastic Spray Bottle - 3/Pack

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spray bottles bottle great cleaning price different more perfect size
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    I keep these plastic spray bottles for use around our home. I fill the bottles with vinegar and water to use in our kitchen and laundry room.

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    I like that this three pack of bottles is only made in the 16 oz size. The size makes it easier for the cleaner to hold in their hand

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    For the price these work out to be a great buy. We keep food grade sanitize in these for use in the brewery and they work perfect for the job.

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    Nice spray trigger and bottle combo for general chemical dispensing. This 3 pack is perfect for restaurant use where you require multiple cleaners. You can even write on the bottle with a permanent marker to show what product is in the bottle.

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    This 16 oz spray bottle is awesome! You can use it for many things. I like to keep one near grill for fire. I also use it for cleaning chemicals and then label them.

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    These were better than I expected, will be ordering more....I love these bottle, I hope they were bigger, hence four stars, spray trigger is okay.

    from Verdurous Cleaning Service Posted on

    I have been using this item for a while. So far all of three sprays are working well. The price is very reasonable. Good product.

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    The spray bottle holds a decent amount of liquid and has a nice spray. It can however become easily undone from the base and so that can create an issue.

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    A cheap spray bottle for a cheap price. I seriously cant find a quality bottle. Spray lever will break after about two weeks. They are cheap, but they are made even cheaper. :(

    from The Pizza Man Posted on

    These are okay, the ones that worked worked to standards, but we did have a couple that would not spray. It's hit or miss if you get a good one because we ordered them all at once

    from Shaking Crab Posted on

    Sp cheap for 3 bottles. I actually use this for vinegars as cleaning agents in our house. I now have bottles in different areas of the house.

    Posted on

    They work fine for cleaning supplies but don't work at all for oils or anything heavier, so if you're looking for something to hold your windex, this is perfect!

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    These are great for cleaning around our food truck. We fill them with our bleach cleaner and clean our countertops. Great size for a small area like a home or food truck.

    from Rocket Breakfast Posted on

    These spray bottles do the job, they work quite well. The only concern is that the cap on the end of the spraying apparatus does not look distinguishably from when it's open and when it's closed. Overall though, this is a non-issue.

    from Fork Food Lab Posted on

    I bought one pack of these about a year ago. I filled one with sanitizer solution, one with diluted citrus degreaser, and one with diluted white vinegar. I haven't had any problems with the spray triggers malfunctioning since then. I would buy them again but I haven't had to yet, so I am happy.

    from Beet Box Posted on

    These spray bottles are great value for the cost. We use them everywhere in the restaurant. Great for wiping down bar equipment, tables, kitchen appliances. Only downside is that they do not stand upright when fluid in the bottle gets low. Overall, very happy with my purchase.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    I really like these pray bottles because the tube on the inside is actually longer then need be so that it gets everything at the bottom of the bottle. Great spray bottles the only downside is that it does more of a STREAM then a SPRAY but it is what it is and they work fine.

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    The price on these is great and the spray trigger has lasted me for quite some time. I've had some of these squeeze bottles for a year or so and they have still held up.

    from Cobleskill Auxiliary Services Posted on

    Perfect size! It is easy and light weight to hold with one hand. The nozzle works great! I will be buying more as the price is affordable.

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    These bottles are handy to have around. They're good quality, thick plastic, easy to clean. The sprayer works great, too. We highly recommend this product!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Basic 16 oz spray bottle, durable, works well and a great price for a 3 pack of plastic spray bottles. We fill the bottles with vinegar and water to spray down our tables to clean up after customers.

    from Vee H Posted on

    Great option for a basic spray bottle. These have stood up to a lot of use every day. Bottle will allow you to write product info, or stick a label to it.

    from Trail West Lodge Posted on

    Nice 3pk spray bottles. Long liquid pick up tube that reaches the bottom. It has an adjustable nozzle that allows perfect spray every time. Better quality then I get at " Mart "

    from Russ H. Posted on

    They work great for the price. Last pretty long and haven't had any complaints yet. I will definitely order more in the future. Does the job.

    Posted on

    After buying several different kinds of spray bottles from local big box stores that broke all too quick, we decided to try out these. We could tell these were different when we filled the first one with our preferred cleaning solution. The uptake tube is long and snakes around the bottom of the bottle so that you aren't left with an unusable amount at the bottom. The nozzle adjusts from a far reaching stream to a fine mist spray. And the trigger position and resistance doesn't tired your hand when cleaning. Best of all, the price was right!

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    I love this Continental 16 oz. Plastic Spray Bottle, the quality is very good and the important thing is that in the bottle there is the scale.

    from Sir Clean Corp - Cleaning and Moving Company Miami Posted on

    The best spray bottle I've ever used. I've bought many through the years. Don't pass this up and put it in your cart. You'll be satisfied.

    from Mr. A's Beignets Posted on

    The hose that goes into the bottle is to long for the bottle and bend around. Why not make the hose the proper size for the bottle?

    Posted on

    Nice spray bottles. We go through a lot of bottles and these are really nice for the prices. We will order these as we need them.

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    These bottles are good for the price. The nozzle is easily adjustable. I would recommend getting a funnel as the openings are a bit narrow.

    Posted on

    These spray bottles are used in my food truck for cleaning. We have one with window cleaner and another with countertop cleaner. The nozzle works well and the bottles themselves are sturdy.

    from Louami's Posted on

    Great bottles. We use them for a multitude of things. Very durable and great for cleaning. We highly recommend for restaurants and bars as they have been great for us.

    Posted on

    We have many uses for these bottles. All work well. We put sanitized water in them to clean counters and table. We also put windex in them to clean windows. Always finding more uses for them. Very versatile.

    from The Lunch Box Posted on

    Great spray bottles! Has no problem even when the bottle is very low on liquid. and the adjustable cap allows a great variety of spray sizes.

    Posted on

    had bought these bottles for my house for cleaning and they work just fine you gt 3 to a package and they are 16 ounce to each bottle , so i had bought some for my sister resturant cause she always buying these cause they do a lot of cleaning there and it seems every week she was buying some so i had order her 10 packages of these for her place and these must be stronger cause they are last longer then the other ones she has some with the bleach add with water then the degreazer with add water and now there no prolbems trying to find a bottle cause everyone was putting them in a different spot, so she finally made a spot to put all the bottles on each nite when done so now all the workers are putting them back cause she was always buy new ones cause everyone was not putting them back they are great 3 in a package they have the spray the stream and really stream are great for everyday use

    from lisabridalstore Posted on

    These smallerspray bottles are agreat option to the largerbottles. They are easier on the hands and they work great for spraying bread in the oven

    from Kaylees Bakery Posted on

    The price is right, but of the three bottles that we got, only one has survived more than a few months. They tended to break at the collar/neck, though to be fair we do use them quite frequently throughout the day.

    Posted on

    This is an excellent spray bottle. It has many uses, including cleaning fluid, reviving my coworkers on a hot summer's day, and just having fun.

    from The Waves Restaurant Posted on

    Excellent. The internal cord is extra long which ensures even little amounts can be used before refilling. I plan on purchasing more sets for different areas in the house.

    Posted on

    These Spray Bottles are great for large kitchens that require different chemicals for different areas. The 16oz bottles are good for different types of solutions and the smaller size takes up less room.

    from Castle Catering Posted on

    I have ordered spray bottles before and they don't not even compare to these ones here. These are built to last and are the perfect size for our food truck!

    from Funky fresh food truck Posted on

    Decent spray bottle. I was expecting blue handled, but got red. Sort of annoying for color coding, which I like to do. I like the graduations and knob style spray head, otherwise just a cheap spray bottle.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    I've been using these spray bottles all over my house and the bakery for months now. The quality is excellent and very steady. I love them!

    from Rosys Cakes LLC Posted on

    This is a mediocre spray bottle. I have had problems with the spray mechanism breaking. For the price you can't go wrong, you are essentially getting what you paid for.

    Posted on

    These spray bottles have been durable and havent gotten stuck as many cheap sprayers tend to (when you squeeze the handle and its difficult to spray). The stream is adjustable and the volume is molded into the side so you arent looking for a volume when the text has worn off.

    Posted on

    Great spray bottles, perfect for cleaning and/or sanitizing solutions for wiping down tables, bars, chairs, mirrors, glass, etc. 16oz size is perfect for smaller jobs.

    from Alabaster Coffee Roaster & Tea Co. Posted on

    this 16 oz plastic spray bottle in a three pack is a great value. these bottles work great for the price. also they last a long time with proper care.

    Posted on

    Instead of hunting around trying to find where somebody last left the window cleaner, we went nuts and loaded up on spare bottles. These aren't that large, but they're great for tucking in every nook so there's always one within reach.

    Posted on

    The bottles are more substantial than the kind found in hardware stores. The bottom of the tube that feeds the trigger came with a tiny screen attached to filter out things that might clog the trigger, which was a nice surprise. The ability to replace the spray trigger without replacing the whole bottle is also a great feature.

    from Twyla Posted on

    spray bottles are a must have in a kitchen. in this case I use it for a vegetable oil to spray on flat top. works great doesn't get plugged up like others ive used. a great value for sure

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    Was expecting these bottles to be the quart size, but they are just 16oz. they are nicely graduated. The nozzle is longer for a quart bottle, and the spray head is larger for the quart bottle, but they are just 16OZ so the stem bends in the bottom of the bottle making it not fit or work so good.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    Just a normal spray bottle, its exactly what you are expecting. The only thing to really note is that the color I received (red) is different than the blue ones pictured, but I doubt most people care about the color of their spray bottles! I used mine to mist the top of french bread while baking it in a non steam injected oven, and it worked wonderfully.

    Posted on

    tried using these for spraying sanitizer and other chemicals but they dont feel too sturdy. the top tended to leak near the opening which isnt good for the chemicals.

    Posted on

    This is a superb little spray bottle. The size was slightly smaller than I realized, but it was the size advertised. We use ours for sanitizer solution primarily. The spray nozzle does adjust, but not all of the bottles adjust to the finer mist setting. The construction seems fairly robust, however, and I don't anticipating replacing them often.

    from Grounded.,LLC Posted on

    My main problem with purchasing cheap spray bottles is how hard to squeeze in order for chemicals to come out. The opaque bottle makes it look less-chemical versus ones that has labels on them

    Posted on

    The Continental 16 oz. Plastic Spray Bottle sold 3 per pack. They are great for mixing up chemicals to clean with. Write the name of product on the bottle.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    The Continental 16oz. Plastic spray Bottles come 3 in a pack. They are great. I use ours for deluting diffrent cleaning chemicals in them, and of course labeling whts in them. makes it easy. can't beat the price.

    Posted on

    Great well made bottles. Just label them and use. Work great for spraying on tables to clean or in the kitchen to sanitize. Very good buy

    Posted on

    These spray bottles are thick and good quality plastic. Nice sturdy trigger and comes with enough bottles for all your cleaning needs! Great quality product!

    Posted on

    these bottles are great for day care. You can lable them and change them out when needed. good price for them. Everything from webstaurant is good quality and price.

    Posted on

    These spray bottles are nice for adding moisture to a dry oven when baking bread to produce the perfect crust! They are also great for cleaning supplies!!

    Posted on

    These bottles are good for any project. They work great for all of your cleaners. The bottles are very durable and are priced very reasonable.

    from GDB Enterprises, LLC Posted on

    These spray bottles are great for handling cleaners from the gallon size jugs. It's better to buy bigger in some cases, but it's easier to use these spray bottles.

    Posted on

    I use spray bottles for all my cleaning solutions that I buy in gallons. Bottles that I bought elsewhere would fall apart after a couple months so I decided to try these. Great size, good price, and I've been using them for severaL months!

    Posted on

    Very nice Continental 16 oz. Spray Bottle 3/Pack. The only thing is I wish I had gotten them in the 32 oz. size. Just need to refill these more often.

    from Mary B's Southern Kitchen Posted on

    This item worked great for our business. Just the right size for our cleaning needs. They were priced right and they were shipped quickly. I would recommend these to others.

    from Route 191 Diner Posted on

    We were looking for a simple spray bottle for sterilizer, and these fit the bill. Will be interested to see how long they hold up with spraying well.

    from Cornerstone Country Market Posted on

    Very good spray bottles. We have reordered as we like the quality and the price. These do not leak and the sprayer adjusts to most any need.

    Posted on

    Great spray bottles. I know, what is so special about a spray bottle, right? These seem to have out lasted all the cheap bottles I can buy from my local supplier. We have been very pleased with their size and longevity.

    from Florida Facility Services Posted on

    Good quality useful spray bottle. I use for sanitizers, degreser and other chemicals. price is also good. I am satisfied with this product. thank you.

    from The Boardroom Restaurant Posted on

    These 16 Oz plastic spray bottles are very useful. I use them for the kitchen sanitizer, dinning for table cleaner and windex for windows, and water for the plant. I will buy again.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    I love that I ordered these, came in a pack of so they all match and there's a flat space on top for a label, which is great for the health inspector. Great quality, not cheap plastic. Easy to spritz.

    Posted on

    These bottles are used not only in the kitchen and dining areas but we have been using them in the greenhouses as well. They are versatile.

    Posted on

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