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Lemon Squeezers

Lemon Squeezers

There are few meals or side dishes as refreshing as a salad with lemon vinaigrette dressing. Here using some of my favorite inexpensive tools and our own Regal spices, I’ll show you how to make a terrific, healthful salad quickly and easily. Okay, I’m going to start by chopping up some fresh vegetables for the salad. I have a red onion here. This low priced Choice knife really holds an edge. Next, I’m going to add half a cucumber. You can see I’m using a thin, flexible cutting board. For me they are just much easier to move around. I like using a serrated, offset bread knife to cut my tomatoes. The offset blade keeps my knuckles from hitting the cutting board. I’m building my salad in one of these stainless steel bowls which are fantastic because they have a rubber bottom and they won’t slide around on my stainless steel table. And then, I’m going to add some Greek olives and feta cheese. For the dressing, I’m going to start with some lemon zest. I like using this kind of grater for its firm grip and it fits right over my bowl. I’m going to put the juice of one whole lemon into my vinaigrette and to juice the lemon we like to use one of these lemon squeezers. They’re great because you just pop the lemon half in and squeeze over your bowl. You get all of the lemon juice out of the lemon and there’s no seeds and there’s no pulp and it practically squeezes the lemon inside-out. These lemon squeezes are great because they fit right in your drawer and you can get fresh lemon juice anytime you need it. Now, I’m going to add some white wine vinegar, salt, pepper and olive oil. These stackable ingredient bowls are perfect for organizing your ingredients beforehand. Now, I’m going to whisk this together, slowly. I love these Jacob’s Pride Whips by Vollrath because they just last forever. I’m going to finish this off with some Regal Garlic Powder and Oregano. We have a huge selection of fresh Regal spices. Now, I’m going to toss my vinaigrette into my salad. You know we eat with our eyes first and the WEBstaurantstore has all the display ware that you could ever need. I love the clean, simple look of this white serving bowl. If you’re interested in any of the items in this video, check them out in our links below.

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Making a refreshing, nutritional salad with lemon vinaigrette dressing is easy with all the right tools from WEBstaurantStore.com! Check out this video to see just a few of the products we offer, from lemon squeezers to mixing bowls to displayware.

How to Bake Cookies in Your Convection Oven

How to Bake Cookies in Your Convection Oven

• Today I am going to be making lemon sugar cookies with this quarter size Waring Convection oven. One of my favorite things to use in the kitchen are pan pals, they are silicon baking mats. I used a half size and cut it in half for this quarter sized pan. They’re nonstick, they’re reusable, so it’s a really great, inexpensive thing to have in your kitchen. I’m just going to scoop out my cookie dough, and using a disher like this helps make all the cookies uniform. I’m going to set the temperature to 325 degrees, set it to convection bake, and place my cookies in the oven. Now I’ll remove my cookies and let them cool while we get started on the glaze. To make the glaze I’m going to use juice from fresh lemons which is easy to do with our lemon squeezer. Then I’m going to add in about a pound of confection sugar and whisk it together. If your glaze is a little bit thick you can add a few drops of water. When you’re finished with your glaze, just add it to your pastry bag. For adding pretty glaze to these cookies, I used the Ateco 8 piece pastry set which is a great way to get started with some basic decorating. And here you have beautiful, freshly baked lemon sugar cookies. For any of the baking items seen in this video, check out the links below.

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See how easy it is to bake in your convection oven! In this video, we will show you how to bake lemon sugar cookies in your Waring WCO250 quarter size convection oven as well as how to whip up a delicious glaze from freshly squeezed lemon for on top!


This hand held lemon squeezer makes squeezing lemons convenient and easy, ensuring pure juice without any seeds or pulp every time! A coated, die-cast aluminum construction offers superior durability and will not rust or react with juices, while a convenient handle on the front makes it easy to hang for storage. The lemon squeezer is color coded in bright yellow as well, making it easy to identify which squeezer to use with which fruit. Dishwasher safe.

Overall Dimensions:
Length (with Handle): 8 3/4"
Width: 3"
Depth: 1 7/8"
Bowl Diameter: 3"


Dishwasher Safe

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Hand Held Lemon Squeezer ( 4.8 stars from 20 reviews )

    Love love love this product! My mom bought one recently and when I saw it, I knew I just had to have one of my own. I ordered one the next day. This makes squeezing both lemons and limes so much easier.

    Posted on

    I had bought a lemon squeezer from somewhere else, but it was a wrong color and so I often had to try hard to look for it for use. Now I can use this for what it's color tells me of. The price is not bad at all and it works great - better than my other one. It is just the size for a lemon. Everyone should buy one for use.

    Posted on

    If it were possible I would give it a 5. It is so sturdy and yet very easy to handle. Our first use was for lemonade and the squeezed lemons were ready in seconds.

    Posted on

    These hand held lemon squeezers do what they are supposed to do. Though not terrible well built it's still good for the price you pay.

    from TKNY Capital, LLC Posted on

    The hand held lemon squeezer is such a handy tool for the home kitchen. Very good price, and equal in quality to those in the kitchen stores.

    Posted on

    Once you have a lemon squeezer, you'll never buy that bottled stuff again. And this one is nicely made and can be used for either lemons or limes. Unless you abuse it badly, you shouldn't have to buy another for many years, unless you just need a second one!

    from A Tasty Affair Posted on

    This hand held squeezer has been indispensable in my home kitchen! I love how quickly I can juice a whole bag of lemons, limes, or smaller oranges and tangerines. I work as a pastry chef and am considering buying one of these for work as well, when not needing to do an entire case of lemons at a time. I always put the cut side down in the squeezer and love how it flips the fruit inside out .

    from Contata Voluptates Posted on

    Works perfectly! It gets so much more juice out than by hand, and much faster! The build quality is better than the price suggests. Recommended!

    Posted on

    I love this hand held Lemon Squeezer. It is very easy to use and very sturdy. It cut your time in half when I need fresh lemon juice for my recipes. I is also good on other fruit in their family. I recommend this product, good buy.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    The Hand Held Lemon Squeezer is solid metal and very sturdy. It's a good size and in a pinch could be used to strain or squeeze other fruit besides lemons. I'm pleased with it.

    Posted on

    This is a great lemon juicer. I was able to get plenty of juice out of my lemons with comfort and ease. It is also easy to clean.

    Posted on

    This is a great citrus juicer. Here's a tip though, put the lemon half in cut-side down. As you squeeze, the lemon will turn inside out, ensuring you get every last drop out of it.

    Posted on

    I prefer this press to the usual citrus press. It seems to get way more juice out but not as convenient since you need to do it over a bowl. Great for squirting a bit of juice over food however (ie: caesar salad, fish, ..)

    Posted on

    Easily add a touch of lemon juice to your plates!

    Great squeezer - just like its lime & orange counterparts also offered on this site, it's very substantial in weight and overall size. This isn't a cheap plastic squeezer - it's enamel-covered metal. As another reviewer pointed out, this won't accommodate large lemons - it's more for the smaller ones. It works really well and is easy to clean - couldn't ask for more!

    Posted on

    You can't beat fresh lemon juice in cooking. This lemon squeezer is perfect to have and its very easy to use. No seeds ever come out too.

    Posted on

    Was skeptical prior to receiving this squeezer since the price was very reasonable. Great quality product! Perfect for using when fresh lemon juice is needed. Works well with limes, too.

    from church Posted on

    This lemon juicer is the best out there. It's color coated to remind you that it is for lemons. Perfect size to put in a small drawer.

    Posted on


    This is a nice small hand held lemon juicer! Good for adding a splash of juice to your favorite salad or in iced tea or other beverages!!

    Posted on

    Works great with the lemons i often use. The plastic could be a little bit thicker but works great i had no complaints at all!!

    Posted on

    These squeezers are good for small to medium lemons. I often had lemons too large for this though. The enamel wears off. I guess I want to find one a little larger and stainless steel.

    from The Kitchen Posted on

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