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Briquettes or Natural Wood Lump Charcoal?: You Decide

Listed below are some of the attributes of both our charcoal briquettes and wood lump charcoal. You will find that depending upon your specific need, there’s a product to meet that need and deliver just the taste and temperature you’re looking for.

  • Briquettes burn much longer, more evenly impart wood smoke flavor, and take up less storage space (about 18% less).
  • Lump Charcoal burns much hotter, is ready to cook in 8 - 10 minutes, imparts wonderful wood flavor to foods, and is preferred by many chefs over briquettes.

Mesquite Wood Chips
Mesquite Wood Chips

Charcoal Briquettes

Charcoal is not only a wonderful way to heat and cook foods, but also a means of adding flavor to the food! Be sure it’s the best flavor by using the best charcoal.

Charcoal briquettes are the product of a recipe, or combination of ingredients; wood char, coal, nitrates, lime and starch.

  • Hardwood Char: Royal Oak produces wood char exclusively from hardwood. Royal Oak never uses soft woods for the production of wood char. Hardwoods do not contain the resins present in soft woods!
  • Anthracite Coal: Royal Oak uses only a very select high grade of low sulfur, high BTU anthracite coal which yields a smokeless, odorless, consistent burn.
  • Lime: Lime facilitates evenness of burn. It also yields a clean, white ash as the charcoal burns, giving the user a visual prompt.
  • Starch: All charcoal manufacturers use food starch as a binder in the process of making charcoal briquettes.
  • Sodium Nitrate: a very small amount of nitrate is necessary to facilitate lighting the briquette and is used by all charcoal manufacturers.

Natural Lump / Natural Wood Charcoal

  • Lump charcoal is simply "carbonized" wood.
  • It is 100% natural with no additives.
  • It is made only from seasoned hardwoods consisting of oak & hickory wood.
  • Natural wood charcoal lights very easily. It can be lit with newspaper or solid wax firestarters. No need to use charcoal lighter fluid.
  • Natural wood charcoal is clean burning and produces very little ash.
  • The fire from natural wood charcoal will quickly get to cooking temperature in as little as 7-10 minutes. This is significantly less than the 20-25 minutes of regular charcoal briquettes.
  • Natural wood charcoal burns very hot with temperatures reaching between 800-1,000 degrees. It has a shorter "burn time" than briquettes but produces 40% hotter fire. One pound of natural wood charcoal produces the equivalent heat of two pounds of charcoal briquettes, so it will save you money.
  • Natural charcoal imparts great woodsy flavor to foods that is much better than regular charcoal briquettes. As it is comprised of 100% hardwood, it has significantly more hardwood content than regular charcoal briquettes.
  • Natural wood charcoal perfectly sears meats, producing juicy, mouthwatering foods.
  • Natural wood charcoal will caramelize the natural sugars in foods and it seals in flavor and moisture.

Wood Products

Nature-Glo Hickory & Mesquite Wood Chips

These wood chips deliver a hearty taste of hickory and the Austin style, southwestern flavor of mesquite. A convenient way to add flavor. Can be soaked and put in a smoker box.

Hickory & Mesquite Wood Chips

Nature-Glo Hickory & Mesquite Wood Chunks

These wood chunks have been hand selected, graded, and fully seasoned to ensure you are getting the maximum flavor and the most consistent burning wood.

Hickory & Mesquite Wood Chunks

Nature-Glo Hickory & Mesquite Wood Logs

These wood logs offer convenience and superb quality. Packed with the best hickory hardwood and Texas mesquite flavor, these logs come packed in 50# boxes that are easy to handle and use in any setting. They contain only the best seasoned wood that has been aged to give delicious wood flavor to the foods you prepare. Consistency is the key word here.

Hickory & Mesquite Wood Logs

Wood Products come in a full variety of shapes and sizes to meet almost any foodservice need.

We offer only selected hardwoods, for the finest flavor and performance.

Hickory: from the world’s largest Hickory forests in Tennessee and Kentucky. This clean burning wood is favored for Bar-B-Que and hot, smoke fire cooking, smoking and grilling.

Hickory Wood: these “blanks” are a by-product of the tool handle industry and are clean, rectangular, quite uniform pieces of bark-less wood that are ideal for wood burning ovens and smokehouse applications. The fact that it is boxed means it is neater to handle and takes up far less space than a conventional pile of wood. Hickory wood offers: consistent moisture range, virtually insect free and small compact cubes of each case, as well as quality selected hickory.

Hickory Chunks: these dry seasoned chunks of selected hickory are packed in 6/6# bags, sold by the bag. They are ideal for a variety of applications. They should be soaked for a short time in water and then can be placed directly on a bed of coals to produce excellent smoke for great flavor and merchandising appeal. They will also fit in the area provided under the gas flames in some gas grills and will give excellent flavor to food.

Hickory Chips: 12/2# bags, sold by the bag. Chips are great when soaked and added directly to a bed of charcoal; placed in a metal or foil container and put in a hot oven, to add smoke to prime rib or other meats, or put between the jets of a conventional gas grill to add smoke to food being cooked.

Mesquite Wood: “50 pound” boxes of Mesquite wood logs 6” or less in diameter and 16-20” in length, packed neatly by hand into sturdy cases. Most boxes will weigh far more than 50#, as the boxes are filled by volume and not by weight. The actual weight may be as much as 60+ pounds, depending upon the moisture level of the wood and other factors. This is honey mesquite from the Texas panhandle that has been seasoned thoroughly. It is used in the same ways as hickory wood, but has a stronger and quite unique flavor. Packed in neat, clean, easy to handle and store cartons, this is the ideal way to purchase wood. A case of mesquite wood compares to about 2% of a cord of stacked logs. A stack of logs will have more inconsistent sizing and moisture, and pests are likely. The same is true of a bag product which are not fumigated to eliminate infestations.

Mesquite Chunks-6/6# bags and Mesquite Chips 12/2# bags will perform in the same manner as Hickory, but produce a distinctly different flavor.