How To Program a Carel IR33 Controller on an Avantco Freezer

Watch this video to see how easy it is to set or change the temperature on the Carel IR33 controller used on our Avantco CFD series freezers!
Taylor 1250BK Salter 16 oz. Ultra Fine Compact Digital Scale

Watch this video and learn more about the scale's precision for small quantities. Discover the versatile functionality of this scale's cover and the portability of its compact size!
Taylor TS32 Mechanical Portion Scale

Learn more about this durable scale's functionalities, including tare functions, shatterproof lens, and easy-to-clean surfaces. Start accurately controlling portions sizes at your business with this Taylor TS32 32 oz. mechanical scale!
Taylor TP16FF 16 oz. Mechanical Scale with Fixed French Fry / Taco Platform

Ensure every taco or bag of French fries sold at your restaurant measures an equal weight with this Taylor TP16FF 16 oz. scale! Watch this video to learn more about the holder platform design specifically for your business's portion control needs.
Taylor THD50 Heavy Duty Portion and Receiving Scale

Explore the durability and functionality of the Taylor THD50 50 lb. mechanical portion scale by watching this video! Including features such as a stainless platform, internal stop mechanism, and shatterproof lens, this quality scale ensures long prod
Noble Flatware and Open/Bowl Racks

Easily clean and transport your flatware, large bowls, or cutlery with these Noble dishwashing racks! The Noble flatware rack and Noble open rack offer durable warewashing solutions for your commercial kitchen. To hear more, watch this short video.
Commercial Mixers

Considering the purchase of a commercial mixer for your business? Check out this short video to find out about different types of commercial mixers and what features work well for different applications.
Mercer Millennia Boning Knives

Make sure your chef has the right tool for the job with Mercer Millennia boning knives! Available in stiff, curved, wide, and semi-flexible styles, these knives are perfect for making the precise cuts necessary to remove unwanted bones from meat.
Medi-Data 10lb. Digital Scale

Control costs along with portion sizes by adding this versatile Medi-Data 10 lb. digital scale to your food prep area! Check out this video to learn more about the features and benefits of this scale.
Tor Rey L-PC 40LT Legal For Trade Scale

PC compatibility, a stainless steel platform, 200-hour rechargeable battery, and the ability to store over 100 prices make this Tor Rey L-PC 40LT a durable, versatile option for your business in need of a smart, easy-to-read legal for trade scale.
Tor Rey LSQ-40L Legal For Trade Scale

Looking for a quality legal for trade scale? Thanks to 72 direct access keys and SCALENET software, this Toy Rey LSQ-40L makes storing price look-up codes easy! Plus, it enables you to immediately print receipts and labels.
Choice 2.5 Gallon Salad Spinner

Easily dry off salad greens with this Choice 2.5 gallon salad spinner! Thanks to its insert and attached hose, this spinner removes excess water from your lettuce without dehydrating it. No more soggy salads, sandwich toppings, or sides!
Choice Insulated Thermal Coffee Server

This Choice 1.9 Liter stainless steel, vacuum-insulated coffee server keeps your beverages at the ideal temperature whether you're topping off a hot cup of coffee or pouring a glass of refreshing iced tea! It's very durable and comfortable to use.
Carnival King Printed Paper Pickle Bag

Finally, there's a fun way to merchandise your most popular chilled snacks at your concession stand with the Carnival King paper pickle bag! This bag is specially designed for pickles, including fun graphics on the front of the bag to increase sales.
Rubbermaid Pelouze 7810 Hanging Scale

Designed for durable and dependable use, this Rubbermaid 7810 hanging scale's industrial-grade steel hooks can hold up to 110 lbs. For pound and kilogram measurements, look no further than this quality scale!