How to Install a Regency Drainboard

Learn how to quickly and easily install your Regency Drainboard! This video shows the few simple steps required to quickly get your drainboard up and running!
Hookless Shower Curtains

Learn how convenient and easy Hookless shower curtains and shower lines make it for your housekeeping staff! This innovative design will save time and effort. Check it out today!
How to Install Casters to a Work Table

Check out our short video to see just how easy it is to install casters on your new work table! With just a few simple steps, your work tables will be mobile in no time.
Regency Wall Mount Shelves

Finding enough storage space in your commercial kitchen can be difficult, so adding NSF Listed Regency wall mount shelves may be just the solution! Check out this video to learn all about our Regency shelves and expand your storage capabilities!
Waring WFP14SC Food Processor

Check out this video to see all the benefits of the Waring WFP14SC food processor, as well as safe and proper usage!
Avantco French Fry Kit Assembly

Want to make French fries from fresh potatoes? Check out this video and learn how the Avantco French fry kits attach to your CFP5D food processor and make consistent cuts every time!
Avantco Dicing Kit Assembly

See how these Avantco dicing kits will allow you to consistently make salsas, home fries, diced veggies, and more! Check out this video and learn more now!
Regency Stainless Steel Work Table Assembly

Check out this video for step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your Regency stainless steel work table! Chef Matt will walk you through the process, and you’ll see how quick and easy it is!
TUC_TWT-27 Refrigerator

These under-counter and worktop refrigerators have a lot to offer for any foodservice establishment! Check out this video and learn about the great and convenient features that True’s TUC-27 and TWT-27 offer!
T-23 Refrigerator

Want to learn more about True’s T-23 refrigerators? Check out this video and see the various styles offered and learn about the great features that come with eco-friendly unit!
STR2R-2S Refrigerator

Watch this video to learn about the features of the STR2R-2S refrigerator! From convenient shelving and rain shields to LED lighting, this unit has a lot to offer.
True Horizontal Freezers and Dipping Cabinets

Check out this video to see how True’s horizontal freezers and dipping cabinets are the ultimate choice for frozen specialties, including ice cream! Learn about the different models available and see which is best for your establishment
True TFP Food Prep Tables

Learn about all the great features and benefits of True’s TFPs food prep tables! From high-quality metal construction to convenient drawers, doors, and cutting boards, find out why these tables are perfect for your establishment!
Vollrath Redco Manual Food Processors

Check out this video and learn about all the great products offered to you from Vollrath! From manual food processors instablooms and lettuce wedgers, there’s a product for any industry in the restaurant business.
Vollrath Mirage Drop-In Induction Warmers and Rethermalizers

To hear about the benefits of induction warmers and rethermalizers, check out this video! Learn how safe, effective, and power-conserving these Vollrath units are.