Stock Up on Child Care Supplies for Your Day Care to Ensure a Safe and Fun Environment

If you run a day care facility or elementary school, it’s extremely important to have the best selection of child care supplies to keep kids entertained, safe, and healthy! By providing a fun yet safe environment, guardians will feel confident leaving their children at your facility. From furniture and meal service supplies to cleaning products, restroom necessities, and first aid products, we have all the day care supplies you need to keep operations running smoothly. Read more

Whether you’re putting children down for a nap, getting them ready for snack time, or cleaning up after the day is over, we have the proper supplies and equipment for you. Browse our cribs, high chairs, lockers, service carts, and storage bins for the children, teachers, and janitorial staff members in your day care.

Our selection of child care supplies also includes products that will assist with meal time. You’ll find toasters, freezers, and blenders to prepare snacks, lunches, and other meals easily and efficiently. We even carry extremely durable melamine dinnerware, kids’ cups, compartmented trays, and disposable flatware for meal service.

Since child care facilities are generally packed with germs, our day care supplies also include cleaning products. It’s important to thoroughly clean up play areas and tables, and you also need to equip restrooms with paper towels, changing stations, and hand sanitizers. From various specialized chemicals, deodorizers, and disinfectant wipes to tissues, toilet paper, and seat covers, we have the items you need to keep the environment for your staff and attendants as clean as possible.

For the occasional fall, sickness, or accident, be sure to also have first aid supplies on hand and ready to use. You’ll find individual supplies as well as kits filled with gauze, ointments, bandages, tapes, and sterile pads to tend to cuts, bruises, and scrapes. Always be prepared, and be proactive by stocking up on the essential first aid necessities.


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Storage and Transport Supplies

Keep your day care functional and well organized with our selection of storage units and transport equipment. Ingredient bins and accessories help keep your kitchen orderly, and lockers provide a secure place for your staff to store their personal belongings during the work day. Tote boxes and laundry carts ensure everything has a place at the end of the day.


Growing children need special furniture to ensure their safety during everyday activities. Cribs provide a worry-free way for guardians to keep an eye on smaller children during nap time. High chairs and booster seats allow children to securely reach table tops to access their meals while they’re in your day care facility.

First Aid and Emergency Supplies

Patch up skinned knees, remove splinters, and treat injuries with our first aid supplies. We carry individual supplies as well as first aid kits of varying sizes. You can also prepare your facility for emergencies with fire extinguishers, emergency lights, and exit signs. Having the appropriate supplies to handle injuries, sicknesses, and emergencies is a surefire way to keep the children, parents, and employees in your day care safe.

Meal Service Supplies

Prepare and store snacks and meals for every child in your day care with our selection of meal service supplies. Equipment like freezers, microwaves, and toasters can help you prepare a snack for even the fussiest eater. We also carry durable melamine dinnerware, compartmented trays, and plastic kids’ cups that can be dropped time and again without breaking, making them perfect for young children.

Clean Up and Disposable Supplies

It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, allergy, or stomach bug season – germs and bacteria are being transferred all the time. Keep your little guests healthy with our clean up and disposable supplies. We have mattress encasements, trash can liners, and gloves to preempt messes and sickness spreading before it starts. Other supplies like vacuum cleaners, sanitizing chemicals, and sponges help you clean up so you’re ready for the following morning.

Restroom Supplies

Keep the restrooms in your day care facility well-stocked and spotless with our restroom supplies. Air fresheners and cleaning chemicals can help your restroom stay sanitized while paper towels, toilet paper, and dispensers keep your guests comfortable. We even carry baby changing tables and accessories to accommodate your youngest visitors.

Daycares are expected to take exceptional care of the children they watch over every day. That’s why we offer such a varied supply of child care supplies, so your establishment can stay fully stocked with everything needed to maintain a safe and clean facility. By keeping kids safe, happy, and healthy, their guardians will also be more likely to send them back to your facility! For more great supplies for your day care, check out our activity tables, paper wrap, and presentation boards.