Commercial Sinks Allow You to Perform a Variety of Cleaning Tasks in Your Establishment

No matter what type of business you operate, commercial sinks are essential for your establishment’s successful operation. Whether you need a unit for your warewashing, hand washing, or janitorial needs, we’re sure to have an option for you. Find the best model to place in your kitchen, restroom, hospital, warehouse, or janitorial closet. Read more

Our selection of stainless steel commercial sinks includes single- and multi-compartment options to handle your light- or heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Models with one well are ideal for placement in compact spaces, whereas our larger options with several wells allow you to clean and sanitize dishware. You can even find drop-in sinks with different numbers of compartments to install directly into your countertops.

We carry commercial sinks for tasks other than warewashing, as well. Set up wall-mount and hands-free sinks in your restroom, prep area, or doctor’s office, so employees or customers can sanitize their hands between tasks. We have mop and utility sinks, too, that make laborious tasks like emptying mop buckets and cleaning larger equipment more efficient.

Compartment Sinks

Our selection of compartment sinks includes models with multiple well configurations, ranging from one to four. Single-compartment styles are ideal for use in compact kitchens, whereas models with multiple wells allow you to rinse, wash, or sanitize dishes. You’ll also find mobile soaking sinks that are perfect for rinsing off silverware, small dishware, and kitchen utensils. 

Underbar Sinks

Underbar sinks are space-saving solutions for your small kitchen or bar area. These sinks have compact designs that allow them to be placed underneath countertops, bars, and other work surfaces. Use them to quickly rinse off dishes and pour ice out from cocktail glasses. Choose from single- or multi-compartment models to accommodate your specific warewashing needs. 

Hand Sinks

Hand sinks are essential in any kitchen, warehouse, hospital, lab, or doctor’s office. These sinks ensure sanitation because they allow employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom, between prep tasks, or after handling raw foods. Our selection includes traditional wall-mount styles as well as hands-free units. 

Drop In, Weld In, and Undermount Sinks

Drop-in sinks, weld-in sinks, and undermount sinks install directly into your countertops to create a warewashing or hand washing station. Since these sinks don’t protrude above your countertop surface, they maintain a consistent look in your kitchen. Our selection includes both single- or multi-compartment units to accommodate your specific needs. 

Mop and Utility Sinks

We carry mop and utility sinks to make your specialty cleaning tasks more efficient. Use a mop sink to drain water from buckets, and use a utility sink to handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks. You’ll also find wall-mount service sinks that conserve valuable floor space as well as sinks with cabinets that provide extra storage area for cleaning supplies.

Sink Parts and Accessories

Stock up on the sink parts and accessories you need to keep your unit operating efficiently. No matter what type of sink your establishment has, we’re sure to have the compatible components you’re looking for. Whether you need direct replacement parts or add-on accessories, we have you covered. You’ll find everything from legs and drains to cross braces and covers. 

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By outfitting your business with the proper stainless steel commercial sinks, your work area will be more sanitary. Choose from models of various sizes and configurations to find the best choice for your kitchen, warehouse, hotel, or janitorial closet. Don’t forget to stock up on replacement parts and accessories, as well, to keep your unit operating smoothly and efficiently. For other great items, check out our wet area floor mats, dish tables, and dishwasher aprons