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Regularly: $37.99

  • Bright, energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Colorful and attractive style
  • Long-lasting design
  • Four display modes
  • Easy-to-access controls
  • 36W of power
  • Economical, energy-saving capabilities
  • Perfect for restaurants, diners, cafes, and more
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90 reviews
Choice LED Open Sign

Choice LED Open Sign

Draw customers into your restaurant, diner, or other business with this attractive 21" x 13" oval LED open sign! This sign features the word "Open" in bright, red letters. A stylish blue border accents the text to further catch your customers’ attention. LED signs have many advantages over neon signs. Not only do they use half the electricity of a neon sign, but they're also lighter and safer. LED units also don't have high-voltage transformers built into them. And best of all, you can see LED signs up to 500 feet away even in daylight and when placed behind glass. They operate silently, so customers won't hear the buzzing noise that is emitted from standard neon signs. This sign features several display modes and is recommended for indoor use only! Static: All elements of the sign are stationary. Flashing Open: The whole word "open" flashes. The border is static. Flashing: The word "open" lights up one letter at a time. Tracer: The word "open" lights up one letter at a time and then the whole word flashes. The border lights crawl. The modes are controlled by a red button on the bottom, and since it uses LED lighting this sign also saves your business money on energy costs when compared to traditional high-voltage, breakable neon lights. A power adapter and hanging hardware kit with 2 silver chains are included. Please see the user’s guide for information on installation, operation and cleaning. If you have any questions, please click on our live chat button!

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This 21" x 13" Choice oval LED open sign will draw customers into your business with its four eye-catching display modes and attractive design. Compared to traditional neon signs, this display is lighter, safer, and uses 50% less electricity!

Customer questions about this product

What are the differences between LED and neon signs?
LED signs have many advantages over neon signs. Not only do they use half the electricity of a neon sign, but they're also lighter and safer. LED units also don't have high-voltage transformers built into them. And best of all, you can see LED signs up to 500 feet away even in daylight and when placed behind glass.
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Draw customers into your restaurant, diner, café, or other business with this attractive 21'' x 13'' oval LED open sign from Choice! This sign features the word ''OPEN'' in bright, red letters. A stylish blue border accents the text to further catch your customers' attention.

Guaranteed to add unique, electric style to your operation, this sign features the following display modes:

Static: All elements of the sign are lit up and static.

Flashing OPEN: The whole word ''OPEN'' flashes, while the border remains static.

Flashing: The word ''OPEN'' lights up one letter at a time.

Tracer: The word ''OPEN'' lights up one letter at a time and then the whole word flashes, while the border lights crawl.

The modes are all controlled by an easy-to-reach red button on the bottom. Thanks to 36W LED lighting, this sign also saves your business money on energy costs when compared to traditional high-voltage, breakable neon lights. This item includes power adapter with cord and NEMA 1-15P plug, as well as a hanging hardware kit with 2 silver chains. For more information and cleaning instructions, please consult the User Guide.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 21''
Depth: 1 3/4''
Height: 13 1/8''

Please Note: Recommended for indoor use only.



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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Choice LED Open Sign ( 4.8 stars from 90 reviews )

    This LED sign is durable and is easy to see at night but difficult to see if the sun is shining on it. The price is excellent and we will purchase again for windows that do not face west.

    from Freebirds World Burrito Posted on

    Excellent product, the sign is very bright and easily visible during the day. I received it very quickly with no issues at all. I will definitely be using restaurant for future purchases. Thank you and keep up the Good work!

    from Jungle Sno Posted on

    This was a great purchase for me. I have to admit, I thought it would look quite generic at first, but I love the many options in the neon lighting. It works wonders for my business and really lights up the storefront at night.

    Posted on

    Wow! These signs are awesome! They are very bright. I have one on each side of our business to attract our customers attention. And they are a great deal!

    from Spring Street Treats Posted on

    This Open sign is great. Especially for the price. I park across the street from my store and can easily see the sign from there. It is very light weight so you can hang very easily. The cord is approx. 6' long, so use of a lower electrical outlet (standard outlet placement on wall) become difficult without an extension cord. Which is a no-no for most, if not all, fire safety inspections. Not a deal breaker for us as we had outlet above the ceiling tiles from previous tenant.

    from Always Poppin Gourmet Popcorn Posted on

    Very Basic but reliable sign! We stopped using ours only after power surge burnt it out. We bought a second one from somewhere else...not nearly as nice and durable

    from JET's Coffee Bistro Posted on

    Received this sign yesterday and I must say for the price and quality of light it puts out, its a great deal. Keep in mind, if hanging in the air the cord isnt all that long, so you will need an extension cord or be very close to an outlet.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    This sign is bright, visible, meets every posting requirement (even for conservative retail spaces), and is so reasonably priced. If you shop elsewhere you'll pay 3 times as much for an inferior product.

    from The Cupcake Doctor Posted on

    Very good deal! Once again, for the price tag on this sign compared to other similar ones, I was a bit skeptical but once it was delivered and set-up we were pleasantly surprised. Bright lights that can be seen from far away and sleek, space saving design.

    Posted on

    This item holds up over time and has took a little weather even though I should NOT have left it outside. Very bright, which is a must. It is also less expensive to compatible products.

    from Juicy Burger Posted on

    I just love my LED Open Sign. I priced them at many different places and no price compares with yours. Same sign different price. It serves the same purpose.

    from Prather's Place Posted on

    Absolutley LOVE this sign! Came with pretty chains to hang sign with and easy-to-use clasps. It has a variety of light functions too that attract customers!

    from Superior Events LLC dba Shiznits Posted on

    We ordered these signs to place at each main entrance of the hotel. Within minutes, we had drive-up customers that noticed the signs and became new guests of the hotel! We like the flexibility of different settings for the signs (flashing, solid, chasing, etc.). They were easy to hang, too!

    from Clarion Inn Lafayette Airport Posted on

    The positive for this sign is that it is bright compact and comes at a very good price... the negative for this sign is that when you turn it off at night it goes into a preset mode of static. and if you want the mode that you previously had set you must reprogram it,whis it would stay in the mode you originally set

    from the bean bar Posted on

    Great product. Good size and a bargain. I looked at my local club and I could not find a sign this size for the same price.

    from Honey B Posted on

    We have two of these and they are fantastic during most of the day but when the sun faces them they are really hard to see. I think this is just part of having LED signs... No remote so need to be in a place you can turn them off or unplug them easily.

    from Deep Creek Coffee Co Posted on

    Nice bright sign, shows up clearly in my window and makes it obvious from even across the square that I'm open for business - couldn't have asked for a better sign or price.

    from Penny's Holton Posted on

    i got this sign from a another restaurant store couple years ago and this item works great and i relay think that every restaurant should have this item.

    from Zackey joe's Posted on

    I owned a business for 9 years and had this same style sign. It was much heavier, larger, and not LED. Needless to say it was much more expensive. I only wish this one was available back then. It is the perfect size. I purchased it to let my kids know that "The Kitchen is CLOSED" I would go to bed a midnight (not a dirty dish to be found) wake up in the morning to find a sink full of dishes from kids and their frozen pizzas, burritos, fried eggs, you name it. They now know that when the sign is turned off, aside from going into the kitchen for a quick drink. They are prohibited from making messes. I am now waking up to a clean kitchen and they are managing their time much better. Great sign, great quality and excellent price.

    Posted on

    A great product, exactly what we were expecting. Bright, LED and energy efficient. Again, cheaper than local competitor prices, so you can not go wrong here.

    from Dickey's Barbecue Pit Posted on

    This has been a great open sign. You can see it from the road and this led open sign at webstaurant is at a great price.

    from Golden Rule BBQ Posted on

    This sign is still working, however, it blew a lightbulb within the very first week. I think its fine if you don't use any of the features like the blinking or trailing and just use is as a lighted sign stagnate.

    from Yeah Baby's BBQ-n-Grill Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear about the light bulb. These signs are a great value, but please feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Representative if you have any concerns about your purchase.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    This light was needed on one side of our building To let customers know we were open.. After putting it up, everyone could easily see we were open in rain , snow or in the dark.. Great addition!

    from Coffee Cabin Posted on

    This is a great open sign. You can see it through our tinted front window. I love all the blinking options available. I highly recommend this sign.

    from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. Posted on

    This 'open' sign is a real deal. The LED 'Open' light is bright enough to glow in sunlight so our customers know we are open even when looking from a distance.

    from The Ratical Frye Posted on

    Here at The Station's Best, we Love the Choice LED Open Sign. It provides a lot of customer attraction. The multiple display settings are a really great feature as well.

    from The Station's Best Posted on

    It does the job! You can see this far down the street at night without it being annoyingly bright for the neighbors. It's held up great so far. No complaints. Plugs in with plenty of cord length. Nice that it has a few different light up options too.

    Posted on

    We bought this sign to replace an older one It is much brighter and smaller so it fits behind the blinds when needed. Energy effecient is another plus

    from Market Street Posted on

    This is a very beautiful Open Sign! Very bright! We love it so much! People can see this sign far away, it is a good price also!

    Posted on

    We've used this sign for 4 years now and it's holding up great. It hangs outside on our porch so it takes a beating from the wind, sun and even some rain. Is holding up very well!

    from Windmill Chill, LLC Posted on

    I searched and searched the internet for a lighted sign that wouldn't be considered tacky...and I found it! The sign is perfect in our window! It lets customers know we are open without 'screaming" at them. As usual the shipping time was amazing!

    from Everybodys Bulk Food Market Posted on

    we have a couple of these open signs. They are bright you can easily see them from the road. Plus these are LED so very efficient.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Very bright sign. Comes with several optios; always on, "moving" outer blue lights, or spelling O P E N. The moving blue really catches the eye. The price is considerably less than comparable signs. Includes the chains and a long cord.

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    Sign in Michael's Pizza window

    This LED Open Sign great. Not only does it light up but it flashes too. Its a great eye grabbing detail to our shop. It brings many customers in

    from Shawna B Posted on

    A great cost efficient open sign. Let your customers Know you are open without burning a hole in your pockets! I'm very glad I didn't get the open sign at my local members only club and pay 3 times what I paid for this one!

    Posted on

    Great sign. The price is unbeatable. Works just as well as the ones priced higher. Easy to customize the animation. Very bright even in daylight.

    Posted on

    Love this sign it was a nice addition to our store.

    This is a solid, economical sign. Very bright, and you can program up to three different modes. This sign is very easy to install and program.

    Posted on

    This is a very nice sign for the money. Many different ways to make it highly visible to the public. Very bright colors and high visibility.

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    Great sign! I purchased this on special and the price couldn't be beat! I just love how quickly I get my items shipped too. It has 3 settings too!

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    Who would have thought that you could buy an LED open sign that works this well. We have had it in place for several weeks and it makes a difference...

    from Emerald Coast Restaurants Inc Posted on

    This item is not the same brand I ordered in Dec. Very different. Not as bright or as many options.

    from Ray Posted on

    I really ordered this sign just for an extra to be hung in the back window of my restaurant. You can't really tell that we are here from the back street. Since I have put this sign up I've noticed many more customers coming in from the back door. It's amazing what a little something "extra" can do!! I priced these at a few places and this was by far the cheapest!! Thank you!!

    from Trolly Stop Hotdogs Posted on

    best open sign i have every bought either off line or on line. best bang for the buck! better than my open sign from home depot.

    from bonchon chicken Posted on

    Great sign. Really bright and clear. Great purchase and arrived within 2 days. ordered many products from webstaurant and so far everything is great

    Posted on

    A great lit up huge sign. Customers can see it from far away which helps out the marketing aspect of a restaurant! A classic sign

    Posted on

    Wow what a sign. When i got mine i was shocked at the size and how well it is made. Customers will see you are open.

    Posted on

    What a great sign. I ordered 2 of these when i opened my business and i could not believe the price. People dont have to drive up to see this sign

    Posted on

    This LED open sign is GREAT and the price is to. Customers will know you are open. You can see this sign for a good distance.

    from nitas place Posted on

    This sign will bring your cliental in. It pops in the window and lets customers know that its okay to come in. It's LED which lasts better in cold whether.

    Posted on

    I would give this sign 6 stars if possible. Cheapest open sign on the market and it works GREAT. This thing will light up an entire room, VERY bright. The different modes of flashing works great.

    from Minden Meat Posted on

    This LED open sign is great for any business to let your guests know you are open and ready for business. Gives a little flare to any window.

    Posted on

    Wow this is a beautiful sign with an unbelievable price. You wont beat the price or value of it. I'm so happy with mine. Thanks webstuarant.

    Posted on

    LED open sign is great for any business and you can not beat the price! It will sure let people know that you are open for business.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    Our building is far from the road and this sign really is bright lights up from the building to the road people can see it from far

    Posted on

    i love this sign. bright and you can adjust the speed of flash and choose the way it is too. it is not big sign, but very visible.

    Posted on

    Great Value; other stores have this listed for two or three times the price. I would recommend anyone with a business buy one of these great signs.

    from Cummings Family Posted on

    Good product at an economical price. The size and color are tasteful for window display. We operate the sign 4 days a week for about 9 hours each day. Had to replace after about 14 months. We are pleased with the product.

    from Reno Entertainment, Inc Posted on

    This sign is great. It is nice and bright with different lighting functions, but doesn't take up too much of our window space. Our customers always know when we are open!

    from Stacks Market Posted on

    This LED sign is very bright. It uses very little electricity, doesn't give off a lot of heat, And at this price you can't go wrong.

    Posted on

    Only on this site is where you will find an OPEN sign for this incredibly low price. It is a great size and perfect for a small business.

    Posted on

    The LED Open Sign Is the best neon sign for letting customers know when you are open.We have two on diffrent sids of our building. They are perfect.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    With this Bright LED Lighted Open Sign, you can let customers know your open.Easy to see at night.It realy does draw the attention of customers.It is a must for any business owner.

    from Harrison enterprizes Posted on

    This sign was all it was advertized to be it works like a charm and i really like it. I will be reordering for a gift for a friend

    Posted on

    I needed two of these and they are awsome.Very bright and included all the hardware needed to hang them.The optional static switch is a plus if your local code doesnt allow blinking lights.

    from Boots Convenience Store Posted on

    This a really nice bright sign that we've noticed hasn't faded over time. It has options for the lights which is nice feature. It is also very inexpensive comparative to what we've found.

    from ACES Cake Shop and Baker's Supply Posted on

    I thought that we got a good deal on the OPEN sign for our first location at Sams Club but I was....WRONG! I can't believe that virtually the very same sign costs so much less at webstaurantstore! It's easier to save money than it is to make money!

    from Home Run Burgers Posted on

    This is a very basic and generic sign but the price is one that cant be beat and is only found on Webstaurantstore.com! Nice size makes it easy to see from far away!!

    Posted on

    what a great value these open signs sell for much higher prices at local warehouses. works great and lets people know you are open with ease.

    from family restaurant Posted on

    Awesome Open Sign!! Our old neon finally bit the dust so we went with this one and we are so happy with it! So bright you can see it even during bright sunny days! Comes with attached hooks for hanging but if you want to hang it lower you'll have to add chain. thanks!

    from The Vintage Cafe Posted on

    Good looking sign for the price! Looked all around the web , but found only smaller signs that were more expensive. Glad I found this website!

    from CLS CasualWear, LLC Posted on

    Great blight sign. It was the cheapest I could find and great product. Why spend more when you can get this very reasonable yet nice product.

    Posted on

    Very Flashy! The "Veges" Options are nice. I didn't think I would use that option but having it on and flashing is kinda of fun and wakes people up in the morning!

    Posted on

    Incredible value! I found these at several other places and they were double the price than at WEBstaurant for the exact same item. Highly recommend!

    from sportin woodys sports bar Posted on

    it made alot more customers come in the store the flashing catches the customers eye so it gave me double the customers i get in a month

    from Good price Posted on

    This ia the absolute best sign you will ever buy for the money, Don't let the price scare you, this is as good if not better than ones that cost way more, if your looking for an open sign, this is it!!!.. look no further, Thanks Fun Food Concepts, find us on facebook

    from Fun Food concepts Posted on

    It's a great sign for a great price. Just the right size. Very visible from a good distance. Choice of light modes nice. Should have gotten it sooner!

    from hair station Posted on

    I was a bit apprehensive about ordering this sign. I was sure, at the price you were selling it at, that it was either cheaply made, a factory second or just not anything like the ones I've seen for sale at Sam's Club, Costco and several other places. Webstaurantstore blew them all away on price, even including shipping! When I opened the package I was relieved to see it was the EXACT same sign. Shipping was fast also. This is a great place to do business.

    from Otter's Lake Wisconsin Country Store Posted on

    This is an incredible sign for the money! We have looked at other signs that were more expensive and this is a much better sign. We are ready to order 2 more!

    from The Landings Posted on

    i have been looking for a sign like this for a month now this is the cheapest that i found one every where else was any where from 80.00-100.00 thanks to the webstaurant i found one that i like and can afford.

    from FABULOUS SHOES 4 ALL Posted on

    One of the best prices around for this sign. Description of product excellent. wonderful packing, received all 3 i ordered in excellent condition and looking forward to their use.

    Posted on

    Excelent item , one of the best products i consider webstaurant has , because of its cost-benefit that comes with. Buy it , you will be very satisfied.

    Posted on

    These LED lights have increased traffic to my espresso business! I am very happy with the quality and performance. The sign is sturdy and colors vibrant with both trace and flashing options.

    from Big Moose Coffee Co. Posted on

    Everyone is enjoying the new sign. Thank you so much for providing an eye catching sign. I will come to you for any future needs.

    from Effie Cafe Posted on

    Must say, perfect product. Good quality material and the led lights are very bright!Must say, perfect product. Good quality material and the led lights are very bright!

    Posted on

    it's a very great sign. very durable and light weight. best option to switch from old neon lights to new led sign. it's best sign purchase i ever made.

    from Sun Mart Posted on

    product got delivery fast, good shape, great product, light, very bright, got a few options more than the neon open sign. I would recommend to any one who need one with the low price.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    I was very surprised at the quality of this product. I looked around and this was the cheapest price I could find so I was wondering what it would be like. What a surprise, this works great and is highly visible. In fact I ordered two more I was so pleased with it.

    from Central Maine Textbooks Posted on

    This sign is super bright. I have never seen such a bright sign at such a LOW price. Perfect for high visibility. You won't be disappointed.

    Posted on

    Purchased this item on a Friday afternoon and was given an estimated delivery of 2 to 3 days received next day Fedex, very impressed by service, quality, and price of item. Much brighter than our old neon sign

    Posted on

    Very bright and easy to read even through tinted windows. Nice size too.

    Posted on

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