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  • 100% high grade absorbent cotton
  • Narrow-ribbed construction for strength and durability
  • Great for cleaning up spills, wiping off countertops, and more
  • Ideal for bars, kitchens, and more
  • Machine washable
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80 reviews

Customer questions about this product

What does the weight of the towel mean?
The towel weight is simply the weight of one dozen towels. The heavier they are, the more fibers are used, therefore they are more absorbent and durable. However, this also means that heavier towels take longer to dry.
Can I use bleach with these towels?
These towels are not recommended for use with bleach. To brighten fabric, try a non-chlorine bleach or an oxygen bleach alternative that won’t break down the cotton fibers. These options will help maintain the quality and appearance of the material.
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When talking towels, function comes first! These Choice 15" x 18 1/2" white ribbed terry bar towels are made from 100% high grade absorbent cotton and weigh 18 oz. The unique narrow-ribbed construction offers more strength, durability, and longevity than other bar towels. Therefore these towels are great for absorbing spills, cleaning up countertops, tidying a cooking workspace, and a variety of other kitchen uses. Add these durable Choice towels to your bar or kitchen for great, dependable use! Machine washable.

Sold 12 per pack.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 15"
Width: 18 1/2"


Machine Washable

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Choice 15" x 18 1/2" 18 oz. White 100% Cotton Ribbed Terry Bar Towel - 12 / Pack ( 4.3 stars from 80 reviews )

    We have really liked these bar towels, They are a bit thin, and left some lint before the first washing. They are great for general cleaning tasks.

    from Blue Market, Inc. Posted on

    Very cheap compared to other websites. We use a quite a few of these of regular basis to clean and sanitize surfaces in our store. Good material. Definitely getting more

    Posted on

    These bar towels are great for my restaurant kitchen. They are durable and work great for what we use them for. I would highly recommend them.

    from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. Posted on

    These towels are not very thick, and after one use of general cleaning are already developing thin areas. For the price I can't complain, but I will have to order something more heavy duty for day--to-day use of the coffee shop.

    from Cloud Nine Coffeehouse Posted on

    These terry bar towels are ok. For the price, I am satisfied. However, they do not last very long, and in my opinion do not wash as well as some of my other rags. I use these as a general purpose wash rag.

    Posted on

    Good enough for us to clean the bar table and small parts, plus the price is good as it has 12 pieces in it. haha

    from Trinitea & Co. Posted on

    I did not like these white cotton bar towel at all and I wanted too. the thing is they are very thin and when I received my towel they where already falling apart so I just could not give them a higher rating..

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you didn't like the towels you purchased. They are an excellent value for the cost. Try these Chef Revival Bar Towels instead for a more durable option.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    Cheap, but not very good quality. I give it 4* because it is what it is and the price is right, but these are the cheapest kind of towels.

    Posted on

    I love these things. Why? Because they are made with care, and more importantly they are white, which means they can be bleached and washed and used over and over again.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    These towels were thinner than expected and did shrink quite a bit when washed. However, we use them everyday and they are absorbent and have held up in our home.

    Posted on

    I use these towels at all my events. Perfect to use to wash equipment, dry spills, drying of hands etc. Quality is okay. Was not too thrilled with the quality but works fine.

    from Le Spicy Mango Posted on

    we go through more bar towels in a day than we would like to admit. the price point of these towels lets us stock up and save.

    from Miss Debs Posted on

    Not bad towels if you don't have a linen service. A bit thin and seem to shrink a bit after washing, but for the price you can buy more then cost of renting.

    from Short Bus Catering Posted on

    Great product! These towels pick up spills well. These towels stay bright white for a very long time. Haven't ripped or torn yet, which usually happens.

    from Mingo's Sports Bar Posted on

    Great towels, we use them for cleaning up spills and wiping down tables, a great buy so great we normally purchase several packs at a time.

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    Great product for the price the material is very durable and able to wash out stains very easily. Very cost effective way to buy supplies

    from student Posted on

    This bar towel is highly absorbant for all spills including water, oil, and alcohol. Stains come of very easily and can be bleached or sanitized.

    from china star restaurant Posted on

    The price for this item is great, the quality is OK. I was expecting these to "puff-up" after washing them for the first time and drying them in the dryer, they did a little. That being said we're using these as wash rags and they work great.

    Posted on

    The towels that we received must not be the same towels as described. They were not as others had described. They are thin and drastically see through (as in not a solid cleaning towel). Within the first use they were falling apart. These are not towels we'd ever purchase again.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact shortly. These towels are a great value, but should not be falling apart. Your account has been credited for the defective towels.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    Soaks up a decent amount of liquid for sills or general cleaning. Also works well for drying dishes. Thick enough to use to handle hot pots.

    from Chef Stef Posted on

    The bar towels are a good value for the money. They were very absorbent although the were a little too course for what I was using them for.

    Posted on

    These bar towels are probably as they are intended to be. I was unsure of the differences in the thread counts and what that meant for the quality. My mistake.

    from Yeah Baby's BBQ-n-Grill Posted on

    This are a great anything-use towel. Thin and plain but perfect for virtually any job. They are long-lasting and neat to store when not being handled.

    Posted on

    Like the other posters have said, these are very thin, they are good for general cleaning but not overly absorbent. They worked for what we needed them to do but ended up getting thicker ones for drying.

    from Blarneys Cafe Posted on

    These bar towels do the trick. No problems at all. Very pleased with this purchase and it was worth the low cost to get them.

    Posted on

    I love these towels and a great price for the quantity. I bought these as an on sale item and they are very handy to use and great for even kitchen towels. They have lasted through several washes and most of the stains have come out of the towels. I would recommend it.

    from Brujita's Cauldron & Eats Posted on

    These white bar towels are very absorbent and have many different uses around the entire restaurant. They are they perfect size to accomplish many task with just one product.

    from Wet Willie's @ Pier 51 LLC Posted on

    These ribbed terry bar towels do a good job as bar towels. However, please note that it is a very very loose weave so they are not "pretty". They can't be left where customers can see them. Due to the loose weave, I am not sure how durable they will be. But then again, at that low price, the quality isn't so bad.

    from TenNeedleDesign Posted on

    I got these Towels for my home kitchen as my old ones were wore out, They will work well for cleaning up my glasses and for shining up silver. They soak up water great.

    Posted on

    We bought these to help dry dishes after washing. Unfortunately we will not be purchasing these particular towels again. For us they leave behind too much lint and after only a few washes are already falling apart. Will be looking for something the doesn't have a lot of lint and will hold up better to more washes.

    from The Candy Nook LLC Posted on

    Thank you for your review! These bar towels are a great value. For a more heavy-duty alternative, try the Unger MF40A ultimate bar towel which can withstand up to 1500 commercial washing cycles!

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    For side towels, I found them to be a little too thin for me. Honestly, I like a thicker towel for hot handles. They came bundled well, but I would recommend side towel with a higher thread count and something that doesn't shred up when you was them.

    from Le Cordon Bleu Minneapolis/St Paul MN Posted on

    A tad thin, as other reviewers have said. Well absorbent and good for cleaning, but looks like it'd tear and wear thin if used for hardcore scrubbing, but there are heavier towels available on here for that so not enough to knock down a star.

    Posted on

    Great towels for a restaurant. Actually received these through a promotion from Webstaurant. Use them in our sanitizing buckets. Perfect for wiping off counters and tables.

    from Sergeant Major's Subs Posted on

    These towels work great for washing dishes, dusting, and other house cleaning. They are thin but have been very durable. Great price for the quantity offered!

    Posted on

    These were not exactly what I was looking for. They were very thin, and not great quality. However, the price is cheap enough to where I could use these and stop my towel service and come out ahead.

    from Your Pit BBQ Posted on

    I received a pack of these towels free on a promotion from the Webstaurant store. They appear to be very durable and absorbent. Will be back for more.

    from Custom FrameCrafters, Etc. Posted on

    These towels are just as advertised on the web site. Very durable and plenty big enough for what I wanted to use as rags for cleaning around the house. I would recommend these towels.

    Posted on

    Great towels for the price. Very absorbent and inexpensive so you don't have to worry about replacing them every so often when they wear out, as all bar mops do eventually.

    from Mudhouse, LLC Posted on

    What a great towel! We have used these over and over and after all the washing, they hold up very well. I recommend highly to everyone

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    These terry towel are the best! We used them to clean and wipe our hands after washing our hands. And to wipe clean surfaces. We wash the terry towel with clorox and reuse the terry towels.

    Posted on

    I purchased these towels for the kitchen as I do a lot of baking. They are great and hold up very well in the wash. Great value.

    from LJA ENTERPRISES INC Posted on

    Good quality at a great prices. Very sturdy and doesn't leave lint behind. There are a million uses for these in the restaurant, bar, or at home. You can never have too many.

    Posted on

    I do at last have enough towels to get through a day..I am trying to go green and these have helped they work great and wash up with out any issuse..

    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    After reading all the previous reviews, I could not believe these towels when I opened the box. They are terrible!! They are so thin you can see right through them. I can't imagine they would dry anything! We will be keeping them instead of paying the 20% restock fee (purchased 4 packs), but am not pleased at all!

    Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing this product! These towels are designed to be an economical choice for typical, everyday use. For a thicker and more durable towel, you may want to try our Heavy Weight Bar Mop Towels.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    Towels were great! Held up thru multiple washings, were absorbent and the price could not be beat. The pack size worked best for my needs.

    from Jazzy Ruperts Posted on

    your handy dandy towel to the rescue. It's inexpensive to buy and you can never have enough towel, especially to maintain cleanliness in your establishment.

    Posted on

    Very durable bar towel. We use them in the kitchen, for general cleanup, and sanitizing surfaces. The knit weave lets the soil out in the laundry, and they won't fray either. We get a lot of use out of them for a very low cost. Linen suppliers can't come close!

    from Morton Pub Posted on

    These are great at the bar or even for home use. They soak up messes quickly and are very durable. They are very easy to wash as well.

    Posted on

    These handy towels are great for the bar. They are very absorbant and make cleaning up a spilt drink quick and easy. I even like to use them for my kitchen as some kitchen towels just aren't absorbant, decorative but not practical. These on the other hand work great for cleaning up the inevitable spills from cooking.

    Posted on

    Good bar towels are essential, and these fit the bill very nicely. They're large, absorbent, relatively durable and, best of all, they're a great price!

    from Professor Cocktail Posted on

    These towels are great to have around - not just for cooking but for everyday cleaning needs as well. I use them all the time. Will buy more.

    Posted on

    There bar towels are definitely cheaper than anywhere else. It's dirt cheap paying for 12 towels. Not to mention that they are pretty tough and durable.

    Posted on

    These terry towels work well and help clean up mess wither it be at the bar or in the restaurant. I even use these as rags on paint jobs.

    Posted on

    The 15" 1/2x 18" Ribbed Terry Bar Towel 18 oz 12/Pack . These towels are perfect for more than whipping down the bar. We use them for whipping tables .The servers love them they bleach white every time.You will get many uses out of these towels. Thanks.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    Thesee are very good towels for the price! They are quite absorbent and stand up to washing beautifully...no fraying of the edges and no tears!

    from Ciro's Bistro Posted on

    These bar towels are great - perfect size - not super thick but perfect for my uses i.e. wiping down drink cans from cooler and also for my bun steamer pan. They wash up great, but by the end of the season some were a little worn out. Will definitely order again. Great price and lots of wear from these!

    from Steelwagon Franks Posted on

    I use these in my bakery and I love them. Alot of dishclothes don't absorb icings well but these clean up great. I will absolutely order more when I need them.

    from Cakes by Terra Posted on

    Can't complain for the price. Sure, they are a bit on the cheap side, but they are great for every day heavy duty use of wiping down tables or holding hot pots and pans.

    Posted on

    While not the thickest, most absorbent towels, the quality was not disappointing from what I expected. They are great in sanitizer buckets, or for use in keeping clean, dry hands in food service operations. Recommended product.

    Posted on

    The towels are well made and absorb large spills well. They are even soft enough to use for other business and household chores. You can't beat the price!!

    Posted on

    I have nothing but good things to say about these towels. They clean nicely and come out looking good after going through the wash. The price here beats department store prices by far!

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    getting a pack of 12 kitchen towels is a great bargain. Instead of spending more on kitchen towels that dont last, I would definitely spend only a few bucks on these kitchen towels that last a long time.

    Posted on

    These towels are great for the price. They wash well and easy to use for any cleanups. Will definitely order again in the future for the kitchen

    Posted on

    Great value - great bar towels. I purchased these a while ago, and I'm still using them. They wash fantastic. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Posted on

    I use these towels from drying dishes, to wipeing down the line. Cleaning windows, and holding hot pans. They work great, and clean up well. You cant beat the price.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    I bought these bar towels to dry dishes. The towels work well and are made of good quality terry cloth. I cleaned them after using them with a little bleach, look like new.

    from Flashback Unlimited Posted on

    We go through a lot of these types of towel in the shop. These are one of the better quality ones. Will definitely be buying more.

    Posted on

    These terry towels are great for cleaning - we use them as dishrags, table/counter wipes and steam wand wipes. They do get dirty fast, even after washing with bleach.

    Posted on

    I was so excited when I found these towels on your website, they are a great quality and a better price than I have found anywhere else

    from Golden Rule BBQ Posted on

    These are good towels at a great price. They are very useful for a variety of needs in my restaurant. The employees love having them available.

    Posted on

    These are great towels. They wash very well and are big enough to make sense in our industry but not be too big. Definitely recommend.

    from The Vintage Cafe Posted on

    This was the standard bar towel as I was anticipating. The quality was what I have come to expect from restaurant/ Bar towels. I'm glad they were all white and not the kind with the blue stripe.

    from Modern Mead Posted on

    These towels hold up extremely well, even with heavy grease and things like cleaning panini presses. At this price, it is cheaper than using paper towels even. Certainly recommend, and also good for just nice towels that don't cost a lot (hotels maybe!)

    from Shaharazade's Restaurant & Tea Room Posted on

    We use these as a general purpose cleanup towel. They soak up liquids well and hold up pretty well through the cleaning process. Not the heaviest towel around but they get the job done.

    Posted on

    Standard weight bar towels. These have stood up well to several wash cycles in my washing machine. Great way to cut back on paper towel cost and waste. Too fuzzy to use on finished foods, though - you'll still need paper towels for things like draining fried items.

    Posted on

    Great towels. Perfect for cleaning the store, counters, and wands used for steaming milk. They are easy to clean and bleach. I will reorder as needed.

    Posted on

    These are great, sturdy towels for any bar or restaurant environment. They clean up the spills, dry the glasses, and are high quality despite being really inexpensively priced.

    Posted on

    Before I retired I had been a chef, a bartender, a caterer, a private chef and a personal chef. This type of towel is the standard in food service. Paper towels just don't fill the bill anymore. If you are looking for an absorbent towel to use in the kitchen, home or restaurant, this is an excellent choice.

    Posted on

    These Bar Towels have worked great in the front of the house. They hold up well and are easily laundered. Thank you for the great product at a reasonable price.

    Posted on

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