Stock Employees’ Lunch Area with Office Breakroom Supplies

Set up a relaxing and accommodating lunch room or refreshment area in your office building by stocking up on all the basic and necessary breakroom supplies! By creating a workplace that’s welcoming and makes your valued employees feel like they’re at home, you can easily enhance your building’s overall working environment. Whether you’re brewing, holding, and serving fresh coffee and tea, or you’re trying to simply maintain a clean and sanitary area, we have a vast selection of office breakroom supplies to impress your visitors and staff. Read more

If you’re looking to provide hot and fresh coffee throughout the day to keep your staff members energized and awake, we have the proper breakroom supplies for you. From various styles of coffee brewers and airpots to caddy organizers and sugar packets, we have what you need to set out all the necessary food and drink condiments and mix-ins. You’ll find countertop trash cans, bins, and other items, as well, to maintain clean countertops. By setting up a fully equipped beverage station, employees can quickly make a drink and then efficiently clean up their mess.

We also have a variety of office breakroom supplies that are ideal for lunchtime. Stock your supply cabinet, kitchenette, or cafeteria with disposable plates, utensils, paper towels, and cups, so employees can easily heat up their lunches and eat. Or, purchase dry cereal, nuts, and other nutritional snacks to store in our reliable and visually appealing dispensers. We also offer hygiene supplies so people can wash their hands before or after a meal, as well as janitorial items that ensure eating areas remain sanitary.

Food Preparation Supplies

Outfit your breakroom with these food preparation supplies, so your staff can make their breakfast, lunch, or mid-day snack. From dispensers that hold cereal and other dry foods to microwaves and toasters that heat up pre-packed lunches, we’re sure to have what you need to keep your workers fed.

Personal Hygiene Supplies

By providing the proper personal hygiene supplies in your kitchen, breakroom, or other common area, you’ll encourage employees to wash their hands before and after their meals to prevent the spread of germs.

Janitorial Supplies

Our janitorial supplies include a variety of durable garbage bags for your trash cans and recycling bins to keep unsightly waste and odors concealed. We even have cardboard trash cans for use in conference centers or at outdoor office events.

Disposable Supplies

Stock up on these disposable supplies, so you can provide your employees with the proper dinnerware to eat their lunches without creating dirty dishes. We have everything from flatware and napkins to foam drinking cups and disposable plates!

When you remain stocked up on these basic breakroom supplies, you will help establish a friendly and happy workplace. Faculty and staff will feel appreciated by these simple, hospitable offerings, such as hot coffee and servingware. And, when you ensure that stations remain clean by setting out additional trash bags, cans, and organizers, you’ll limit complaints and encourage employees to clean up after themselves. With a wide range of office breakroom supplies from dozens of trusted vendors in the industry, you’re sure to find what you need for your cafeteria or lunch room. To keep all your supplies organized and safely stored, you may want to consider adding standard duty wire dunnage racks to your back room or closet. And, if you want to add entertainment for your employees, consider outfitting your breakroom with a pool table or ping pong table.