Interview with NYC Based Kimchi Taco Truck Owner Phillip Lee

This is the first half of the interview we conducted with Phillip Lee of the Kimchi Taco truck and the Kimchi Grill. Check it out to get some insight into what it's like to run a food truck in the Big Apple!

Q: Tell us a little bit about your food truck? What type of food do you serve?
A: I have a restaurant and a food truck. We do Korean tacos and Korean infused food.

Q: Have you noticed any trends in recent years; has competition increased or evolved with food trucks?
A:No, not in my area. What we do is very unique, so not specifically competition when it comes to our concept. There’s more food trucks and so forth. I have seen some copycat trucks of our concept. While there are more trucks in general, we don’t necessarily have to fight a large market because our concept is different.

Q: What pressures do you face on the business side of things?
A: Cost is always a big thing. Timing is another aspect that is absolutely important. You have to make sure you get things on time. When things are moving fast, those two things, time and money are the top concerns. Transporting and storing items when dealing with a food truck are special concerns that make cost and timing difficult.

Q: What items do you buy from the Why do you prefer to buy from us for your food equipment needs?
A: I guess the prices would be number one. I don’t find others that can beat [ prices]. I buy mostly non-food items, all sorts of products.

Q: Anything specific?
A: Yea, things like napkins and plastic utensils on the smaller end. All sorts of items like that. I’ve also bought storage containers, as that’s very important. I’ve actually ordered mostly all of my major equipment from you guys. All of my refrigeration has come from you, along with the cooking equipment I use, like fryers and other large equipment.

You can already see from this part of the interview how much work goes into running a food truck! Kimchi really is a great example of the awesome new breed of food trucks out there.

We'll post the second half of the interview with Phillip Lee of Kimchi in the next few days!

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