Behind the Scenes: Volunteering at Schreiber Pediatric's Volleyball Bash

Having had resolved to remain "active" in the community throughout 2012, employees kicked off yet another year of volunteerism by participating in the Schreiber Pediatric's 30th Annual Volleyball Bash at Millersville University! Volunteers worked at the registration and prize tables, managed refreshments areas, and assisted with any other tasks needed to ensure that the 12-hour event ran smoothly.

In addition to working behind the scenes, volunteers also formed two teams to compete against one another in the volleyball tournament. To encourage competition leading up to the Bash, good-natured banter spread throughout the company between the Office team and Warehouse team! But after three close games, the Warehouse team was officially named Champion!

Between the two teams, volunteers raised a total of $500 dollars to support the approximately 4,000 children that Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center assists annually. The 24 teams that participated in the tournament raised well over $14,500, beating Schreiber's goal of $14,300! This year's Volleyball Bash was a great way for volunteers to not only support a great cause, but also create a little friendly competition among co-workers.

A "behind the scenes" look at our volunteer day at the Schreiber Pediatric Volleyball Bash:

Serving Our Community

Serving Our Community

Ali serves up another ace to the Warehouse team.



Eric shows off his vertical jump by blocking a spike attempt from the Office.

Double Duty


Emily and Jo cut up shamrocks for a therapeutic game at the Schreiber Pediatric Center while managing the refreshment table.

Bump. Set. Spike.


Jimmy makes a pass to a fellow teammate during the third game.

WEBstaurantStore Teams


We had such a great time playing volleyball and volunteering our time for the great kids supported by Schreiber Pediatric!


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