Restaurant Supplies Can Be Dangerous and Humiliating

By Steven Ziegler

As the WEBstaurantStore gets busier, I have been called upon occasionally to help our customer service reps answer the many questions emailed to us daily. After 20yrs in the food service business, I thought I had heard every food service question possible. Boy was I wrong! Every day I have helped has been an education, but we do our best here to answer all of these questions. There is one type of question, however, for which I never have a good answer. This type of question goes like this: Can I use (insert name of restaurant supply/equipment) to do (insert name of something that supply or equipment is not meant to do)? I am going to illustrate, right now with a personal story, as to why we cannot really give you an answer to questions like this. Don't get me wrong, we love hearing about your novel uses for our products (those stories are a great way to get your $2 item review credit). But we cannot make those kinds of recommendations ourselves; for fear that some of you may be as dumb as me.

My Story - not for the squeamish

squeeze bottle

After a visit to my doctor, where I had my ears cleaned with that forceful metal plunger that the doctor uses, I felt unsatisfied with the power of my little blue bulb hat I had bought at the drug store. The same thing happens to guys all the time--but usually when they drive a car that is more powerful than their own. Well, one day in our warehouse, I was passing our ketchup squeeze bottles. Care to guess where my thinking went from there?

So my ketchup bottle worked great. It was much more powerful than that little blue bulb. Then one morning in the shower, something went wrong with my ear hygiene. When I squeezed my bottle (with great force, as always), the top of the bottle came off and shot into my ear. And stuck there. There I was: naked, wet, white with fear, blood dripping from the top of a squeeze bottle that was protruding from ear. I am sure I was quite a sight. After a minute, ear still ringing, I gingerly removed the top from my ear and saw the blood. I feared for my eardrum; and being a Saturday that meant a trip to the ER. Unfortunately, when you go in the ER with an injury, you have to explain why it happened. After enduring the humiliation of having all of the doctors and nurses laughing at me, and trying to cope with the special embarrassment of having my nurse be a female friend that I had not seen in ten years, I was told that the inside of my ear just had some bad scratches. You have no idea how sad and annoying it was to pay for those medical bills!

In closing, if you ever wondered why our hard working CSRs cannot give you a good answer when it comes to using items outside of their intended use, now you know!


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