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Giveaways and Contests at WebstaurantStore. $500 in Prizes!

Now typically, the first place you should look for information on giveaways, contests, specials, new items, coupons, and special deals is the WEBstaurantStore Facebook page. So, if you want to be kept informed, follow that link and Like our Facebook page. You might even find some exclusive content, like Jonathan Groff’s special message to our Facebook followers posted yesterday.

But sometimes there is too much going on to post on Facebook--I try to keep to one post per day. This is one of those times. There are three different ways for you to win money to spend at the WEBstaurantStore, and they all sort of came up at the same time. So here they are:

DeltaWhiskey’s $200 Giveaway: DW is a military wife, a kick-boxer, and a food blogger specializing in healthy recipes. From now until February 14th, she has a $200 giveaway going on for a lucky reader. Talk about easy to enter—all you have to do is check out her post and then make a comment as to which item you most would want to buy if you had that $200.

Great Service $100 Contest: : We get many comments every single day as to our great service. We get emails and people using our Live Chat, I get comments about our service on Twitter and Facebook, and we get them on business review sites, as well. It seems that folks are so un-used to getting great service on the Internet, that when they get real live folks from right here in Lancaster County, PA, they really appreciate it. We get so many of these comments, that we started contests among the Customer Solution staff as to who can have the best WOW moment every week. But then we got to thinking: How about we award the customers, too?

So, here is the deal: if you get great service from one of our Customer Solutions Specialists, or our Logistics Team, please let us know about it and mention that person's name on our Facebook wall. We will have a drawing on March 16th to see who wins the $100. Oh yeah, our staff member that gets the most votes will get a little something, too!

$200 Video Contest: : You will get more info tomorrow on our blog from Ethan and I did post this the other day on Facebook. But to recap: from now on, instead of just accepting written or product reviews on items, we are also accepting video reviews! Every accepted video review will get a $10 credit for our site. What’s more—to kick this off, we are having a contest. Whoever submits the best video by the end of April, is going to get a $200 credit to our site! Again, Ethan, who reviews the submitted videos, will post more on this tomorrow.

So there you have it! $500 in contests and giveaways—try them all. Best of luck!

Posted in: Restaurant Equipment | By Steven Ziegler
Lisa Agee Says:

I commented the other day about the service I rec'd from you. I don't order often, or even very much, so I was shocked when I got the email to say that one item on my pathetic order was not available but that you would get it for me asap and to let you know if there were any time constraints. That was fine, so the next day I got an email that you'd gotten in touch with your supplier and would get my order out asap. Finally the order shipped today, which was amazing. I wish I could give my own customers the service you give to me!! Certainly something to aspire to. I don't know the name of the person getting my order out, I'm sure you have a record. But again, I would like to thank you! Lisa Agee Goatboy Soaps New Milford, CT

steve ziegler Says:

Well Lisa, that was such a nice comment that I am going to make an exception here and enter you in our contest anyway. I will send your comment out to the whole team, as they have been super busy this week and it will brighten their day. If I can find out who was responsible, I will let that person know. I do hope you will give our Facebook page a Like, though. Thank you!

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