Behind the Scenes: The Making of Our How To Deep Fry a Turkey Video

Here at The WEBstaurant Store we take pride in creating videos that are easy to understand and relevant to your questions. Our goal is to bring you videos on quality products and the proper way to use them. With our unbeatable pricing and great selection, we knew a video about how to use a turkey fryer would be a helpful and timely addition!

A "behind the scenes" look at our turkey fryer how-to video:

  • Film Preparation


    After the script is written, reviewed, and our props are gathered, we are ready to begin filming. Nick and Jason set up our video shots.

    Step 1
  • Practice Makes Perfect!


    Once we have the scene set up, Steve runs through his lines a few times until he has them down perfectly! Here he's getting his 'turkey fryer game face' on.

    Step 2
  • Regal Cajun Spice and Marinade


    After we film our opening scene, we film the rest. Here Steve injects the turkey with Worchester sauce, OJ, Regal Cajun Spice & Skillet Seasoning, and a few other secret ingredients (which he won't divulge)!

    Step 3
  • Dog Days are Over


    One nice thing about filming "on location" is that we sometimes have a few additions to our camera crew. It's not every day that you get to hang out with dogs like Bennie at work!

    Step 4
  • Outdoor Range and Burners


    It's important for us to make sure that we deliver relevant and helpful information. Steve is going through the final steps before the turkey is ready to be dropped into the fryer.

    Step 5
  • Keep It Safe with Neoprene Gloves


    At the WEBstaurant Store, it is important for us to make sure that we deliver safe instructions in our videos to help you use our products correctly. Steve knows how important it is to wear protective gear when dealing with extremely hot oil.

    Step 6
  • Let's Get Cookin'!


    The turkey was finally ready to be dropped (slowly lowered) in to the fryer! The whole neighborhood could smell it.

    Step 7
  • Deep Fry Thermometers


    The turkey smelled sooooo good. It was late afternoon by the time the filming was finished. For some of us it was our first time trying a fried turkey; we were all very excited. Our mouths kept watering for lunch!

    Step 8>
  • This Thanksgiving we will be thankful for Turkey Fryers!


    The best part of the process: enjoying a delicious, moist fried turkey!

    Step 9

Don't forget to check out our great selection of turkey fryers, turkey fryer kits, turkey fryer accessories, and everything you need to make a delicious fried turkey whether it's for Thanksgiving or tailgating!

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