Tailgate with the Big Boys!

Football, NASCAR, baseball, hockey, basketball: Autumn is a great time for sports! But those in the know understand that the real competition takes place in the parking lots outside of the stadiums, tracks, and arenas before the event. With everything from Buffalo chicken wings to foie gras being served in parking lots nowadays; it is time to ask yourself: Do you have what it takes to tailgate with the Big Boys?

Well the WEBstaurantStore does have what it takes tailgate with the Big Boys, or the Big Girls for that matter. So if you find your tailgating coming up a bit short, here are a few of my favorite items for Power Tailgating:

Grill with authority, grill with power: Big Grillin’

Got BTU’s? Butane Ranges, Outdoor LP Ranges

Inject some flavor in your BBQ: BBQ Basting Tools, Marinade Injectors, Wood and Charcoal, BBQ Sauce, Way better than Montreal steak seasoning, Twang!

Eat and Drink Responsibly: Biodegradable Beer Cups, Biodegradable Plates, Natural Luncheon Napkins

Hey, um, you got something on your face: Moist Towelettes, GIANT-SIZED Moist Towelettes

Serve it in style, for less: Disposable wire chafer kit, a real chafer, for under $30!

Do you have a favorite WEBstaurantStore item for tailgating? Remember, we give a $2 credit for product reviews, and $4 for product photos! Happy tailgating!

Posted in: Catering Supplies | By Steven Ziegler
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