Kegerators, Beer Dispensers, and Beer Keg Refrigerators - Keeping Your Beer Kegs The Coolest In Town!

By Ryan Loose

It’s 6:34 PM. You’ve just spent 9 hours mowing and mulching your yard while the blazing Summer sun has made a desert out of your palette. What time is it? That’s right. It’s beer time. As a bar owner, you know a lot of your customers are having hot Spring and Summer days like this, so be sure you’re pouring them the coldest, frostiest, most refreshing draft beer they’ve ever had with high quality kegerators and beer dispensers. Thankfully, we’ve got the perfect beer keg refrigerators for any bar.

Avantco ZPJ-170 Black Kegerator (1) 1/2 Keg Capacity

Avantco ZPJ-170 Black Kegerator - This smaller, Avantco ZPJ-170 Black Kegerator can hold one half barrel keg, making it ideal for any location, from your basement bar to a trendy night club. But don’t let its small size fool you. The Avantco ZPJ-170 Black Kegerator's powerful compressor will keep your beer at the perfect serving temperatures.

Back Bar Refrigerators with Beer Taps - Our True back bar refrigerators with beer taps let you serve draft beer and canned or bottled beer from the same cooler. The beer tap side can hold one half barrel, and the bottle cooler side can hold up to (245) 12 oz. cans. You can get the bottle cooler side with either a solid or a glass door, for easy product identification and quick service on busy nights. True back bar refrigerators with beer taps feature a direct draw tap system with cold air intake to reduce foaming and maximize beer profits.

True TDD-3CT 70 inch Three Keg Club Top Beer Dispenser with Two Taps

Club Top Beer Keg Refrigerators - True club top beer dispensers can hold anywhere from 2 to 4 half barrels. They also come with direct draw beer tap systems and cold air intakes the reduce foaming. What makes club top beer keg refrigerators stand apart from traditional beer kegerators is their flip top refrigerated storage area that is perfect for storing 6 packs, or frosting beer mugs, beer glasses, or other bar glassware. For bars, pubs, and clubs that sell a high volume of draft beer and provide some take out service, club top beer dispensers are a perfect fit.

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