Unconventional Items To Spice Up Your Break Room

There are certain things like a place to sit and a place to eat that any quality break room is expected to have. If you already have these items in your break room, don't settle for contentment. WEBStaurantStore.com offers a few products that will take you beyond quality and straight to perfection! Without further adieu, here are three (perhaps somewhat unconventional) items that will set your break room apart from the rest.

The List

1. Magazine Rack

A doctor's or dentist's office aren't the only places that should provide quality reading material. Why not add a magazine rack to your break room and fill it with monthly subscriptions for your employees to enjoy?

Buy Suggestion Box

2. Suggestion Box

You may have a first-rate food service operation, but there is always room for improvement. While you and your assistants are constantly innovating the way your organization operates, ideas for improvement can also come from your employees who may be hesitant to vocalize their thoughts. A suggestion box for anonymous suggestions is a great thing for any work environment. Placing the box within your break room where employees spend their free time enhances the likelihood that they will make use of it.

Buy Popcorn Popper

3. Popcorn Popper

Every now and then you will go to the movies and find that you just plunked down your hard-earned cash on a total dud, but there's always that one thing that can salvage the experience: Popcorn! Everyone loves popcorn and it is a very inexpensive product to make, so why not add a small popcorn popper to your break room?

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