Show Me the Way to Go Home, I'm Tired and I Want to Go to Bed: Restaurant Supplies That Promote Efficient Management of Seafood

Even if you're like me and you don't have the "acquired taste" that it takes to fully appreciate an extensive variety of seafood, it is still very difficult not to be fascinated and enchanted by the majestic and frighteningly powerful bodies of water that make up our world's oceans. This is why, during National Week of the Ocean 2010 (April 4-April 10), it is important to give some additional thought and consideration to your favorite seafood sides and dishes. Please note that the celebration of this week does not condemn the use of the ocean as a food source, but rather encourages us all to learn about and care for it with a high degree of responsibility. For our purposes as your premiere restaurant supply source and for your purposes as a restaurateur, this ultimately all comes down to one word: Efficiency.

Efficiency starts with chunk light tuna, a multipurpose option for your restaurant that can be used in cool salads, hot casseroles, and sandwiches. Available in a capacity more than 10 times larger than your standard 6 oz. canned tuna, our tuna is also dolphin safe to give you the assurance that you won't be contributing to their harm in any way.

For finger foods such as oysters and shrimp, offers various seafood preparation appliances that maximize efficiency and minimize waste to a level not possible by human hand. The Nemco 55900 ProShucker opens 8-12 oysters per minute and, even more importantly, provides 100% net yield! The Nemco 55950 ShrimpPrep shrimp cutter and deveiner will devein 2500-3500 shrimp per hour to benefit heavy-volume jobs, while our manual shrimp deveiner is ideal for efficiently preparing smaller servings.

I'm always hesitant to take my better-half to a restaurant or buffet lines that serve crab legs without the proper equipment. For a grizzled shellfish connoisseur, getting the meat out of a crab leg with nothing more than a fork is a cinch. For a bona fide amateur, however, nothing says "darling, you look beautiful tonight" more than crab meat dangling off of her earlobe. Avoid this mess and the associated waste altogether with our Choice lobster cracker and other seafood preparation tools.

Yes, this is the National Week of the Ocean, but it pays to treat our Earth's water and all of the creatures within with the utmost respect on a year-round basis. Don't get the reference in this blog's title? Go watch Jaws and see what happens to Quint when he takes the ocean for granted.

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