St. Patrick's Day Supplies - Get Your Irish On Laddie!

By Ryan Loose

St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday. The music, the dancing, the food, the camaraderie... the beer.........the whiskey. My friends and I go to great lengths to make sure St. Patrick’s Day is the best day on the calendar every year. So, I thought I would share some of our secrets with you. Whether you’re having a St. Patrick’s Day bash at your restaurant, banquet hall, bar, or just a "quiet" party at home, here’s some supplies you’ll definitely need to make your St. Patrick’s Day as "memorable" as mine.

St. Patrick’s Day Bar Glassware

Beer Glasses - You can’t serve the perfect pint, on the world’s most perfect holiday, without the perfect glass. Bit lollytop are you lad? So, don’t disappoint your customers. Let the stout roar, the spirits soar, and the green beer pour with our stellar selection of beer glasses and pint glasses.

Shot / Whiskey Glasses - Whiskey. The Water of Life. Traditional Irish whiskey is like the life blood of any St. Patrick’s Day party. Just remember, as my mother always taught me, no whiskey ’til noon. But, when the clock finally strikes noon, make sure you’re ready to pour with plenty of whiskey shot glasses from our incredible inventory. Be sure to put the "bomb" in your Irish Car Bombs with our Libbey 5122 1 oz. shot glass and start the evening off with a BANG!

Reusable Plastic Barware

Plastic Barware - So, everyone’s getting into the 30th rendition of "Whiskey in the Jar" for the evening. Laughing, singing, dancing, and thhhheeeeeennnn... SMASH. Broken glass. It’s amazing how quickly that sound can silence a room and suck the life out of a party. Well, not anymore lads and lassies. We’ve got a huge selection of crystal clear plastic beer mugs, plastic goblets, and plastic shot glasses to keep your bar stocked for St. Patrick’s Day. No more broken glasses. Just spills. Probably a lot of spills. Found some mops for you too. Think you might need them.

Disposable Barware for St. Patrick’s Day

Disposable Plastic Barware
-Disposable plastic cups for beer
-Plastic margarita glasses
-Disposable plastic shot glasses


The Bomb Shot - What’s a great way to get your St. Patrick’s Day party jumping, jigging, reeling, and singing? BOMB SHOTS!!! Fineline Blaster bomb shot cups are a simple and clean (well, as clean as one could hope) way to serve perennially popular bomb shots like Jager bombs, melon bombs, or cherry bombs. They’re available in green so, you know, it’s still Irish. At least a little bit.

St. Patrick’s Day Buffet and Serving Supplies

Stainless Steel Economy Chafer - Add a classy touch to buffet-style service at your bar, banquet hall, or at home with our 8 qt. economy chafer. This stainless steel chafing dish comes with everything you need to serve traditional Irish dishes like corned beef and cabbage, Dublin coddle, or stout beef. You won’t find a better price anywhere on the web, I promise.

Avantco Countertop Soup Warmer - There’s nothing better on a brisk St. Patrick’s Day night than traditional Irish potato and leek soup, Irish stew with dumplings, and fisherman’s chowder. To keep your soups and stews piping hot for hours, try our Avantco 11 qt. soup warmer kettle. At a price that won’t break the bank, this soup kettle promises years of dependable service for more than just your St. Patrick’s Day feasts.

Green, Biodegradable Plates, Platters, Bowls & Trays - While you’re showing your green, why not start going green with Greenwave biodegradable plates, platters, and bowls. They’re thick, microwavable, and made from sustainable, totally renewable resources. Just throw them out when the party’s over and nature will take care of the rest.

Don’t forget to pick up St. Patrick’s Day placemats, and plenty of Irish green dinner napkinsand beverage napkins while you’re here. They’re the perfect way to add Irish flare to your restaurant’s or bar’s St. Patty’s Day make over.

Some of My Favorite Traditional St. Patrick’s Day Toasts

Warning: bonus material is not rated. Haha! These are great toasts to randomly throw out there throughout the night.

May your coffin be made of one hundred year old oak,
and may I plant the seed tomorrow. Slainte.

May the almighty turn the hearts of our enemies.
And if he can’t turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles
So we’ll know them by their limping. Slainte.

A St. Patrick’s Day Limerick

With supplies from The WEBstaurant Store
You’re St. Patrick’s Day won’t be a bore.
A chafer or two,
and a kettle for stew
Will keep customers begging for more.

And thanks to The WEBstaurant Store
You’ll never have a bad pour
Into pristine pint glasses
For the dry, thirsty masses
Who’ll be banging down your business’s door.

So cheers to St. Patrick’s Day.
We’re all Irish, or so they say.
And the snakes are all gone
So let’s sing a song
For tomorrow is not far away.

Have a very, very happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day everyone. If you have any other tips, favorite St. Patrick’s Day drink recipes, traditional Irish St. Patrick’s Day dinner recipes, or some clean toasts or limerick’s of your own, please comment!

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