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Dining Options for the End of the World

Today is December 20th: t-minus one day until the Mayan Apocalypse. Not that anybody actually believes that the world will end, but it does make for some interesting things to think about. And by "things," of course I mean food. If you knew the world was ending, and this would be the last dining experience you would have before you bit the dust, what would you eat? Suppose you could have anything that you wanted. Diet, Schmiet, right?

Would you go for home-cooked comfort food or a famous chef's tasting menu? Savories or sweets? And to wash it all down, is it beer, wine, whiskey, coffee, or soda? All of the above? None of the above?

My meal would feature my mom's chicken pot pie and end with a glass of fine vintage port. What foods and drinks would be part of your end-of-the-world dinner?

Posted in: Restaurant Dinnerware | By Steven Ziegler
Alex Smith Says:

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