Championship Game Party Tips When You Just Don't Care – Awesomest Football Party Recipe Ever

By Ryan Loose

So it’s time for the Big Game again and sadly, as seems to be the case every year, my team is not in the mix. I know a lot of you are in the same situation. Out of 32 teams, only 2 make it. Not great odds. And we have to admit, when it’s tough to get excited about the game, it’s even tougher to get excited about a Championship Game Party. So here’s a recipe for a great, all day World Championship Sunday treat that requires little effort to make and absolutely no fancy plates, napkins, cups, frilly table cloths, centerpieces, helmet shaped bowls, or free football phones to serve. Why dress up? You’re just going to be bored.

What To Do When Your Team’s Not In The Big Game

Look, I still love football. But, when your team’s not in the big game, and the team that beat them in the playoffs to get to the big game is in the big game, you just can’t stop thinking, “Man, if the freakin’ kicker would have hit that 32 yard field goal in the second quarter, we would be in this big game. This was the year. I mean, 32 yards! I could have made that in a bathrobe wearing flip flops for cryin’ out loud!!!!” Thoughts like this are going to keep running through your head while you watch the Championship game, especially if the team that beat your team is down by 21 going into the half. (We could have beat these guys! What are they doin’!). But hey man, it’s cool. There’s food. There’s cold beer. There’s always next year. So, here’s my favorite food stuff to make when I’m watching the Big Game with my dad, and neither of the teams we root for are playing, and we just don’t care.

Huge Vat of Nachos!!!!

What You Need:

1 huge microwave safe bowl
1 huge microwave
1 huge wooden spoon
2 – 3 lbs. of ground beef (Lean ground beef helps, but this stuff will probably kill you anyway, so whatever is cheapest)
1 can of refried beans
1 – 2 jars of salsa (Pick your poison here. Medium to Hot is my zone)
1 – 2 jars of Salsa Con Queso (Salsa with cheese)
1 bottle of taco sauce
2 tomatoes
1 bunch of green onion
Whatever size you consider a “huge tub” of sour cream
Couple bags of shredded cheese

What You Do:

Brown the ground beef in a skillet, frying pan, or whatever you can find, with the taco sauce. Cut up the tomato and green onion now and put it in some small ingredient bowls. When ready, dump the refried beans, salsa, salsa con queso, and the browned beef into the huge microwave safe bowl. Stir everything together with your huge wooden spoon. Then nuke it for a few minutes. Stir the heck out of it again with the huge wooden spoon. Nuke it for another few minutes. Stir the heck out of it again. You’re going to need to repeat this process a few times, until the “mixture” has reached your desired temperature, or your just to bored to keep going. When you’re ready just put the bowl on the bar. Set out the tomato and green onion for garnish, the shredded cheese, and the “vat” of sour cream. I usually get about 5 – 6 huge bags of nacho chips.

If my team was in the game, I would normally have a bunch of people over (to rub it in their faces) and get a big party sub and some platter stuff, colorful napkins, football shaped disposable plate, and try to make it nice. Hey, you’ve got guests! But, you can’t go wrong with the Huge of Nachos when you just don’t care about the game. It’s simple. It’s messy. And it goes great with cold light beer! Which, by the way, is a necessity.

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