Pump Up Your Profits with Dessert Shots

Pop quiz. How many tables at your restaurant order dessert with their meals? Not as many as a few years ago? With many customers either watching their tab, or watching their waistlines for the new year, your dessert sales are likely down or flat.

That's where the dessert shot comes in! All you need is a dessert shot glass, and some imagination! Bite size/mini desserts ranked #4 on the National Restaurant Association's anual Chef Survey "Top 20 Trends", so why not cash in? Think about it, you probably already have desserts on the menu, and they're most likely huge portions. That can be a big turnoff for someone who's already stuffed from your delicious entrees. If you don't currently offer dessert shots or samplers, some of your servers might be able to talk a few of their tables per shift into an $8 dessert with four spoons.

But if you start offering $1-$2 dessert shots, or a "pick 3" dessert sampler, it's a much easier sell! In reality, it's a win-win situation. Even though you may only be adding a few bucks to every tab, that'll quickly add up. Plus, by offering a sample of your signature desserts, the next time that customer comes in, they might order the full-size version! For the customer, you're offering a small, almost guiltless indulgence at the end of a meal, at a low price point!

You can start your quest for the perfect dessert shot with dessert shot glasses , dessert toppings, and more right here at WEBstaurantStore.com!

Have a great dessert shot recipe? We'd love to see and hear about it! Oh yeah, and props go out to Steve, Jason, and our photo department for the wonderful images!

Posted in: Tabletop | By Brian Montgomery
Ariella Kaplowitz Says:

Yum, maybe I'll do my cranberry-apple-fennel fruit compote in shots glasses the next time I make it! http://bit.ly/6nH1nk

Brian Montgomery Says:

Sounds delicious!

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