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Championship Football and Pizza Shop Supplies

As the Big Game fast approaches, I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight a few of the items that are most needed for the pizza shop owner this time of the year. According to USA Today, some pizza shop chains increase their sales on 50% on NFL Championship weekend. We certainly experience demand from both our independent and chain pizza customers around this time of the year. As a result, we always make sure we have plenty of stock of all of our pizza supplies to handle the demand. Here are a few of the most wanted pizza supply items this time of the year:

Pizza Boxes

At the WEBstaurantStore, we know that having the best pricing on the web on pizza boxes is important to both us and our customers. But price is not enough, since every shop has its preferences, having a great selection also counts. Here are the different types we stock:

  • Clay Coated Pizza Boxes: We stock four sizes from 10"x10" to 16"x16" in the clay coat style. This is a terrific choice if you are looking for an economical pizza box, or if you need to save storage space; as these boxes pack very flat.
  • Printed Corrugated Pizza Boxes: These are the most popular style of pizza box, as their sturdiness and the insulating properties of the corrugated construction make them the perfect pizza boxes for delivery. We have sizes going from 7"x7" to the enormous 18"x26" pizza box. That 18"x26" is a new item for us, and it is perfect not only for Sicilian Pizzas, but it can also be used for two medium pizzas!
  • Recycled Corrugated Kraft Pizza Box: It is good to be green nowadays. Not only is it good for the environment, but it is great for customer relations. We have this kraft, corrugated, printed and 100% recycled pizza box in 16"x16" only.
  • Unprinted White Pizza Boxes: Plain white pizza boxes are perfect for specialty or dessert pies. These corrugated boxes are both sturdy and insulating. They come in sizes ranging from 10"x10" to 18"x18".

Pizza Delivery Bags and Food Carrier Bags

  • Choice Pizza Delivery Bags: Our pizza delivery bags are sturdy, well insulated, very cleanable, and extremely affordable. Our Two Pie Vinyl Pizza Delivery Bags are currently only $10.99! And our more durable Two Pie Nylon Pizza Delivery Bags are currently only $12.99! The two pie bags will fit pizzas up to 16"x16". We also have 5 Pie Vinyl Pizza Delivery Bags at only $14.99 and 5 Pie Nylon Pizza Delivery Bags for only $16.99 right now. Don't be fooled by the low pricing, these bags were built to last!
  • Choice Food Carrier Bags: Whether you are delivering catering items in food pans, or delivery large take out party orders, these well insulated food carrier bags are the perfect for the task. The Vinyl bag comes in blue and is only 28.49, and the Nylon version comes in five colors and the prices range from $36.99 to $39.99.

Football Pizza Pans

Football Pizza Pans: What better way to kick off Superbowl weekend than by offering your customers a deep dish football pizza? We have a pan for that!

No matter what your pizza shop need, you'll be sure to find it in the Pizza Shop Supplies section of our website. We even offer LED pizza signs that are sure to draw in more guests to your shop. Here's to a prosperous Superbowl weekend!

By Steven Ziegler
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