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MFCR-899 THEW-G35X225


This white plastic, straight edge bowl scraper has multiple purposes for bakeries and kitchens everywhere. You can use this bowl scraper with stamped WebstaurantStore logo in green on the side to scrape clean batter, icing, or dough from the mixing bowl, so you get more of your product into the baking pan and less in your dish water. You can also use the scraper to evenly distribute icing over cakes, or even cut dough if you're in a pinch.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 5 1/2"
Width: 3 3/4"

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: 5 1/2" x 3 3/4" Straight Edge Bowl Scraper ( 4.8 stars from 123 reviews )

    This is such an inexpensive but useful item to have in a pastry kitchen. It's a bit on the soft/flexible side but I love it because I can use it to scoop up flour from one bowl to the mixing bowl.

    from Honeybee Patisserie Posted on

    Honestly this tool is pretty versatile. We use it all over our cafe. We use it for its intended purpose as a bowl scraper, we use the straight edge to clean out our cake pans and we use it as a bench scraper. It's pretty awesome.

    from The Cake's Truffle Posted on

    This affordable scraper has so many job. It's firm enough to cut pie dough and flexible enough to scrap out the last pieces of cake baker from your bowl. Not only does it increase your product but it also help with clean up.

    from The Travels Inc Posted on

    The Straight Edge Bowl Scraper works great for getting sticky dough out of the bowl. It even picks up diced onion off the cutting board. Also you can't beat the price for under a buck. The webstaurant store is a great place to shop.

    from PAULB Posted on

    Great little tool to have and such a bargain price! We have several of these around our kitchen. They work great for scraping out bowls when baking, or to scoop up chopped veggies. We use a couple in the dish area to scoop out the sinks. Wish I had a few more.

    from Bent Spoon Bistro Posted on

    this scraper is awesome and I'm definitely going to buy a few more. It's just thin enough, it's flexible, it's got a nice edge on one side to slip under things. Great for scraping dough out of a bowl, picking up and moving diced veg.

    Posted on

    We buy these 12 at a time or more. They are great for flat icing cakes, leveling cake batter, scraping out a pan or bowl or instead of a spoon to scoop frosting out of a bowl. We have at least 10 uses for these & the bowl scraper makes it much easier & faster to get the job done.

    from Branya's Bakery Posted on

    Great to have extra of these around and love the price. I use foe scraping out doughs. Very flexible so great scrapping out of bowls.

    Posted on

    This item is called a "bowl" scraper. it does more. I use it to cut my raw dough in pieces, and it is great to scrape down a counter top. Occasionally to remove cookies from a cookie sheet.

    Posted on

    This scraper is great, though you have to have a large bowl, or at least one thatdoesn not curve too much, otherwise it is hard to try to get it to the deep edges. It is solid yet flaxible enough and is quite sturdy!

    Posted on

    Does what it is meant to do, helps in scraping bowls and marking doughs. Easy to clean, durable enough that it does not bend under pressure/repetitive use

    Posted on

    This is great, I personally cut mine in three sections so I may use them to help me ice sides of cakes. What ever you do worth the price

    Posted on

    This product is a plastic tool for scraping dough out of bowls and off of flat working surfaces. This scraper is highly effective and is a must have for baking bread.

    from NewLeaf Posted on

    I like this bowl scraper. It is very economical, yet it is up to the job. It is pliable, and has a hook hole in the corner.

    Posted on

    Bowl scrappers in general are such a universal tool in the kitchen that I have many of them! They are truly the best thing besides a knife that a chef can have! These ones, however, can be rather slick to work with until they get washed a few times.

    Posted on

    I love this tool, they are perfect for scrape the bowl but I use them for make the side of my cake smooth , work perfect for my because even with the 4 inches tall I don't have to use the spatula.

    from Sweet Creations Posted on

    I purchased a whole bunch of these as we have used similar products in the past. I was VERY disappointed in the performance of the product. They are much softer than others I have used and the printing on them of the webstarantstore logo comes off in product causing us to have to throw away contaminated product. Will not be purchasing again.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry that the scraper did not work out for you. Please note that the lettering on this item is printed with food safe ink to remove any chance of contamination.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    I ordered 5 of theses. This scrapper is awesome. I use it frequently for lifting dough out of the bowl, Much faster than a spoon for getting large quantities out of a bowl.

    from FMS Posted on

    A must have in the kitchen, great for smoothing out cakes and also a great bowl scraper. When ordering get several you will need them if you bake a lot.

    from Janice's Cake Creations Posted on

    These Bowl Scrapers are such a time saver when working with soft yeast doughs. I use them to scrape my bowl, my hands, and my work surface. Flexible, Very affordable and good quality!

    Posted on

    I bought this on a whim and it's just one of those tools that are worth having a few laying around. When I make brioche, this is just right for kneading the super-sticky dough bu hand. Buy a few.

    Posted on

    I bought four of these and will buy more as needed. Perfect for cleaning as well as scraping a bowl instead of using a spatula. I use them to scrape my cutting board too.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    The bowl scraper is great for getting that last little bit that even a rubber spatula seems to miss. It is also nice to use on the counter to scrape up pie dough!

    Posted on

    This straight edge bowl scraper is the perfect tool to folding the mixture for french macarons. A regular spatula isnt large enough but this scraper lets you fold it with ease. A+!

    Posted on

    Love these, we use them for scooping up Veggies off the cutting board. Easy to clean, nice and light weight and a great price. Everyone in the Kitchen want one to take home!

    Posted on

    These scrapers are flexible and lightweight (compared to metal ones) but sturdy, especially for the price. It will last much longer than expected. They are handy for scooping up veggies from cutting boards,

    Posted on

    I don't think I have ever used these (I have 4) to scrape a bowl. However I LOVE them with my cutting boards. They are wonderful for scooping up diced whatever, and also scooping up flour and other things on the counter because they are flexible. I suppose I could use them to scrape a bowl, but I'm so busy doing other things with them that I'll just grab a spatula for my bowls. LOVE this product!

    Posted on

    I order these in bulk to use in my bread making classes. The students love having such a useful gadget to take home! The scraper is stiff enough to decide dough but flexible enough to scrape the bowl.

    from Topisaw General Store Posted on

    I was surprised by the flexibility of this product. It Hugs curves of bowls nicely. Mine arrived damaged, but for under a buck I'm not complaining!

    Posted on

    These work like you expect, and they do the job. My only complaint is that they get scratched up easily, and stain somewhat. For the price and convenience, I don't mind and it beats all the alternatives you have for home use.

    Posted on

    Great just like they should be. Nice soft and supple a classic bowl scrapper that's easy to use and maintain in your baking and kitchen environment

    from 3Paws Baking CO Posted on

    Perfect for scraping cookie dough out of the 12 quart mixer bowl in our church kitchen. Prior to buying these, volunteers were struggling with long handled spatula to empty the bowl. These are a life saver and you can't beat the price.

    Posted on

    I bought ten of these because my other ones all broke in half and I just thought that was how it would always be and they were inexpensive. But NO, not these. These are built to last in a commercial kitchen.

    from Company of OHS! Posted on

    The product is a good price and gets the job done. It's perfectly flexible they hug the bowl as it is scraping. I only wish it had 90 degree angles on the opposite site to make it able to be used as a bench scraper or even a cake smoother. Overall it is a very good product.

    from home Posted on

    This scraper is a fairly soft plastic and it bends (flexes, really) quite easily. I was looking for a scraper that was a little stiffer, so this wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it is hard to complain about this. The scraper itself is fine as long as you know it will flex. If that is what you want, this will be perfect. If you want a really stiff scraper, this isn't for you.

    from Synergen, Inc Posted on

    I love this scraper! Great for getting every last drop of batter out of round bowls and I also use this to smooth out cakes and butter creams. good buy.

    from Dancing Cats Cafe Posted on

    51/2" x 3 3/4" Straight Edge Bowl Scraper this a nice bowl scraper.I will buy this over and over. best for the money!!!!!! I like it.

    from desalvo's Posted on

    It is smooth, flexible and easy to handle. It is just what I needed to work the dough from the container. I would buy again if needed.

    Posted on

    Could never have enough of these. Great for scraping dough from the mixer, cleaning dishes, scooping sauce from the bucket...multitude of uses. Also buy these and will continue to do so as they wear down after 1-2 years heavy use.

    from DJK Establishments, LLC Posted on

    It's amazing how such an inexpensive tool and make your life so much easier. Anyone who bakes should have at least a few of these in their kitchens. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    We are happy with this straight edge bowl scraper. It is easy to clean. The handle is comfortable. It does its job just fine. We would recommend.

    from B.C. Bagels Posted on

    This is a great tool. I use it to scrape my counters down after making dough. It makes clean up so much faster. This is a great product.

    from CuppycakesCupcakesBakery Posted on

    This bowl scrapper is fantastic,I use this little charm from scrapping the side of my bowl while mixing, for geting every single batter out of my bowl,to using it for spreading frosting on my cake, I love it

    Posted on

    Shamelessly branded, but a very useful tool in any commercial kitchen. If you have a big mixer, this is a must-have. We even use it to clean counters at the end of the day, much quicker than a rag.

    from The Cupcake Doctor Posted on

    What a great puchase this was. It is sturdy enough to cut through the toughest dough, but flexible enough to bend to the curve of a bowl. I also use this to transport chopped vegetables from the cutting board to the stove.

    Posted on

    A little flimsy for my taste , i like the scrapers that are ridged , these seem to bent to easy and cant scoop heavy doughs or batters

    from jeanne's bakeshop Posted on

    What can I say? It's a bowl scraper. It is felxible enough to fit the contour of a bowl yet stiff enough to scoop out 2 pound balls of dough. I searched all around for one of these and the closest alternative was a smaller, stiffer, and much more expensive scraper. Some of the doughs I handle are at 65-80% hydration so they get sticky. I just add a drop or two of oil to both sides and the dough just doesn't stick to it. This is probably the least expensive kitchen gadget I have but it's worth it's weight in gold.

    Posted on

    This bowl scraper was extremely affordable. The main advantage was its plastic construction, as I use it to scrape potato puree through a tamis, and a metal bowl or bench scraper could damage the wire mesh. No complaints.

    Posted on

    This scraper is good, and at the price I consider it a relatively disposable item. This is not due to poor quality, as the quality is good for it's intended purpose. The edges can be deformed when they encounter harder objects. It is perfect for batters and cooled sauces. The scraper is very easy to clean and works excellent in curved mixing bowls.

    Posted on

    Not much can be said regarding a bowl scraper. They are inexpensive. But work exceptionally well on my Kitchen aid 6qt stand mixer bowl. I tend to bring these to family baking get togethers and always end up leaving them in the hosts home. They work so much better than a handled spatula for removing the last little bit from the bowl. Definitely a hidden gem on the website. I also use these while cutting/chopping to help transfer ingredients from cutting board to cooking vessel. You will not regret having 5 or 6 of these laying around your kitchen.

    Posted on

    For the price you can not beat these! We grab a dozen at a time to have for fondant decorating classes. We use these for everything- scraping bowls, fondant, and cleaning up chocolate curls on the table.

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    This scraper is works exactly as you think it would. Love the round and the straight edge. Allows it to work in basically any kind of mixing bowl you can think of.

    Posted on

    This bowl scraper is useful for getting bits of batter out of the bottom of the bowl. I always have one handy since my spatulas are not always clean.

    Posted on

    The bowl scraper does its job well and can be used to scrape the flour and bits of dough off the counter too when you're done.

    Posted on

    This is such an inexpensive device, but so useful to have in the kitchen for various tasks. We use it for anything from scraping dough to scraping grease off of pans.

    Posted on

    It's a bowl scraper. Medium weight, and forms well to the bowl being scrapped. You can never have too many around, because they don't take up any room, and when you need one, you need one. Not a whole lot more to add.

    from The Beach House Posted on

    These are seriously such a valuable tool....so much easier than trying to use a rubber spatula wtih a long handle to get the last out of a bowl.

    Posted on

    I love this handy small device, I use to help get all my frosting out of the bags so im not losing good product, easy to hold and cheap cheap cheap to purchase. this item popped up on your site when I was purchasing something else, otherwise I may have not even thought of buying it.

    Posted on

    These are indispensable in my kitchen. They make quick work of cleaning out a mixing bowl, and are good for portioning soft cookie or bread doughs.

    from Just Baked SLO Posted on

    This is much softer/more flexible than i thought it was going to be. It has helped a little to get the job done but not the greatest. At least it wasn't too much money so its not that big of a deal.

    Posted on

    We use these bowl scrapers to get every bit of our biscotti dough out of our mixing bowl when shaping the cookies. The scraper also makes for easy smoothing of whipped cream onto sheet cakes.

    Posted on

    Wow, for such a small item, this sure comes in handy. It scoops up chopped vegetables easily, it spreads butter or mayo on bread, it even spreads sugar goo into molds for making sugar lace for cakes and cookies.

    Posted on

    I ordered two of these edge bowl scrapers for home use. I gave one of them to my daughter. It works so well to scrape everything out of a mixing bowl!

    from Legends Salon Posted on

    This bowl scraper is great for getting cake batter off the side of the bowl and also getting that last little bit out! The price can't be beat either!

    Posted on

    There's nothing too remarkable about these scrapers, but they do work just like they should. They are a bit sturdier than the ones I used to use.

    Posted on

    Very simple tool but very useful. Had been searching for a scraper but they were always over priced. Saw this one and figured I'd try it. For the price I couldn't lose. It has been a good purchase. Paid very little but this little guy has put in so many hours of work.

    Posted on

    Nice flexible bowl scraper. Got every last bit of my cookie dough from the mixing bowl. Economically priced. Easy to use, easy to clean. A must for every kitchen.

    Posted on

    There is nothing really wrong with this bowl scraper but it seems a little lightweight and on the flimsy size. It is very flexible which is good for things like cake batter but not as good for bread dough.

    Posted on

    This is a great multiuse tool. It does a great job of getting everything out of your mixing bowls, but is also good for scraping off cutting boards - especially on our sandwich coolers.

    from Green Market Natural Foods Posted on

    Nice to have a few of these on hand. I use them all the time but you need to get a couple. That way you don't have to worry about mixing batters..lol

    from Anna Mea's Bakery Posted on

    A great price for an item every kitchen that makes bread or batter needs. It pretty much a item you kind of only miss when you don't have.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    Wonderful product! We uses these all day everyday! We never have wasted batter or frostings now. Perfect for every bakery or kitchen! Very affordable as well.

    from Fix it with Frosting Posted on

    PERFECT! I read other reviews that said this was easily bendable, tested it for myself and it is. Really like that it's not stiff and will get all the batter out of a bowl. Can also be used to scrape the side of a cake using the straight edge, however I wish the corners were not rounded but square to help give a sharper edge on the bottom.

    from Lety's Gluten Free Bakery Posted on

    Just your average bowl scraper. Also useful for moving items around on the cutting board, or using the straight edge for frosting cakes--However after a few washes it does leave some lines on my cakes.

    Posted on

    This straight edge bowl scraper is so simple but is much needed. It ensures that you get all the batter or product out of a mixing bowl or pan.

    Posted on

    This is a grate buy. it works good.it is a time saver.you dont miss anything. thay are very fleable, it gets around the inside of the bowl

    from nitas place Posted on

    This is great in any business. we use them all the time. they get the last bit out of every bowl or pot. Makes cleaning alot better to.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    Bowl scrapers are a staple in any bakery and restaurant. These, in particular, are great because they bend to fit the sides of the bowl to get every last ounce of batter.

    Posted on

    Our bakers love these because they are super flexible. Some can be stiff which is not good for ease of use. The Webstaurant ones are soft and much easier to use for scraping up chocolate curls for our cakes!

    from The Black Forest Posted on

    Good for scraping your mixture from the bowls. The main intended purpose we bought this was for smoothing out the butter cream on our cakes. Unfortunately the edges weren't smooth and there were strands of plastic that would prevent the frosting from being smooth. Cheap anyway. Not disappointed.

    from KAMI Cakes Posted on

    This is a handy scraper for cutting dough. Works very well for bread dough and scone dough yet also flexible enough to use for folding macaron batter as well. Plus you can't beat the price.

    Posted on

    This is a must have product in all kitchens.... if you do not have one of these you must invest in a FEW now they are great you will find so many different uses all over the kitchen for the this product.

    Posted on

    Excellent product helps get everything out of the bowl, cleaning the counter and so much more. The price is amazing. We just came back and got five more!

    Posted on

    This bowl scraper is simple, yet it gives you the ability to use every bit of dough or cake mix in the bowl. I can't live without this one.

    Posted on

    Phenomenal item for the price. I have a cookie business, I cannot live without these. They bend perfectly, was well, and are easy to see and, therefore, find. It's nice that you can hang them up or attach by the corner, too!

    from CookieTime Posted on

    Ohh my gosh I laughed at the idea of getting this as a gift thinking really a spatula does just fine...but no I love this! It gets everything. And is really easy to use. Not only that but its sturdy enough to support the material your working with but flexible enough to do a superb job.

    from Home use Posted on

    The Webstaurantstore straight edge bowl scrapers work not only for scraping bowls, but are great for transferring chopped onions, nuts, garlic from the cutting board to the pot. Easy to wash in the dishwasher and hold up.

    Posted on

    Get this! You Need it! I use this for all my food prepping needs. The best tool for scrapping down bowls, especially my kitchen aid mixing bowl when making batters and dough. I use it to scrape down my cutting board and it doubles as a scoop/spatula to put cut veggies right into the frying pan. Because it's flexible and non stick, the uses for it are endless. Just don't leave it on a hot pan or near fire, it will melt, trust me I know :)

    from Home Maker Posted on

    This is an invaluable tool in a kitchen. I'm a student at the Culinary Institute of America, and this has made my prep work so much easier, as well as cleaning my board. I highly recommend a scraper to anyone that cooks.

    Posted on

    These are huge! Bigger than I had pictured. Works well for my big bowls of product. Will be ordering more of these for sure and the price is great!

    from Candle Lynn Posted on

    Best invention ever! Everyone should have a few of these laying around! Great to use to scrap bowls, ingredients, and much more! We absolutely love it in our store!

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    These bowl scrapers are great for everything from scraping bowls, picking up ingredients you just prepped, and even for smoothing out cakes. Every body should have several of these laying around.

    Posted on

    These things are always handy to have whether making cakes or anything really. They are nice and sturdy and dishwasher safe. The writing does come off eventually, no biggie.

    Posted on

    a durable bowl scraper. it has a curved edge and a straight edge that can scrape the inside of the bowls or the table top

    Posted on

    This saves me slot of times from cleaning up nag scraping the dough. It's 0.59 cents, super cheap. It's a great product to use for baking

    Posted on

    This is a VERY useful tool, I use it all the time for lots of things,not just icing. It smooths the top of casseroles and also works sort of like a spatula.

    Posted on

    This bowl scraper is great for getting bread dough out of the mixing bowl. It is stiff enough that doughs such as baguette or pan de mie but flexible enough to scrape sticky doughs like ciabatta.

    Posted on

    Great to use to clean up tables or counters after rolling dough. Won't scratch and the table or counter. Is also great to scrape the sides for bowls to help get all dough out.

    Posted on

    Love these scrapers! I teach a baking class to young teens and sometimes their manual dexterity can be a bit lacking but these scrapers make it easy to get every last drop of batter and even make counter clean up easier!

    Posted on

    Not only does this cheap and flexible scraper come in handy in scraping bowls out,and does a great job too. But also can be used for spreading icing on cakes.

    Posted on

    This bowl scraper is great for scraping the messiest bowls clean but even better for scooping up food items after chopping or prepping them! Doesnt scratch cuttting boards like the metal ones sometimes do!!

    Posted on

    This was a awesome idea purshasing this bowl scraper made getting the last of cake mix and icing out of the bowls with a breeze.

    Posted on

    The price was very cheap compared to other websites. I use them to scrape icing out of the mixer bowl. It's especially good at scraping bread dough out of the mixer!

    Posted on

    My nephew, the pastry chef, told me about plastic bowl scrapers and how they are an indispensable baking/mixing tool. I never really knew the bowl scraper existed and was only aware of a regular rubber spatula. Trust me--there is a big difference between the bowl scraper and rubber spatula; the scraper won't leave a drop or a scrap in your bowl ! Besides the amazingly low price, I like the Webstaurant Store logo to remind me that my next kitchen/cooking tool is only a click away online! Thanks! Diane in PA

    Posted on

    I never imagined how useful this little item would be in the kitchen! It has just the right amount of curve and flexibility to scrape out just about any mixing bowl. Not only, that, but it is quite useful for portioning out and patting down even the stickiest of doughs, making for less cleanup and less waste. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that the green print will come off onto your wetter doughs, so watch out for that. However, with repeated washings, it is faded enough now that that is no longer an issue.

    Posted on

    Very simple kitchen item, but a great item to have when baking and scrapping the bowl clean, my daughter gets upset because there is nothing to lick from the bowl.

    Posted on

    I am a new bread baker and didn't think this scraper would be of much use. After making several loaves of bread I wouldn't be without it. It is flexible and sturdy. It gets all those dried up bits of flour and dough off the sides of the mixing bowl to incorporate into your kneading loaf. I haven't had any problem with the logo coming off. I love it so much, I bought these for my daughters too.

    Posted on

    I love the way this product scrapes dough from bowls. It is very functional and easy to clean. However it has one flaw, the ink is oil soluble, wich means if you oil your bowl the ink comes off on the dough. I removed the ink by rubbing it w/oil.

    from Mears Catering Posted on

    Great scraper, great price! I did Christmas gift baskets for my baker friends with some items from Webstaurant Store and tucked one of these in each so the recipient would know where to go to re-order or just do some of their own shopping for great service and great prices!

    Posted on

    It is just a straight edge bowl scraper but it is indispensable for baking whenever handling dough. Everyone sellsthese but most are three or four times the price.

    Posted on

    What can I say it's a plastic scraper, it does waht it's supposed to due and it's cheap. I plan to buy more of them.

    Posted on

    I bought these for use at my house, but loved them so much I bought more to use at my wife's job. They work great!

    Posted on

    Great bargain, works well scraping and dividing dough. I like it better than the metal ones. There is a logo for webstaurant on the item, but that seems to explain the bargain price.

    Posted on

    You can never have enough scrapers in your kitchen. These have the rounded edge for working in mixing bowls. They also have the straight edge which is helpful when working with flat surfaces.

    from Wedgie Cookie Company Posted on

    This is a great tool to have when baking. It is almost a necessity in my kitchen. They help ensure that I utilize all of my product and helps eliminates waste and profit loss.

    Posted on

    These are the best scrapers. And the price can't be beat. They are flexable enough to get around the inside of a bowl but stiff enough to use for smoothing the icing on a cake.

    Posted on

    Having a bowl scraper is great. This scraper does a great job. You don't waste any product in your mixing bowl and you can't beat the price.

    from 19 Steps Bake Shop Posted on

    This bowl scraper is not only use on the table, cutting board but also turn it around and scrape everything off the mixing. I use this when I need to scape off brownie and corn bread dough. I like it and would recommend to all friends and family.

    from lumineux Enterprises Posted on

    This is the best deal on a bowl scraper I could find. It works well and saves me time, food, and it's now easy to get to the bottom of the mixing bowl. It makes my job much easier.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    Durable, goes through the dishwasher with no harm at all, and is just bendable enough to circle the bottom of our KitchenAid mixer bowl. Definitely gets the bottom of the bowl, saves product!

    Posted on

    This is a very versatile product! It is made of a very flexible rubber like material, which makes it great for scraping down bowl sides and work surfaces.

    Posted on

    This is my favorite scraper! Better than any other scraper I've used. Tough enough to use for dividing bread dough. Great for scraping a mess off of the counter without scratching. Dishwasher safe. Use for moving chopped vegetables from the cutting board to the pan. NOT HEAT SAFE, but totally worth it anyways. Buy more than one, because once you use it, you'll be lost without one.

    Posted on

    In a sub shop, this scraper finds another use when I use it to scrape my cutting boards clean without scratching them. They are sturdy yet flexible, very light weight, and sport the Webstaurant logo.

    Posted on

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