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20 oz. Frothing Pitcher20 oz. Frothing Pitcher
20 oz. Frothing Pitcher

Item #: 407EP20


1 - 5 6+
$5.99 $5.50

33 oz. Frothing Pitcher33 oz. Frothing Pitcher
33 oz. Frothing Pitcher

Item #: 8082036


1 - 5 6+
$7.79 $7.54

50 oz. Frothing Pitcher50 oz. Frothing Pitcher
50 oz. Frothing Pitcher

Item #: 407EP50


1 - 5 6+
$9.99 $9.64

66 oz. Frothing Pitcher
66 oz. Frothing Pitcher

Item #: 407EP66


1 - 5 6+
$12.99 $12.46

12 oz. Frothing Pitcher12 oz. Frothing Pitcher
12 oz. Frothing Pitcher

Item #: 8082014


1 - 5 6+
$4.49 $4.20

Espresso Knock Box 6 inch DeepEspresso Knock Box 6 inch Deep


Espresso Knock Box 4 inch DeepEspresso Knock Box 4 inch Deep


Stock your coffee bar with essential supplies like frothing pitchers and knock boxes. A knock box helps you to clean out grounds from your espresso machine so you can avoid touching the filter against an unsanitary wastebasket. Dump out the grounds into your trash at the end of the day or recycle them. Serve up lattes and cappuccinos using a frothing pitcher to heat and foam milk. The pointed design on the end makes these pitchers ideal for creating intricate designs in customers' drinks. For additional coffee supplies, check out our ground and whole bean espresso, paper hot cups, and hot cup lids. If you're wondering where to buy frothing pitchers and knock boxes, we have a large selection available at the lowest prices.