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  • Stainless steel
  • 2 qt. capacity
  • 4 interchangeable cutting plates

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Rotary Food Mills

Rotary Food Mills

Have you ever wanted to puree fruits or vegetables, but you didn’t want to have to drag out the big food processor or have to clean it up later? Not to mention, a food processor is going to leave you with all the skins and all the seeds too. Well, there’s a highly portable and very inexpensive solution to these problems and one that not only purees your fruits and vegetables but also takes out all the skins and seeds. Hi, I’m Steve Ziegler, Product Expert at the WEBstaurantstore. A food mill is a tool of choice for folks who have to make purees often but you can also use it for making things like mashed potatoes, applesauce or even spaetzle. We have several different units available from our 2lb Choice Food Mill to our Heavy Duty 10lb Rotary Food Mill; this is great for high volume applications. Now all of these units work in a very similar fashion so today I’m going to teach you how to use these using our newest, our most popular and our least expensive model, the Choice 2lb Food Mill. Now, the perforated disks that come with this unit have a slight conical shape and you’re going to want them pointing upwards. We’re going to go ahead and drop this in the bowl right like so. You’ll see there’s a hole right there and your pusher has a little pin there and you’re going to want to insert that pin into the hole. And from there what you’ll do is, you see this part right here has holes in it, and I’m going to put one into the hooks and then you’ll feel the springs in this unit when you put the other one in the hook and there you have it, now we have the unit put together. Now whether you’re going to make marinara or barbecue sauce, you of course need to puree your tomatoes. First, I’m going to start and show you some whole peeled tomatoes from a can. We sell these on the WEBstaurantstore and we have great pricing so check them out in our consumables area. I’m going to place some of these into the mill. Now, these are already peeled but they still have their seeds in there, so we’re going to see if we can puree these tomatoes and also remove the seeds. So, I’m just going to go ahead and start milling these tomatoes. Now that we’re about done you can see we are left with the seeds and some of the harder pulp and down below we have a beautiful tomato puree that we can cook down to make our marinara or our barbecue sauce or whatever sauce it is that we’re making. Now from here, let’s go ahead and use some tomatoes that still have their skins on them and see how we do with those. Ok, now that we’ve done whole peeled tomatoes from can, let’s use some fresh tomatoes. Now these, I bought yesterday and I cooked this morning and they still have their skins on along with all their seeds so we’re going to process these and see how this works in order to make a sauce and also remove most of the skin. So I’m going to go ahead and just start milling again. Ok, now I’m just about finished here and you can see this is where a food mill really earns it keep. Besides taking out all the seeds, we got all of the skins off our fresh tomatoes without any extra work and what we’re left with down here is a beautiful tomato puree. Now let’s use our Choice 2lb Food Mill to make some mashed potatoes. Now, why would you want to make some mashed potatoes in a food mill? Well, that’s because if you make mashed potatoes using a mixer you’re going to end up with very gluey potatoes. It’s the same reason why people use ricers, you want nice fluffy mashed potatoes, so I’m going to fill up my hopper here and I’m going to go ahead and start milling these mashed potatoes. Ok, now that we’re just about done, we can take a look underneath and you can see what we have are beautiful, nice, fluffy mashed potatoes. These will definitely make your customers or your family very happy. So there you go, just a few uses for our food mills. In addition to what I’ve shown you, you can also use these for making purees for baby food. You can make clean fruit purees for gelato or ice cream. You can even make bread crumbs with these little machines. Possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you have any questions about our food mills or any comments, please feel free to use our live chat button up in the upper right hand corner of this page.

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Instead of dragging out the big food processor, puree fruits and vegetables with one of our rotary food mills! Watch this video and learn how to use a food mill to make nearly anything!

Capacity 2 qt.
Material Stainless Steel
Power Type Manual
Style Standard
Type Food Mills


Food mills are perfect for straining and pureeing foods while separating seeds, skins, and cores. This stainless steel #2 food mill is a great addition to your kitchen for processing fruits and vegetables. Simply place the cooked fruits or vegetables in this stainless steel food mill and turn the crank!

The #2 food mill's semicircular blade sweeps, compresses, and scrapes the food, while the food mill's bar applies constant pressure against the cutting plate, retaining seeds, skin, and fibers.

This stainless steel food mill comes with four cutting plates (3/8", 1/4", 1/8", and 1/10" in diameter) that allow for a variety of textures from fine to coarse. The #2 food mill has a top diameter of 8" and a comfortable hollow handle. It will fit on any pan or bowl with a diameter of 5" or larger.

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  • Overall User Rating:

    #2 Stainless Steel Food Mill

    4.5 stars from 31 reviews


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    food mill great potatoes mashed easy tomatoes size sauce clean

    Works great, easy to use, and easy to clean up. Works best for small batches, and can get overloaded easily if not careful. Great for mashed potatoes.

    from United Homes & Properties LLC Posted on

    This is a great little food mill. Best for home or small batch use because of its size. It works great and easy to clean.

    Posted on

    I bought this primarily for tomato sauce. Hand-crushing and seeding seven pounds of whole tomatoes isn't easy. The description said that tomato seeds would not pass through the smallest holes. They did. The tomatoes were not crushed, but rather juiced. I changed the plates three times - which requires clean, non tomatoey hands and a fair amount of dexterity- increasing in size each time until I got to the largest. While more actual pieces of tomato passed through, I was still left with an unacceptable amount of viable tomato stuck in the top.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Lynda. We are sorry to hear that this food mill did not work well with your tomato sauce. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Given the various disc diameters, i figured the smallest one would have been perfect for processing raspberries. However, the seeds just went through. It was a bit cumbersome assembling it as well.

    from E C Dean Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Eulona. We are sorry this mill was not perfect for straining berries. Check out our Food Mills buying guide to know what size disc will work best for what you need.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This is better quality than what you might find in a typical discount store and should hold up well to years of making jams and sauces and such. I bought it to use in canning, but I can see it would also make fast work of things you might want mashed, like homemade baby food.

    Posted on

    This is a great food mill for home use I used it to make mashed potatos for Thanksgiving they came out great very easy to use and cleans up easy great price as well I have thought about getting one for awhile but didnt know if I would use it that much. I have been making mashed potatos and other root vegie purees at least twice a week since great little food mill

    Posted on

    Very nice food mill. Smooth operating mechanism and the interchangeable plates mean I don't have to have more than one of these for various dishes. The extension makes it easy to place over a pot or bowl. Cleans quickly and completely. I highly recommend this product.

    Posted on

    Good over all product. If need on a large commercial bases would propably go with the next grade up. A good product for smaller sized restaurants.

    from LA Chefs Catering & Events Posted on

    This food mill barely accomplished the minimum when I used it to purée tomatoes. It was a royal pain to put on, and then it BARELY rotated and the blade kept on going at a very weird angle which totally disrupted the work. When I looked at the tomato juice I strained out, even when using the smallest holed plate it was FULL of seeds.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! This food mill is an excellent value and isn't a designed for high volume applications. Take a look at all of our Food Mills to find one that better suits your needs.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Major design flaw!!!!! The blade bottoms DO NOT contact the interchangeable plates there is a gap making anything you try to run through it not get pressed down enough to be properly pushed through the disc holes. I have 100 pounds of tomatoes ready for processing and I have a food mill that's useless!!! I wish I had never purchased this...I wasted time, money and tomatoes!!!! I am NOT a happy camper!!!!

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear you're not happy with this food mill. It is a great value and is a medium volume food mill. For a high volume food mill, try this Tellier N3004X 8 1/4" Food Mill.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Very high quality, restaurant-grade food mill. Perfect size for home use. I bought this specifically to make mashed potatoes but you can definitely process a ton of other veggies with this mill. It feels completely sturdy and is super easy to assemble and take apart. It also comes with a selection of grates, which are easily swapped out and gives you the option to choose how coarse or smooth you want the end product to be.

    Posted on

    Nice food mill, has multiple uses. I even use it to make homemade spatzel dumplings. Quite durable wish they made a disc with larger holes.

    Posted on

    I don't know why I waited so long to get this food mill! In the last several years, I've become very conservative with my selection of kitchen tools. Not because I didn't like their utility but because I was tired of my kitchen being filled up with "uni-taskers" that sat on the counter or took up space for that once or twice per year use. This food mill is the exception to that rule. While it might narrowly fall into that category, it's such a valuable tool that I won't do without it again. I'm happy I chose this particular food mill too. It's just the right size for my use and fits over my bowls and pans just right. I like the variety of cutting blades they include and find clean-up quite easy. So far I've only used it with tomatoes but the quality is quite apparent...this thing is very well-built and will be durable for the long haul. I can't wait for Spring and Summer to really test its versatility.

    Posted on

    A very nice food mill. Used it to make mashed potatoes. It does not overwork them like a masher, and they come out much more light and fluffy.

    Posted on

    The food mill is a great value. I love the size and use it to make mash potatoes and sauces. This is a perfect size for the home kitchen.

    Posted on

    We use this to make apple sauce, apple butter, tomato sauce, etc. Easy to use, easy to clean up. Save yourself the hassle - purchase one today!

    from Natural Contents Posted on

    This is a great food mill for the size. After receiving it I realized I probably should've bought the larger one. This is great for small batch items.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    This made canning tomatoes so much easier this year. I'm anxious to try it for applesauce and mashed potatoes. For the price it is a great value.

    Posted on

    Just perfect. I needed a proper food mill to process tomatoes for sauce, paste, etc. this works great and the price is right. Can't wait to try it out on other foods: potatoes, peppers, etc! Would definitely recommend.

    Posted on

    This food mill is a must have for every kitchen. Being able to adjust what size hole you are milling through is great. I can make chunky apple sauce with little work.

    Posted on

    Finally used the mill and wow, I hav eto say that for the price, I am quite impressed. I used it to make mango puree for sorbets and while mangos are quite slick and slip around, if you turn a bit faster they'll finally go through the mesh and make some super smooth puree. I made another batch tonight using a food processor and its texture isn't as nice as with the food mill.

    Posted on

    This food mill is fabulous. It makes breaking down any vegetables a breeze! I just got a new one and I love the size, it's perfect for any kitchen!

    Posted on

    We use this every night for our mashed potatoes. This makes our potatoes very fluffy. Our customers love them so we love this. Sturdy and easy to use.

    Posted on

    This two pound food mill is amazing. You can smooth out potatoes, sweet potatoes, and apples to make delicious mashed potatoes, sweets, and applesauce. It's good to have on hand in the kitchen (home or work).

    Posted on

    This food mill is really great to have, especially around this time of the year. It makes mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes super smooth for your Thanksgiving dinner!

    Posted on

    I love food mills. They are perfect for the best apple sauce or mashed potatoes. They are also good for pureeing soups if you don't have a food processor.

    Posted on

    Ive used this item before for making mashed potatoes. If you want to set yourself apart from the others, use this for your mash. I now use it also for making fresh applesauce. Great buy, Great price.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Fantastic food mill! Great price for a very useful tool! Great for mashed potatoes and even for some purees! Good quality material! Great buy for any cook!

    Posted on

    When you open the box, this thing starts screaming quality. Very heavy duty and no parts that can break, so it should last for years. Also, the method of changing the disks works very well, and with the disks removed, it is easy to clean. I am a home cook and I wouldn't recommend a food mill to everyone since it takes up a lot of space if you don't use it, but if you want a mill, this is a great one to get.

    Posted on

    Nice, quality product. I had been admiring my sister's food mill for years - every Thanksgiving she makes homemade apple sauce and riced potatoes. Now I finally own one of my own!

    Posted on

    If you have never made mashed potatoes with one of these than you need to start now! This makes delicious ones, also good for fruits, veggies, etc.

    from Anteater Design Group Posted on

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