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Economy Condiment Pump Kit

Item #: 712P7310

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Super Condiment Pump

Item #: 385A1322


1 oz. Economy Pump

Item #: 385A3540


From $0.62/Each

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$1.99 $1.23 $0.62


APW Wyott 8660500 Ball

Item #: HP8660500


Gaylord 10244 Cap

Item #: HP210244


Star 2A-Y9685 U-Pin

Item #: HP2AY9685


Star 2A-Z0314 4 In Foot

Item #: HP2AZ0314


Star 2A-Z4595 Drive Shaft

Item #: HP2AZ4595


Star 2A-Z5564 Pump Head

Item #: HP2AZ5564



Star 2K-Y3240 Bushing

Item #: HP2KY3240


Star 2L-Z4658 Tube Cover

Item #: HP2LZ4658


Star 2T-6447 Thermostat

Item #: HP2T6447


Star 2T-66-1121 Thermostat

Item #: HP2T661121



Star 2T-Y7590 Stem

Item #: HP2TY7590


Star 2T-Z10182 High Limit

Item #: HP2TZ10182


Star 2T-Z10733 Thermostat

Item #: HP2TZ10733


Star 2T-Z2236 Thermostat

Item #: HP2TZ2236


Star 2T-Z4293 Thermostat

Item #: HP2TZ4293


Star 2T-Z4823 Thermostat

Item #: HP2TZ4823


Star 2T-Z5958 Thermostat

Item #: HP2TZ5958


Star 2T-Z6504 Thermostat

Item #: HP2TZ6504



Star 2T-Z8580 Thermostat

Item #: HP2TZ8580


Star M2-Z11877 Controller

Item #: HPM2Z11877










Whether you’re operating a cafeteria, fast food venue, concession stand, or other establishment, a sauce pump is a vital piece to maintain efficient service in your venue. Condiment pumps allow guests to quickly self-serve themselves, which lets your employees focus on getting meals out faster. Set them out on countertops, and create an accessible condiment station. You might also like our various condiment holders, dispensers, and organizers to hold even more sauces, utensils, and dispenser napkins. Also, consider checking out our countertop trash cans and trash bins, so customers have a place to throw away wrappers and trash. If you're wondering where to buy condiment pumps and pump dispenser parts, we have a large selection of condiment pumps and pump dispenser parts for sale at the lowest prices.