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  • Great for condiment counters and self-serve areas
  • Easy-to-use squeeze design
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
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71 reviews
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Height 7 Inches
Diameter 2 1/2 Inches
Opening Diameter 34 Millimeters
Capacity 12 oz.
Color Clear
Material Plastic
Number of Tips 1
Style Standard
Type Squeeze Bottles

Customer questions about this product

How is the mouth of the bottle measured?
The measurement of the mouth is equivalent to the outside diameter of the lid.
Ask your own question!


Use clear condiment bottles to easily showcase and organize your restaurant's signature sauce and dressings. These 12 oz. plastic bottles are large enough to handle busy hours, but not so large that product is wasted at the bottom of the bottles. These squirt bottles have a see-through design so your customers and staff can easily identify the contents, as well as when the containers need to be refilled. Overall, these squeeze bottles are ideal for self-serve and high volume areas.

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 2 1/2"
Height: 7"
Opening Diameter: 34 mm
Capacity: 12 oz.


BPA Free Dishwasher Safe

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: 12 oz. Clear Squeeze Bottle - 6 / Pack ( 4.7 stars from 71 reviews )

    These squeeze bottles are great! The mouth of the bottles are big enough that the bottles are easy to clean and the size is perfect for so many things!

    from JW Cakes and More Posted on

    A solid brand of squirt bottle. Always need more of these guys and these ones never leak on me. I only wish I had ordered more.

    Posted on

    Great size containers to put homemade hot sauce in. I like to make homemade sauces but the larger bottles are not the best for hot sauce but these smaller ones work great. Also a great price. cannot be beat.

    from Andrea Posted on

    Nice product, with many all around uses. We use these for honey and simple syrup at our coffee counter. Easy to clean , but sometimes they stain with certain product ( mustard)

    Posted on

    Great for putting sauces inside, nice and clear but these do stain overtime. I'm not sure how long these will hold up but they are so cheap that it won't be an issue to replace.

    Posted on

    We use these for our warm sauces. My major complaint is that after using for a while, they tend to split at the seams and leak.

    from BDGrilling, Inc. Posted on

    these bottles are pretty standard squeeze bottles and they do what they are suppose to do. we have been using these everyday for the past 2 years and so far they have not quit on us yet

    Posted on

    We fill these bottles with olive oil to use in conjunction with our panini press. A small drizzle on the press and a small drizzle on the bread.

    from SiP Posted on

    Great for the price I use my squeeze bottles for makeing Strawberry lemonade and and putting chocolate on fried Twinkies and oreos they work great A+++++++

    from Kendra locke concessions Posted on

    This size is ideal if you are entertaining since it is the same size as store bought ketchup and mustard type squeeze bottles, user friendly. We use one for olive oil and keep a green colored frilly club toothpick in the opening to identify the contents and also keep it semi- lidded (in a decorative way). No drips, it is a quality nozzle.

    from T's Sandwiches Posted on

    I do not think you can have too many of these squeeze bottles. We use them for the different toppings we use for platescaping our desserts. The kitchen loves how functional they are. They are easy to clean. They come in a pack of 6 - which we use all of. Well worth the money.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    This chocolate bundt cake has benefited from the squeeze bottle of white chocolate. Yum

    I really like to decorate sugar cookies with these bottles. It makes handing the royal icing so much easier . They dont melt in the microwave when its time to ganache cakes with them either, GREAT PRODUCT

    Posted on

    We use these on our tables and have gone through A LOT of them. We generally have to cut the ends of the tips on the lids off -- the spout is so fine that even a tiny piece of onion in our sauce clogs up the whole thing. After heavy use with a red BBQ sauce, they do discolor and turn a dark yellowish color over time.

    from Nickel's Pit BBQ Posted on

    These are small for commercial use unless you plan to use them for sauces not used a lot. They are better for intermittent use. If they stain, they're cheap enough to replace easily and without too much concern.

    Posted on

    Very pleased with my order on the squeeze bottles for our home! Great price that no one can beat! I ordered 3 sets! Super fast shipping! Arrived in time for Christmas! Could not be more pleased with everything in our order!

    from Home Posted on

    Pretty good quality but a little small for heavy usage. More for a dessert sauce or something that requires lesser amounts per usage. Otherwise it will require a refill fairly often.

    Posted on

    Good squeeze bottle for liquid sauces. May not be the best for thicker sauces because the opening in the tip is small. If there are solid particles in the sauce there is a chance the tip gets clogged.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! For thicker sauces, you can use this 12 oz. Clear Squeeze Bottle. It features a wide mouth opening which will work better at dispensing anything with solid particles in it.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    These are awesome for BBQ or Hot Sauce or even for Mayo. You can even use them for Ketchup and Mustard but I prefer the colored bottles for that. These are well made and perfect size for handling by adults and kids. Not too large or too small.

    from Beanie's Dog House - Best Hot Dogs In NYC Posted on

    We use these for all of our bbq sauces and they have worked well. The lids are very small though and you have to make sure that nothing will obstruct them. otherwise perfect product!

    Posted on

    Love these bottles. I like them better than others because their short and easier for kids to hold. You can't find this size in stores so make sure you order enough here for replacements if needed. Easy to clean too.

    Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are as versatile as they come. Weather used in diners, residential kitchens, bakeries or restaurants they are a must in any kitchen. Easy to use and even easier to clean I highly recommend this squeeze bottle. Add condiments, sauces, glazes, chocolate and more!

    Posted on

    These are good for average use. The opening is a little small. Good for salad dressings, and liquid products. I wouldnt recomend for thicker sauces.

    from Daily Grinders Posted on

    These are great for holding items like mayo, bbq sauce, oils, etc these are easily refillable and clean up fairly easy with some hot water, a must have!

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    These squeeze bottles have endured many rounds of washing and squeezing and still are functioning like new. They are a great product and price is good, too!

    from Artcycle, Inc. Posted on

    I love these! A great value for the money. I use these for customers to help themselves to condiments for hot dogs and sausages. I run a mobile hot dog cart and these make my job so much easier, they clean easily too!

    from Shannon's Franks & Fries Posted on

    Very convenient and easy to refill. we use them on a daily basis for all types of sauces. we even fill them with salt and pepper to refill shakers easier.

    from The Wooden Spoon Family Restaurant Posted on

    Some of the fancier and bigger named coffee houses uses these to dispense Caramel sauce on Frappuccinos, ketchup dispensers, etc. We use it for our barista bar dispensing of sauces, and syrups.

    from Topplez Corporation Posted on

    I use this for my special sauce because its clear. I can now set these bottles on the tables so people can use as much as they prefer.

    Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are perfect for plating time and they are great for accurately saucing dishes. They are easy to wash and last as long as the tops don't get lost. Don't use them as storage containers they will stain.

    Posted on

    these 12 oz bottles are perfect for small scale production. I was originally worried about the size being too small, but they are easy to fill quickly and I would rather refill more often than have wasted product. They are easy to squeeze and most fluids run down the sides nicely.

    Posted on

    Would be way better if had attached cap. But great size for syrups but not sure how ranch or ketchup would work coming out. Good quality

    Posted on

    Note to home chefs--if you are considering buying this product, buy it. There are two things you can never have enough of in your kitchen--towels, and squeeze bottle. These do the job, are cheap enough to replace as needed, and make cooking/laying out any dishes involving liquids that much easier.

    Posted on

    Less mess, less waste, and no hassle... works very well for anything you need a squeezie bottle for! I use these for drizzel some chocolate on my cakes and pastries !!! Just perfect

    Posted on

    A llittle of chocolate on my tiramisu cake !!!

    I make my own dressing and this container is handy for shaking it up and for putting it on whatever I am eating. I amke the dressing and store it in these in the refrigerator.

    Posted on

    Great set of dispensers. I use them daily. They hold liquids very well without leaking or spilling. That can be the case with some of these types of containers. Great price for 6

    Posted on

    I buy all types of squeeze bottles on a regular basis from Webstaurant to use in my ice cream business. Good quality and competitive price!

    from TKNY Capital, LLC Posted on

    Perfect size clear squeeze bottle for sauces or behind the bar. They clean easily and will last a good long time. We use our's daily.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    In addition to oils and sauces, always keep one filled with water in case I need to create a bit of steam. My favorite feature is that they are slightly shorter and have a larger diameter than our old bottles. This small difference makes them significantly more stable.

    from Mimi Posted on

    it's a good size for any sauce, the bottle is not tall and skinny, and I don't need to cut the top for the sauce come out easy, anyway it's the perfect bottle that I found

    Posted on

    These have been used for all sorts of things in our restaurant since purchasing them and they have held up very well. Many runs through the dishwasher with no issues. I would buy these again.

    Posted on

    I use these bottles daily for quick access to extracts & vinegar and they work great - I would purchase more and recommend them to anyone!

    from Cupcakes Like It Sweet Posted on

    we use two dozen of these sconstantly in our 6:30as to 8:00 resturant. They hold up very well and are easy to clean and sanatize.

    from SMOKEY J'S Posted on

    Great price. Everyone tries to take them. The tops do not pop off like the cheap ones. No lids but they are still better that those cheaper looking ones. They are very easy to clean too.

    from amazing hands catering Posted on

    These work great for our deli area. My workers often throw them in the sink and then throw pans on top of, which I discourage, and they break. However for getting months and months of use out of such a low priced bottle. who can complain?!?! Great buy and will be buying these as long as my business is open!!

    from BG's Posted on

    These are handy squeeze bottles for ketchup and mustard and much more. The quality is okay. I would still recommend these because it seems like a decent value

    Posted on

    I love the 12 oz size. I keep oil in mine next to the stove for easy access to oil when frying something. I also use them when decorating baked goods.

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    Great product! Makes drizzling caramel on my cupcakes so much easier and with much less mess! Good price value for 6 bottles in an order.

    from Stay Calm Cupcake Posted on

    These bottles are great because they are economical and can be used for a multitude of condiments and ingredients. We use ours to store vanilla in for easy measurement while baking.

    from Queen City Cupcakes Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are very handy around the kitchen for all kinds of sauces. Mayo, Dressing, Pestos all much easier squeesed then spooned on. The top is very small and usually needs to be cut to make larger.

    Posted on

    We use The 12 oz Clear Bottle's for refelling our salt and pepper shakers, But They can be used for so many different things like ketchup,mustard mayo ect.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    It's convenient to have. Great for many types of condiments. the bottle is clear making it easy to know what condiments are inside. Works awesome

    Posted on

    Awesome little bottles to have around, we sue them for just about everything, the clear bottle makes it easy to see contents, these are the perfect size for dressing, toppings, condiments and more.

    Posted on

    These are good multi-use little bottles. They are cheap, but get the job done. We use them for dressings, sauces, and even out front with for the espresso drinks.

    Posted on

    Great product to have around the pastry kitchen. This fits a great amount of sauce to easally plate desserts or use to portion out oils.

    Posted on

    These are perfect to use for oil and/or water bottles for my flat top grill. Easy to clean and the cost was less than my local supply store.

    Posted on

    Just the right size. Work well for vinegar, ketchup and other condiments. The caps do not pop off when the bottle is squeezed. Kids can squeezed them

    from A MOTHER'S TOUCH Posted on

    These are nice! I use these for everything that I want control over from ketchup to balsamic to raspberry syrup! Great for presentation and just keeping condiments fresh and handy!

    Posted on

    Awesome item to have in your kitchen. Used them for extra BBQ sauce and extra coleslaw sauce at a party. The would be really nice for candy making too.

    Posted on

    I love these for piping sauces and finishing plates. The tip does not let liquid pour out, like some other bottles, but a gentle squeeze gives good control.

    Posted on

    Great for use with placing sauces on your food.We were having trouble being consistent with all of our plate decorations looking the same. Using these bottles makes it a snap.

    from Innovative Catering Posted on

    This six pack of squeeze bottles is a good value, and they are well made. I gave them 4 stars because I wish they came with little caps.

    Posted on

    These clear squeeze bottles are super handy. We use them for other sauces in the kitchen, like soy sauce or vinegars, and you can squeeze them right into the pans.

    Posted on

    These bottles are very handy, and a great value for the price. I have had a couple that leaked around the threads, but only slightly.

    from FibroFibers Posted on

    it is one of the best squeeze bottle for great value. It is very durable and not leaking on top. I definitely buy more and highly recommend.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    12 oz. Clear Squeeze Bottle 6 / Pack good bottles

    I use these for thickened dyes and they are great. Most squeeze bottles sold for dyeing seem to leak out of the cap when the bottle is inverted and squeezed. These don't.

    Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are perfect, even for the most upscale of restaurants - you can put nearly any sauce into them and make nice designs on plates or just use for dressings to fill up cups or put on salads quickly. Extremely great price, as usual.

    from Shaharazade's Restaurant & Tea Room Posted on

    this product is great for condimints, hair coloring, making candy and much more. You can reuse or simply wash them out and reuse. I buy this alot.

    from RJCM Posted on

    Great little tool to have handy when making a professional-looking dessert plate. I use for raspberry sauce drizzled neatly in designs over the simplist of desserts and they look outstanding, Simple product with so many uses. Great customer service! --Patricia from Fron Royal, VA

    Posted on

    These bottles are a great value for the money. I would have given them a 5 star rating if they would have included caps for the tips.

    Posted on

    These bottles are used in our kitchen for sauces and decorating cookies and other bakery goods. They make the task much easier and storage of sauces and icing is easy.

    Posted on

    perfect for my chocolate, caramel and white chocolate syrups. These bottles allow my baristas to create beautiful drinks consistently without using more syrup than needed.

    Posted on

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