Check at least 2 products

Compare Products: Check up to four products with to see a side-by-side comparison offers a variety of insect traps that can be either wall-mounted or rest upon a countertop--many including the added benefit of a sleek, unassuming design that makes them look like decorative lights.

If you're seeking a more active form of pest control, our aerosol sprays come with a variety of benefits! Select sprays feature a water-based formula which makes them safe to use on plants and any surfaces unaffected by water. If wasps, hornets or other dangerous insects create a home around your restaurant, sprays designed to attack these specific irritants will surely do the trick.

Preventative maintenance is key in controlling flying insects, and we offer products that help you combat these problems before they arrive. Our screen strip doors allow you to let a cool breeze flow through your door without risking insect infiltration, while powerful air curtains make it difficult for insects to fly through your doorway!

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