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Choice Chafer FAQs

Our Choice Brand Chafers are among the most popular items in the Webstaurant store. And we field many questions about them, so we wanted to post some of the most common questions, along with their answers:

Is this a complete set? Absolutely! This set comes with everything you need to get started: a frame, cover, fuel holders, water pan, and a full sized food pan. The only things you need are food, water, and fuel.

These chafers are so inexpensive, are they any good? Yes, they are! These chafers are every bit as good as chafers you see for two or three times as much from other dealers. Why? Because the Webstaurantstore not only has huge buying power, but our warehouse space is immense. Our purchasing department is second to none, and they leverage both our buying power and our space to buy these products directly from the factories in huge quantities. This allows us to offer the best price, and the best quality!

Choice Chafer

Can I use different sized pans in this chafer? For any of our chafers that come with a full sized, stainless steel, 2.5” deep pan, you can also purchase 2 ½ sized or 3 1/3 sized stainless steel to go with this unit. However, you should always use 2.5” deep pans, as this will allow you the proper amount of space for the water and steam. You can find a link to other stainless steel food pans in the Related Items area below.

What fuel should I use? You should only use approved chafer fuel of the wick-style or gel-style variety. Never attempt to refill these containers. Chafing fuel is rated by burn time, and our chafing fuel category has a handy filter on the left hand side that will allow you to match the type of fuel to your event. Wick fuel does have several advantages over gel-type fuel: such as being re-closable, the heat remains near the pan rather than going down into the can, and the cans remain cooler to the touch. We also have environmentally safe chafing fuel!

Be sure to check out our Chafing Dish Guide and Chafing Fuel Guide to find the best type of chafer equipment for your restaurant!

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