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Hello, my name is Leidra, and I am a perfectionist.

Don’t laugh. This is a serious issue.

When working in the kitchen, I have a tendency to scrub, scrub, and scrub some more, to the point at which a surface sparkles. When the entire kitchen is dazzling, I start over and clean again.

Food safety is an obsession for me. On average, I go through about six pairs of gloves per order when cooking in a commercial short-order kitchen; one pair each for touching meat, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, bread, and cheese. You just can never be too careful when cooking for people who you don’t know. And lately, it seems that more and more people have life-threatening allergies to food.

In my pursuits for food safety, I also tend to go overboard with color-coding and labeling anything and everything within the kitchen. I always have day of the week dots in my pocket, and color-coded cutting boards close at hand. One cutting board for veggies and fruit, one for raw poultry and chicken, one for raw meats, one for raw fish and seafood, one for cooked meats, and one for bakery and dairy. And believe me, if I had my own kitchen, I would certainly have more than one of each . . . More like five of each.

As part of a good HACCP program, I thought that these San Jamar T-Stick dishwasher thermometers were an innovative solution to keeping a permanent record of dishwasher temperatures. What a good idea! And, while we are talking about thermometers, have you checked out our selection of thermometers for food safety? From modern infrared thermometers to classic dial wall thermometers, we have just what you need to ensure that your food service establishment is running at the right temperature.

Everyone has something in this world that makes him or her cringe. For some, it is fingernails running down a chalkboard. For others, it is mindless whistling by an obnoxious neighbor. For me, it is the threat of dirty hands touching ice during transport. Sure, cooks wear gloves on a constant basis, but what about servers and bartenders? Those are the people who actually transport ice from ice machine to soda machine. Who knows where their hands were?

Thanks to, I can rest assured that dirty hands will not be coming in contact with ice, with the use of San Jamar’s Saf-T-Ice ice scoops. With not ONE, but TWO “Germ Guards” protecting ice from thumb and knuckle contact, I can finally rest at ease.

Now It’s Your Turn

My obsessions within the food safety realm could go on an on; but what fun would that be? Do you have obsessions of your own? Do you have an HACCP program to follow? Are you ServSafe Certfied? If so, you could certainly benefit from checking out our NEW Food Safety Supplies page! Here, we have combined everything you need for keeping your customers safe while dining at your food service establishment. What have you got to lose by checking it out?

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