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Paper, Please - Going Green with EcoCraft

In a time when more and more people are becoming interested in "Green" products and sustainability, it's important to show your customers that you care about them and their environment. Despite being an important part of sanitary, convenient food handling - plus saving time and money on dishwashing - traditional disposable products can create extra solid waste. Considering all the other important roles disposables play in our lives, is it possible that a paper product could have a positive impact from creation to disposal?

A Better Choice

With EcoCraft products, that answer is yes. Created by BagCraft Papercon, a trusted supplier of quality paper products, the EcoCraft family of items provides durability, reliability and sustainability. Featuring deli wrap papers, popcorn bags, food trays and more, the EcoCraft line relies on renewable and recyclable material to create a product free of harsh chemicals . . . and free of guilt! Since 2006, the sales of EcoCraft products have produced impressive results. Over 16 tons of paper has been conserved, with an additional 11 million pounds of solid disposal waste kept out of landfills. That's enough trash to fill 391 garbage trucks! EcoCraft's positive impact doesn't stop there - enough water to fill 369 swimming pools AND enough energy to power 1,432 homes for a year was conserved during that same time period. Statistics like these mean that EcoCraft products can be used and displayed with pride.

The Secret to Sustainability

How does Bagcraft Papercon do it? Unlike traditional paper products, the EcoCraft line uses unbleached natural kraft paper. A 100% chlorine-free process makes the paper suitable for sanitary food handling while the integrated soy-blended eco-wax creates resistance to grease and moisture! Soybeans are a renewable, edible resource unlike petroleum, which forms the basis for much of the wax found on traditional bleached paper products. All EcoCraft product packaging is 100% recycled post-consumer content, entirely constructed out of previously discarded paper products. Consider it an example of what goes around comes around - who knows, each time you dispose of an EcoCraft product, it may just come back to you as a clean, recycled box to hold your new order of deli wrap sheets!

Through the production and usage of EcoCraft products, there is a 21% reduction in wood fiber waste when compared to traditional bleached paper products. This, coupled with a 16% reduction in solid waste, 30% reduction in total energy and 46% reduction in wastewater, means that EcoCraft products are something everyone can feel good about! Check out our selection of EcoCraft products and other "Green" items for your establishment, as well as additional quality products from BagCraft Papercon.

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