October 2011 Coupon Code Update

By Steven Ziegler

The October Coupon code is one that is great for anyone, from the caterer taking advantage of the final busy month of weddings, to the party planner getting ready for holiday parties that will be going from now until the New Year. This month's coupon code is for one of our most popular items with everyone, in fact: Silver Visions Disposable flatware. This is the disposable flatware that looks like real silverware. It is heavy in weight, and is great looking for any event. Our regular prices are much less than those warehouse stores, but this month we are offering an extra 10% off of cases of Silver Visions Flatware with the coupon code: SILVER10. Click to see the products: Silver Visions Flatware.

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Fork Rocket Tested

Those of you that follow our Facebook page, Twitter, or Youtube channel will be very familiar that we take our Silver Visions testing very seriously. Okay, maybe not too seriously...and maybe not even too successfully; but we sure did have fun. Below is our final Fork Rocket Video. If you would like to see more of our videos, subscribe to the WEBstaurantStore's Youtube Channel.


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