Airpot Guide: Making the Right Choice

The WEBstaurantStore carries airpots in all price ranges. But what kind of air pot should you purchase? Why are some airpots so inexpensive, while others are several times more? What airpot features should you look for? Here is a quick guide to these insulated coffee servers and a Blog Only special at the conclusion!

Airpot Brands

Bunn, Zojirushi, and Service Ideas are the biggest names in airpots, and we stock Bunn and Service Ideas. We do not sell Zojirushi, as that is more of a retail store brand. We stock Bunn and Service Ideas because they do offer some different models with features not found elsewhere. But, our most popular airpot brand is our own Choice brand. If you take a look at those Choice models, you will see that the price is not only lower than any other airpots on our site; with some airpots as low as $12.99, we have the lowest prices on the market. Keep in mind that the low price does not mean low quality, it means that we at the WEBstaurantStore have used our buying power to buy in bulk in order to offer you the best price on great quality merchandise.

Airpot Dispensing Method

Push button airpots are the oldest style available, and still preferred by some folks. These have a large button on the lid that you push down to dispense.

Lever airpots are the most popular airpots nowadays, as the lever is much easier to depress. If you serve seniors, we highly recommend the lever type airpots.

Airpot Liners

Glass airpot liners are the least expensive, but most insulating type of liner. Of course, they are also breakable, which is the disadvantage. We do not carry replacements, as replacement liners are actually more expensive than the whole airpots.

Stainless steel airpot liners are a good choice for busy caterers that need to move their airpots around a great deal, as they will not break. They do not insulate quite as well as glass, but they still do quite well.

Other Considerations

Of course, size is a consideration. We carry airpots from 1.9 liter all the way up to 3.8 liter sizes. Exterior finish can be tin, stainless steel, or plastic. We have three colors: black, gray, and stainless steel. Our Service Ideas airpot also features a sight glass, which none of our other models have.

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