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The Trendy Blue Nitrile Glove!

By Ryan Loose

I’m a big fan of crime dramas. Can’t get enough of them. Medical shows also. Love ’em. I think I’ve been watching too many re-runs, though, because I’m starting to pick out these really minute details. For example, did you ever notice how many times they put on and take off disposable gloves? So, now I’m watching them constantly put on and take off gloves and I said to myself, "Oh my gosh, why are they still using latex gloves. Someone could have a reaction!" Okay, so I didn’t actually say it, but I thought it, and here’s why.

So What Do You Have Against Latex?

Many people, like me, are actually allergic to latex and often don’t even know it. Allergic reactions from contact with latex can range from simple skin irritations, asthmatic attacks, or even life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Yeah, it’s kind of scary. But if you use disposable gloves in your business, there’s an easy way to avoid these risks.

Switch To Nitrile Exam Gloves!

Nitrile exam gloves are made of a synthetic polymer material that fits and feels like latex, but is completely allergy free. They also provide superior puncture, tear, and chemical resistance when compared to latex and vinyl gloves, which makes them ideal for hospitals, dentist offices, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, emergency services, law enforcement officials, or any other field where contact with bodily fluids and harsh chemicals is unavoidable.

Couple these benefits with the fact that our nitrile exam gloves are about the same price, if not less, then comparable latex gloves and it almost seems like a crime not to protect your staff with allergy free nitrile exam gloves.

Quick, Before Anyone Else Has to Suffer, Where Can I Find Nitrile Exam Gloves!

Funny you should ask - at WEBstaurantStore.com of course! For a case of 1000 nitrile gloves, you just can’t beat our low low prices. Just click here!

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