Never Fry Gnocchi

The Great Gnocchi Massacre started with a simple and innocent idea. But like so many of my ideas, it ended in disaster.

Special thanks to these Twitter folks @AprilFin, @cmgurski, @bethschillaci, and @eatniks –you are great tweeters with insights on everyday life, social media, and food. But your encouragement in this endeavor almost got me killed.

Yesterday I learned that that “gnocchi” is Italian for “grenade”.

Be careful, graphic video—and folks, do not fry gnocchi at home.


Posted in: Restaurant Equipment | By Steven Ziegler
Catherine Gurski Says:

Oh. My. Goodness. I'm so sorry you almost got killed, but that is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I can't believe they kept exploding on the counter!

Catherine Gurski Says:

Hey! I'm told if you freeze them first they won't explode.

evelyn ryan Says:

Your laughter is AMAZING.

Penny Pennington Says:

I understand that you were planning on making "buffalo gnocchi" (which actually sounds quite delicious), but perhaps pan frying them might have been a better solution. BTW, I know it doesn't go along with your original plan, but gnocchi are actually quite delicious pan-fried in some brown butter . . .

Jody Schreiner Says:

OMG!! Super Great!! I was laughing harder than he was!! All the neighbor kids are begging me to deep fry some Gnocchi now!! So, think I will give it a try and see if they jump over board as his did...Seems most of the neighbor kids hang out here, they died laughing also and are looking forward to watching me fry some!!!....Thanks a Million for the great show!!!....To Funny!!

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