Baker Beware - The Canned Pumpkin Shortage of 2009

By Ryan Loose

I was reading another article about the canned pumpkin shortage of 2009 the other day, and thought it’s about time we make some comments. As we rapidly approach the Holiday season, the canned pumpkin shortage has been a source of growing concern on many news sites, Facebook pages, message boards, and E-Zines. You may have even started seeing signs at your local grocery store, warning customers of probable shortages in the future.

So what happened? Basically, poor growing conditions in 2008 ruined about 1/3 of the pumpkin crop commonly used to make canned pumpkin. This has caused canned pumpkin manufacturers to start rationing their shipments to distributors throughout the country.

Canned pumpkin is used for a variety of treats like pumpkin rolls, muffins, cakes, and of course pumpkin pies which is why, with the holidays approaching, this shortage has put some consumers in a virtual panic. Just think of Thanksgiving dinner without a piece of warm pumpkin pie with whipped cream? That’s a world I just don’t want to live in.

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