October 2009 WebstaurantStore Coupon Code Update

By Steven Ziegler

If your inbox gets inundated with emails like mine, you may miss one of our WEBstaurantStore emails. IF you don’t read our emails, you’ll miss our discounts and coupon codes. Not good. So, in an effort to keep you up to speed on these valuable discounts, I am starting this update of our current WEBstraunt Coupon Codes so you won’t miss any of our discounts. Also, we will be offering WEBstrauntstore/blog-only coupon codes, so check back often and save! Note: To use our coupon codes, simply enter them into the coupon code field when you check out. Your discount will then be automatically applied.

  • If the swine flu virus is worrying you, you will like this coupon code which runs indefinitely. This coupon code entitles you to receive a FREE soap dispenser with every case of foaming hand soap that you order.
    Foaming hand soap dispensers:
    Coupon Code for gray - KUTOLGY
    Coupon Code for black - KUTOLBK.
    Link: Foaming Soap Dispensers

  • They sell for $140 at our competition, but with this coupon code from our current flyer, you can get a 2 bulb warmer for only $59! Coupon runs until October 31st.
    2 bulb warmer:
    Coupon Code - bulbwarmer.
    Link: 2 Bulb Food Warmer

  • pricechoppericon[1]

    Heads Up, Blog Readers! Upgrade your flatware in time for the holiday season, get 5% off of any order for our Regal flatware pattern. We have just added our Regal Flatware line to our Price Chopper Special. This extra-heavy, chrome plated flatware is an amazing value — with the Price Chop the teaspoons are only $5.99/dzn! This special only runs until October 31st.
    Link: Regal flatware, View All Price Chopper Specials

  • BLOG ONLY COUPON CODE: Save 5% on our most popular Regal bulk spices with these coupon codes:
    Regal bulk spices:
    5lbs of garlic powder only $12.34 with Coupon Code: Garlic.
    8lbs of Kosher salt only $8.07 with Coupon Code: Ksalt.
    5lbs. of Fancy Paprika only $14.72 with Coupon Code: Paprika.
    Coupons run until October 31st.

  • Manufacturer's Discount: Solo Products. Look for this banner to get $3 off on cases of Solo items (this is a mail in rebate):

    Receive $3 back on every case of Solo branded products!

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