National Left-Hander’s Day 2010

Throughout my life, I have struggled with a self-proclaimed “left-handeditis.” Going against my natural predispositions, I have worked for years to convert myself into a right-handed archery shooter, a right-handed softball player, and a right-handed computer-mouse-user. However, no area of life is more affected by this terrible affliction than when attempting to mass-produce mouth-watering culinary creations in a kitchen designed with the right-hander in mind. From craning my wrist to read measuring cups, to fruitlessly attempting to gracefully empty full fryer baskets into warming trays, being a left-hander in a right-handers kitchen is no easy task.

Thank goodness understands the constant struggles that left-handers, like me, encounter and now provides the RH Forschner Precise Slicer 8 1/4" Serrated Slicer Knife with Adjustable Guide, designed just for left-handers. Whereas traditional serrated knives have their serrations on the left side of the blade, this handy dandy knife is specially designed with the left-hander in mind, by placing the serrations on the right side of the blade. This seemingly miniscule alteration allows the serrations to counteract the natural twisting motion of the hand, giving you a straight cut for every slice!

Ever notice how your cuts always turn out curved? This is because you are using a right-handed serrated knife when you should be using a left-handed one. Pick up one of these little numbers and let me tell you, it will work like a wonder! “Left-handeditis” is magically cured!

Posted in: Smallwares
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