Why Does My Dripless Taper Candle Drip?

Elegant taper candles are a great way to provide a romantic ambiance for your restaurant or catered event. But when it's time to clean up and your candelabras and table cloths are covered with wax, you might find yourself wondering why you bothered with these "dripless" candles in the first place! Since our friendly Customer Solutions Specialists get this question a lot (Why are my candles dripping all over the place?), we decided to get some answers for you right from our supplier!

As with many things, the devil is in the details. In this case, it's the term "dripless." With our high quality Will and Baumer dripless taper candles, the wax will run down the side of the candle, but will dry before it reaches your candelabra or table top. Not "dripless" like a big Yankee candle where the melted wax just pools in the middle.

If you're getting wax on your candle holders or table tops, chances are one of the following two things are happening:

  • The candle isn't totally vertical. If your candle isn't sitting straight, it will burn unevenly, which might lead to wax running too far down the candle.
  • There's a draft. Again, this can cause the candle to burn unevenly.

What to Do With Wax That's Dripped

Don't panic, it's not that bad!! If you have wax on your cloth table covers or other fabrics, let it harden fully, then scrape it off with a knife. Always follow the laundering instructions, and if the type of cloth fabric permits, boiling water poured through the fabric will often help. Even better--have the item cleaned professionally. Final traces of wax can often be removed with dry cleaning fluid after the cloth is totally dry.

To remove wax from furniture, make sure the wax is totally hardened (running an ice cube over it is a nifty trick). You'll probably be able to scrape most of it off with a dull knife, followed by something more gentle like a Popsicle stick as you get closer to the surface. A piece of cheesecloth and a drop of two of lighter fluid will often remove the final traces, followed up by a nice buff with some furniture polish!

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