My Top 5 Favorite Spring Things 2010

It’s undeniable that the spring season is in full swing. Elaborate graduation parties are being hurriedly thrown together by eager scholars, excited brides are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming spring/summer weddings, and busy restaurateurs, bakers, and caterers are rushing full-speed ahead to keep up with the flurry of festivities that will grace their operations in the coming weeks.

Before the springtime season passes without proper acknowledgment, I’d like to take this time to share with you “My Top 5 Favorite Spring Things” available here at


Ateco (August Thomsen) 7806 Plain Flower Cutter Set : This festive cutter set is perfect for adding a springtime touch to any event. Impress your guests by cutting ordinary pastries, cookies, or other desserts into cheerful daisies. Each set comes with a total of 6 daisy-shaped, stainless steel cutters of varying sizes to create the perfect “bouquet” of daisies at your next event.


WNA Comet APTSQ25 Petites 2 1/2" Black Square Dish : After the long winter season, nothing’s more refreshing than a plate of fresh fruit, a cold finger sandwich, or some flavorful wine and cheese. These small dishes from WNA Comet are great for serving the small portions your guests are looking for, without sacrificing their timeless elegance or the convenience of disposability.


Silver Visions Stainless Steel Look Plastic Flatware : When I think spring, I immediately look forward to the outdoor dining experience. This year, offer your guests the sophistication of classic stainless steel, again with the convenience of disposability. You get the same high quality look, without wasting the labor associated with transporting and washing true stainless steel flatware.


Colored Beverage Napkins : Nothing brings your catered events alive better than a personalized color selection. With colored beverage napkins from, you have the freedom to customize each event this season. From school colors to wedding colors, sports team colors and beyond, have every color you need to create unique, personalized events without breaking your budget.


And now, my absolute favorite product here at . . . The Non-Stick Egg Ring! This little number is perfect for busy restaurants. Everyone needs an egg ring or two when making those sunny-side-up eggs during the morning rush; why not use this one? Needless to say, I LOVE IT!

So there you have it; my favorite spring things for this year. Do you have any favorite items to add to my list? If so, comment with what they are! My list can always use some additions!

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