Finest Call Bar Drink Mixes - Stock Your Bar With The Best

By Ryan Loose

Just in time for summer!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing our new Finest Call drink mixes! Yes, it’s getting to that time of year again. When restaurant, bar, and club owners start sweeping off the outdoor dining areas or decks and cleaning up the patio furniture, busting those colorful table umbrellas out of storage, and setting up the tiki torches (Yes, you can’t have a respectable outdoor bar without tiki torches, I’m sorry. It’s a fact). Well, thanks to our incredible selection of drink mixers from Finest Call, getting your bar fully stocked has never been easier.

Even the bottles are cool!

Each 1 liter bottle of Finest Call cocktail mixes features a patented pourer top with a closing cap that provides the perfect pour each time and reduces pesky drips. The bottle is also designed with a sure-grip handle, so it's easy to pour when wet or dry.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a run down on all of the flavors. There’s just too many. So, here’s a quick taste of a few must have mixes for your bar, and some trendy new drink ingredients that are sure to make your place the coolest place out of any place in whatever place you live -- possibly Park Place? (That might be a world record. Someone look it up).

Drink Mixes your Bar Needs...Now

Finest Call Premium Mojito Mix 1 Liter

What's the best way for customers to relax on a hot summer day at your outdoor bar? Wrong. Not a cold can of brew. Cool, crisp, ice cold, minty MOJITOS!. Finest Call Premium Mojito mix puts the perfect blend of fresh mint and real lime juice right in your hand.

Finest Call Premium Cosmopolitan Mix 1 Liter

It's a crazy Friday night. Packed. The bachelorette party at table 12 just ordered a round of cosmos. What do you do? That's right, mix them up fast and delicious with Finest Call Premium Cosmopolitan mix. So what do you do when they order round 2? That's right...

Finest Call Premium Agave Nectar Syrup Drink Mix 1 Liter

Agave nectar is a deliciously sweet syrup that's becoming more and more popular in bars as an alternative to simple syrup, and no one makes it better than Finest Call. Finest Call Agave Nectar adds a caramelly kiss of flavor to any mixed drink, and is perfect for tequila based cocktails.

Finest Call Margarita Drink Mix Concentrate 1 Gallon - 4 / Case

Speaking of tequila, what summer deck party is complete without a couple pitchers of mout-watering margaritas? You'll never run out of margarita mix again thanks to Finest Call's bulk 1 gallon jug! Now, what kind of glasses should you use? Hmmmm...

Finest Call Premium Bloody Mary Drink Mixer 1 Liter

Whether it's a busy bar night, or the next morning, people are going to order Bloody Marys. And you better make them right. Or you'll hear about it. Oh, you'll hear about it. Finest Call makes five types of Bloody Mary mix, using only the best ingredients to enrapture the tastebuds of even your most discenring customers. Choose from traditional Premium, refreshing Loaded, tangy Zesty, the firey habanera-fueled Extra Spicy, and Canada's take on this popular drink: the Bloody Caesar!

And, of course, no bar would be completely stocked without a huge supply of the world's most incredible Sweet & Sour mix, Triple Sec, and Grenadine in the world. Trust me. This stuff is in, like, every drink. You'll need a lot.

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