Darjeeling Chocolate Pots with Peppermint Paddy Whipped Cream

It's a Tea Infusion!

Who doesn't like the warming comfort of tea after a long day, all curled up by the fireplace? The answer: No one. But tea isn't just enjoyable as a beverage. It's great for cooking, too! Infusing the flavors of your favorite tea into the water or milk you use in your recipes can add an additional dimension to whatever you're making. Depending on the strength of the tea and the amount of time you allow it to steep, you can add an extra burst of flavor, or a subtle undertone, to cakes, pastries, and even entrees.

So why not take two things everyone loves, tea and chocolate, and combine them together? We infused milk with Darjeeling tea, and used it to make delectable chocolate pots. The deep and rich flavor of the tea is a perfect complement to the savory and sweet chocolate, making for an absolutely scrumptious dessert! And we decided to add a little St. Patty's Day flair, topping off our pudding with green, peppermint paddy whipped cream. You can alter this recipe as well to fit your tea preference, infusing the milk with raspberry tea, mint, or any other combination you prefer.

Posted in: Consumables | By Suzy Biever
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