March 2013 WEBstaurantStore Coupon Code Blog Post - Now with More Coupon-y Goodness

By Steven Ziegler

Every month on the blog, I've been posting coupon codes for just one or two items. It's a good thing to do, because people like coupons and we sell a lot of the on-sale product, but, well....I always feel kind of lame only featuring one or two items for sale. I mean, what if you don't use chafer fuel? I do have an excuse: we sell our stuff for so low a price, there just isn't much room to discount. This month I decided to bug our buyers and see if I could come up with a few more items that we could run the whole month long.

"Got anything that you are a bit overstocked on?"

"Got anything new that you want to promote?"

"Just get in any large, seasonal orders?"

Thankfully, they responded with eight items, some of which are the most popular items on our site. There should be something for everyone. Be advised though, these deals are strictly while supplies last. To make it a little more convenient, one coupon code works for all of the items below. Just click the links below the photos to shop!

Use Coupon Code: MARCHSALE

For any or all of the following items for the entire month of March!


  • Paula Hall

    Hi Steve, I just found your website and think it's wonderful! You could give us newbies a one time special coupon for joining...perhaps half price shipping on the first order. Whatcha think?

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  • steve ziegler

    Paula, being a commercially oriented wholesale distributor, we spend the vast majority of our time making sure our prices are the lowest on the web, making sure we ship the fastest, and making sure we are providing the most detailed and accurate information about our products. Being that our focus is having the lowest prices EVERY day, we don't do many coupons. In fact, that there are 8 items for sale with our monthly coupon code, rather than one, is something of a miracle and took considerable arm twisting on my part. As for "special coupon for joining"--there isn't anything to join. Unlike some cash and carry operations, there are no yearly fees to buy from us. Thank you for your question! Steve

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