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October Customer Service Contest!

A couple times a year, we do what we call the “Customer Service Shout Out” contest as a fun way to reward our customer service staff and our customers in one contest. For our customer service team, whoever gets the most “Shout Outs” (mentions) wins a great prize. For our customers that do the shouting, one lucky customer will be drawn to receive a $250 prize, and three more will win great surprise gifts compliments of Vollrath! Entry is Easy!

Here’s How to Enter:

  • Required: Using the little widget (box) below, click the “Easy entry for all WEBstaurantStore Facebook Fans”. Then, if you are not a fan already, click “Like”, then click “I’m a fan”. This gives you one entry.
  • Required: Below the Facebook entry, click the “Shout Out Your Customer Service Person Entry”. Enter the name of your customer service team member, then click Enter. This gives you 2 more entries.
  • Not required, but we’d love to hear how you were helped by our customer service team on our Facebook Wall!

Reminder: Both of the entries must be complete to be eligible!

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Posted in: Smallwares | By Steven Ziegler
Sharon Richins Says:

Webrestaurant has great prices, lots of items and are friendly and easy to work with.

Sunny Reich Says:

Andrew was awesome, kept to task and very pleasant to work with.

UR Stores 2 Says:

Deann is definitely a thumbs up cust/rep.

Laura Leventhal Says:

Mary was a great help solving a problem with broken items received on an order. Thanks Mary!

Patrycja Gaja Says:

I couldn't be happier with the prompt service and attention that I have received from this company not to mention their fantastic prices. Thank you Deann for all of your help, it has been a pleasure.

Marcum Patrick Says:

Wow Lisa S. was awesome I have had a great experience with this company. I needed an extension wand for the new back pack vac i ordered.The vac arrived in 1.5 days (incredible). And Lisa helped me special order the wand and made it very simple and i appreciate it very much!great job thank you

christIAN HARDY Says:

Great Company - Always the best prices and Amy Rollman from Customer Service - really fantastic and helpful. She epitomizes what customer service is all about. Shout out to AMY

Cynthia Gingrey Says:

Cristina rocks!

Michon Rieben Says:

Kristina was very prompt in helping get the right ordering info. I have a large wedding coming up in April and I need to start getting all of the equipment and supplies ordered CORRECTLY so I don't have any mistakes. Thanks again!

Mark Murphy Says:

Kristina was most helpful answering my question promptly, she also reminded me the item I was inquiring about was on sale which reminded me to order more cases!

Martin Corbelli Says:

Austin is the bomb

Alan Scott-Moncrieff Says:

Cristina and Melissa were extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Judy Shepherd Says:

Haley has gone above and beyond in helping me solve my order problem. There needs to be more customer service people like her. Thanks, Haley.

Lori Migliori Says:

Love the web site and Cristina "exceptional" in the chat room. Lots of help!??

Willy Reichenbach Says:

Cristina does it right!

dawn aponte Says:


hoa luong Says:

thank you haley

james adkins Says:

Mary P was very helpful!

Cynthia Minarik Says:

As I said before, I am very impressed with WEBstaurantStore. You have fantastic prices which help my business receive a larger profit margin. Haley Young answered all my questions and was very informative. Thank You for everything. Cynthia Minarik @ auntcindyscookies.com

John Harrison Says:

Everyone has been great. That's why I KEEP coming back.

Jennifer Upchurch Says:

Sonja was extrememly helful in helping me find everything that I needed. She even made a few great suggestions that were helpful. I can't wait to receive my order. Thanks again Sonja!!

Mary Faith Floyd Says:

Lisa, thanks for helping me understand the ins and outs of White Glove Delivery. Makes getting the new refrigerator much less nerve wracking!

Jacqueline Kwiatkowski Says:

I came across this web site WEB RESTAURANT. It was the most helpful site for me because we were planning a party. The prices were great and saved me a lot of money. The products were great!! I would highly recommend checking this site out. lots of things to choose from. Deann was very helpful to me. A+ for customer service someone out there still care about the customers. Thank you!

Chad Mercer Says:

I am a buyer for a specialty food company in Houston and only recently started to use WEBstaurantstore.com and I could not be happier. Deann hit a home run recently when I order some items that the full order was not available. She was prompt to inform me and follow-up on the order. I was very impressed. Thanks for the wonderful customer service - that is what keeps me coming back.

Marvena Plank Says:

My husband and I are just getting started with our business, and had questions about our order. Amy was a great help and I really appreciated her assistance. We were able to complete our first order and get on our way!! Thank you!

Ms. Deborah J. Newberry Says:

Received EXCELLENT service via the help chat (Cassie and Haley) on a product and they have great prices, excellent prodcuts for both restaurants and individuals...definitely will be back in the future!

Kathleen Weaver Says:

Lisa was a great help!!!

Lauren Karpisz Says:

Shout out to Amy for her help! :)

Elodie Cadonau Says:

I have a very small deli in a tiny town. Buying online is pretty much the only way for me to get commercial products. So far you have the best selection of things I'm looking for. Thank you

Laurel Sedlacko Says:

Yay for Kristina. It's wonderful to be able to get all the information I need to make an informed decision from one place and one person. You have conquered the buyers frustration of being put on hold, transferred to other dept. asking the same questions of many people and then losing the connection. A thousand thank you's

Jeff Brockway Says:

I've had a great experience with every order, and fantastic, quick responses from Kaitlin, Andrew and Melissa. It's a big part of why I always got to Webstaurantstore.com first, and keep ordering from them. Thank you!

Nancy Mantell Says:

This is the easiest company I have ever dealt with. Great products, great pricing, great service. If you are not looking at the Webstaurant website you are missing out - Totally! Easy login, easy checkout, everthing is easy with Webstaurant!

Charles Shafer Says:

I love the fact that I can call with a question and get a very prompt and accurate answer. The people are always friendly and ready to help! Thank You...you guy's rock.

Thomas Husmann Says:

Thank you Andrew for going above and beyond expectations to help us with our order.

bettye Hardwick Says:

Melissa were a great help, two thumbs up...

jacob e boehme Says:

Kristina is Literally the nicest most helpful customer service reps I have EVER, EVER had the pleasure to work with. Thank you, I think she deserves a raise!!!!!!

Lixin Mi Says:

Haley is fantastic. She was helping me a lot in tracking items I ordered from Web Restraurant. I am sure she is a great asset to the store. Go Haley!

thomas chamot Says:

Lisa helped me make lemonade when i'll i got were lemons. Thanks lisa!

Linda Buttacavoli Says:

The products are well made and Kristina was most helpful and prompt in information I needed. Thanks again Kristina.

Janice Thompson Reddick Says:

Andrew Newhook provided excellent customer service and was also vey timely when responding

Patricia Grimaldi Says:

Haley Y, was a great help. We placed our order on Sunday night and it was at my home by 1 pm on Tuesday. The Glasses were a good quality and looked very nice. After checking all boxes in the last box on the bottom we found 3 glasses broken. She was very helpful to offer to send replacement glasses or credit my account. Very outstanding customer service. Thank You.

Candice Swet Says:

Cristina was a great help to me when placing my first order. It will certainly not be my last!

Estella Altorfer Says:

I have actually enjoyed working with WEBstaurantstore.com customer service rep, Deann

dale poland Says:

I was concerned because my question had not bee answered so I wrote again and Haley answered very quickly and I was very satisified. Thank you Haley

Matt Cavaco Says:

Kristina is amazing. Super friendly, fast/efficient, and willing to go above and beyond to assist my needs. Really appreciate her, she is the best, always so positive and happy!!! Matt Cavaco - Las Vegas

Mary Spurrier Says:

Jimmy Stewart has been one of the best customer services representatives I have ever dealt with. His prompt responses to my emails and processing my order has been remarkable in today's market. I did not think this type of service existed anymore in America . My order actually arrived to my door in less than 24 hours. I would suggest this company to anyone.

Maria Gardner Says:

Had a great experience with Kristina and Mary when I had concerns and questions. Thanks girls for all your help and patience!!! I love WEBstaurantstore and the excellent service they provide with friendly staff even for the little people - Dallas TX :D

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